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Getting skintastic

The Radisson Water Garden Hotel was abuzz with expectation as Kaya Skin Clinic, one of the world's largest chains of cosmetic dermatology clinics, launched its 101st clinic in Bangladesh. Kaya Skin Clinic is a pioneer and thought leader and international expert in the field of skin care. Introducing advanced and latest technologies in skin care, the Kaya Skin Clinic Dhaka, will offer result-oriented, non-surgical skin solutions services and products created especially for Bangladeshi skin, female and male, delivered in an elegant and tranquil environment in a zen-like ambience.

The event, organized by Forethought PR and sponsored by Marico, opened with MC Rumana Malik Munmun greeting the audience with an AV that introduced the concept of Kaya. She then invited Rakesh Pandey, CEO to elaborate on the history and objectives of Kaya.

Dr. MU Kabir Chowhury, Founder Chairman of the National Skin Center, Bangladesh, and Dr. Jasmine Manzoor, Head of Department of Dermatology, Apollo Hospital, Dhaka, were then invited on stage to extend a welcome note to Kaya. The speakers were presented with gift packs from Kaya.

After a few more AV presentations, the CEO formally inaugurated the Clinic by parting the curtains to reveal the logo for the Kaya Skin Clinic, Dhaka. This was followed by a brief fashion show, featuring models in simple pastel outfits that highlighted their glowing skin. The event concluded with a brief Q&A session, and dinner.

In an exclusive interview with Star Lifestyle, the CEO talked about why Kaya is different from the premier beauty salons and medical clinics in Dhaka. The answer lies in its holistic approach, combining dermatology with cosmetic care, so that every client first meets with a skin care specialist for a special assessment of his/her particular skin type. The treatment is then tailored to suit that person's unique skin issues, keeping in mind the lifestyle and regular habits. Kaya's treatments are all non-invasive, using their own exclusive range of skin products, and everything is done in a tranquil spa atmosphere. Asked how they plan to lure the clientèle away from their well-set habits of visiting spas and hospitals to opt for the decidedly pricier option of Kaya, Rakesh Pandey answered that they plan to host special themed events and fashion shows to showcase their work, and use word-of-mouth and goodwill to spread the word. He appeared confident that the quality of the Clinic's services would do the rest of the job. Based on the success of their first outlet in Gulshan, Kaya plans to expand to other parts of Dhaka and Bangladesh.

Here's kissing skin problems a Kaya goodbye.
For more information, call#01730326836/ 8817239
By Sabrina F. Ahmad



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