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Fashion of the hour

Ma er dewa mota kapor mathae tuley nerey bhai
Dindukhini ma je toder tar beshi ar shaddho nai…

The Gandhian philosophy is hardly a political statement; it is a way of life. Gandhi's doctrines are as true today, as they were over three-quarters of a century ago.

Political views indeed form a significant segment of his contribution to life, but the ideology of 'Swadeshi' that was inspired in the late 1920's, and gained momentum as the decades progressed till independence of the Subcontinent, was simple-self rule, and self reliance; being content with whatever little resources the country has to offer.

…Oi mota shutor shongey mayer opaar sneho dekhtey pai
Amra emni pashan tai feley oi porey dorey bhikhey chai…

Our fashion heritage may not put the walkways of Paris in flame every season, but efforts of local designs have yielded much appreciation from fashionistas on a global scale, whenever our diversity was put on display.

Globalisation has brought in a concoction of cultures and heritage as ideas now move freely across borders. But this is no excuse for leaving inherent heritage and adapting to foreign influences.

As a matter of fact, the concept of globalisation demands that we present to the wider audience, aspects of Bangladeshi culture that may have a universal appeal.

…Oi dukkhi mayer ghorey toder shobar prochur onno nai
Tobu tai bechey kath shaban moja kiney korli ghor bojhai…

Sixty years after his demise, the 'Swadeshi' ideology is once again dominating the fashion scene. Khadi garbs are no longer political, but a fashion statement. The local fashion industry is now ripe with offerings that can cater to almost any need of the consumers.

From corporate formals, to casuals, fashionable outfits for the wedding entourage and of course, the bridal/bridegroom collection; the local industry has matured to cater to the styling needs of the people, albeit not with khadi alone.

Yet we observe a following for foreign designs in the search for exclusivity. In the quest for individuality one must realise that one should not compromise style for passé.

…Aerey amra mayer name ei protigga korbo bhai
Porer jinish kinbo na jodi mayer ghorer jinish pai…

Recently, in an exposition arranged between 21-26 January, 2010 by the conglomerate of ten leading fashion houses of the country- Deshi Dosh- handloom cotton fabric and khadi textile made from the Gandhi Ashram at Noakhali were on display.

On the inaugural ceremony speakers reiterated the concepts of 'Swadeshi' and how this timeless concept can be adapted to modern needs. At the exhibition venue at Level 7, Bashundhara Shopping Mall, speakers reiterated the fact that if local goods are available, and affordable, the desire for buying foreign products should be stopped.

Deshi Dosh has over the years provided a platform, although commercial in nature, for locally envisaged fashion statements. Now emerging as a powerhouse of styling, this enterprise has upheld their social responsibility towards promoting Gandhi Ashram, and its manufactured products to the Dhaka audience.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif

Silver jubilee of Pixieland Playgroup

Pixieland Playgroup turned 25 on 5 January 2010. From its humble beginnings, it has established a position as one of the best childcare providers in the country. The school has recently seen a return of its first students ("Pixies" as the Principal likes to refer to them) as a parent.

Pixieland Playgroup was established in 1985 to provide a healthy and joyful ambience. Children are encouraged to develop not only their social skills at Pixieland but furthermore, their capabilities in accordance with their individual abilities. Story telling and singing is a part of the everyday routine. Spontaneity is emphasised and activities initiated by the children are encouraged. Pixieland ensures a comfortable place for both parents and children, so suggestions and constructive criticism are always appreciated. Regular reports on a child's progress, behavioural patterns and interactions are provided.

Having fun goes hand in hand with gaining knowledge at this fairytale kingdom. To ensure that each child is provided sufficient attention and care, enrolment at Pixieland is limited to a set number. Activities are varied from playing with play-dough, solving puzzles, gardening, cooking, indoor climbing to reading, so that the children do not lose interest.

The twenty-fifth anniversary will be celebrated on 5 February 2010. All alumni and current students, along with their parents are invited.

For further information please visit or contact: House #4, Road #43, Gulshan #2, Dhaka # +88-8813110

By Sanjana Rahman
Photo courtesy: Pixieland Playgroup


Editor's Note

Image management

The human mind always works in a twisted manner with a selfish touch to it, be it at the conscious or sub-conscious level. In this world there is no place for others. You will first and foremost secure your niche in this rat race called life and then, provided you want to, think about fellow mates or simply not care two cents for the person next to you. Sounds baffling, but that is how you see people behaving nowadays: me, myself and maybe us.

Well, I can hear sounds of uproar from them. And in their defense, their illustrated resumes will do the talking; the charity work, the active social workers' status, the job experience and yet the claim stands true.

Arrogance has become a common trait among us and we have no social skills, although public relations is a big thing now.

Be it your teen, your immature younger brother or overconfident older one or your very efficient colleagues, your driver, the salesperson at mega shops or people you randomly meet in the course of a day, you will observe a similarity between them all- they are all defiant and angry.

People wholeheartedly believe that rebelliousness and cheekiness is the key to the next step forward. Talking back, throwing things, slamming doors and walking away defying authority are what everyone is doing. Each individual in their own right has become somebody whose inflated egos allow them to forget their civilities.

Unfortunately they fail to recognise that one cannot cross certain limits; you demand respect by showing respect. You can be at loggerheads but there should always be an amicable way out.

A mother should never forget that her child is an individual and has her own self-respect; she cannot cross the line even with her own child. A boss should realise that he or she cannot tread over the space the subordinates need. A brother's duty doesn't end only by offering money or asking to be called when the need arises; a sibling should actually be able to give the emotional support when the other one is in trauma. Even when your car is rear ended, you cannot hit the other driver or the rickshaw puller.

Each individual, no matter how lowly his or her job is, has his or her worth and self-respect. You must learn to value these traits. The subtle niceties make you a human being; else there is no difference between you and the wild beast. We bind ourselves within few limits or parameters: etiquettes, obedience, social skills and communication ability among them. Your dignity is your most valued possession; one simply cannot disregard that.

I am a sinner; the seven deadly sins, I have committed them all. In fact I am so proficient in all the vices, knowing the ins and outs of misdemeanour, disobedience and transgression that I truly believe I know what being righteous, virtuous and good actually means. You see, one needs to fully comprehend the bad in order to turn a new leaf and be the opposite - be moral. Most of us have already walked the errant path, which means that we now know enough to turn ourselves around towards civility and humility.

By Raffat Binte Rashid

On The Cover
We can all plead guilty of gluttony when the clock strikes midnight. Flip through to the centrefold as Sam Q humours on the deadly sin. Also, on a more serious note, our perspective on teen years continues with Dr. Nighat Ara.
Photo Courtesy: Dressy Dale



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