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Prestige Bengal brings CH Carolina Herrera

Nip tucked in an elegant case; CH comes as a gift, a gift to you, exclusively from the house of Carolina Herrera, courtesy Paris Parfums, Dhaka. Layered in red leather, coupled with silver letterings-CH- the contour of the cylindrical bottle, reminds one of Victorian hat boxes, right out of a scene from Moulin Rouge, glam dolls just waiting to pop out of the box, in alluring hats.

The colour red itself bears a parable to the confidence and the strength of the modern woman, fearless to leave her mark in everything that she does.

CH Carolina Herrera, crafted by Olivier Cresp is a fragrance with overtones that makes it suitable for everyday use. Completely distinct from the line that is signature Herrera, CH can best be defined as 'comfortably addictive'.

Start your day on a fruity note, concocted from a blend of amber seeds, cythere plum, honey/melon, kombawa and a hint of feijoa. As time progresses the notes change to a sublime floral fragrance of sambac jasmine and orange blossom with a trace of cinnamon. The base note to follow may not be to everyone's liking but winds up this signature perfume with woody textures-sandalwood coupled with musk and the essence of Praline.

CH is a symbol of the spirit of life, always elegant, always authentic, full of special moments and, of course, always with the distinctive Carolina Herrera touch. Available in 100ml and 50ml bottles, this signature fragrance is available at Prestige Bengal's showroom- Paris Parfums- House #2, Road #126, Gulshan #1, Dhaka. Prices available on request.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif

KFC: It's finger lickin' good

Embracing the demands from its valued clientele, KFC has recently opened its fifth outlet in the city at 400 New Eskaton, Dhaka. This brings the fast food chain closer to this side of the town, although a similar outlet was previously opened in the vicinity at Bailey Road, Natok Shoroni.

Speaking on the occasion, Akku Chowdhury, Executive Director, Transcom Foods Ltd. said, “I am delighted to launch KFC at New Eskaton and I hope that our new outlet will add an extra appeal to the customers. Our vision is to provide the highest quality of quick serving experience in Bangladesh; a place where friends and family can enjoy a great tasting recipe at affordable prices. I ensure the food lovers will enjoy our 11 secret spices recipe, first-rated services and over-all outstanding dining experience.”

Present at the cosy inaugural ceremony were presenter Shamin Lucky, actress Aupee Karim and singer Tishma.

KFC is the international restaurant chain in Bangladesh that opened its flagship outlet at Gulshan 1 on September 2006. Besides KFC Eskaton, it has four other outlets in Dhaka and one in Chittagong.

-LS Desk

Coming of Spring

O blithe new-comer! I have heard,
I hear thee and rejoice:
O Cuckoo! shall I call thee bird,
Or but a wandering Voice?

February comes with glad tidings of pleasant days; love won and love lost. But pohela falgun, or Valentine's Day if you may, is not only an occasion for couples to rejoice, but also a day that one may wish to dedicate to the celebration of love and life, embracing one's singlehood, gracefully and happily. Star Lifestyle can only offer a helping hand by bringing you a bouquet of offerings from the hottest boutiques in town.

Dangling its way into the fashion skyline in the recent past, Foring is a name that has created much commotion. Their Spring Collection 2010 is vibrant with fresh colours and caters to the needs of young males, females and also children. You can sample their wares at Tajmahal, Ranking Street and Wari outlets of Foring.

Rang has coloured the fashion palette for many a year. Colour, like always, has been a highlight of their Falgun collection. Exquisite work of tie-and-die, hand block prints, appliqué, screen prints, and embroidery are significant features of their showcase. Available at all Rang outlets.

If you are looking for a frugal Falgun, check out Anjan's latest offerings that come with a discount tag or Angeleena Designer's Collection that offers a 10 percent reduction on all lines. Amidst the mundane assemblage of several houses, the designs by these two houses stand out in terms of bold cuts and patterns. Prices: quite affordable!

On the other hand, if it's a versatile assemblage you are looking for, then Kay Kraft may just be the right solution. Their racks now proudly showcase their Falgun/Valentine's collection that comes in the order of brightly coloured saris, shalwar kameez, tops, fatua and men's panjabi.

An apparently simple t-shirt may speak volumes for your inner thoughts or a mere expression of your think tank. Nityaupahar is a name that is naturally associated with t-shirt as a medium and its offerings, along with the traditional saris and panjabis, can indeed cater to a wide range of tastes this spring. Also offering a diverse range of men's attires is Menz Club. They have shirts, jackets, blazers, denim pants and such timeless garbs that are 'in' throughout the year.

Bringing in a fresh tone on the fashion canvas, AB Fashion plays with the hues of the season, hoping to bring some added dimension. Similar notes have been made in regards to the designs, by means of appliqué, patch work and hand embroidery.

Designdhaka has also launched their Valentine's Day Collection 2010. A fantastic combination of spring and summer colours, it caters for single men, women and couples. It has its own design studio and factory at Uttara; pay a visit and you will not be disappointed. If you are looking for something casual and playful, Tara Marka, with outlets in Shahbagh and Banani has an entire range of fatua, tees and tops on offer.

Lastly, we wind up our look at the Fashion Trends of this Falgun with Sameeha Fashion, a newbie. They bring in their assortment shalwar kameez, unstiched three pieces, fatua, children's wear, saris etc. And if you dare to buy, exclusive saris upto Tk 25,000.

So have a good time going through the aisles of the boutiques, even if you are not ready for the purchase.

-LS Desk
Photo courtesy: Kay Kraft


Editor's Note

Spring fling

Come February and there is a distinct change in the air. The harsh January chill wanes, the breeze is pleasant and bites no longer. Dead trees begin to show signs of life that continues despite hard times; the emerald green sprouts stick their heads out through cracks in the hard dry barks. Birds and bees get busy with life and you know this when you hear the dashing cuckoo cooing for its mate. It's really a delightful month and for those of us who hate winter with a vengeance, we simply love February. Spring here lasts exactly 28 days but honestly, how romantic those days!

I hardly have the pleasure to do what I really want these days; half of my working hours are spent inside the car, stuck in revolting traffic jams and micro managing on the cell. Frankly, like Lifestyle's cover picture last week I dreamt of lying down on the grass with a book under a huge canopy of green leaves; alas that's just a delusion. However I did come close to it last week. During an odd free hour I decided to visit my favourite nursery, it always relaxes me; the lovely bright flowers, the wet mossy green shrubs replenish my otherwise parched soul, thus the tryst.

I just sat under a gigantic tree sorting plants that I wanted for re-potting later; a strong unexpected wind blew at that precise moment, the air felt crisp, dead leaves flew helter-skelter like kites, I looked up at the white sky taking in the pleasant feeling, when suddenly dust and sand got into my gaped mouth and half open dreamy eyes; and a big full stop to everything after that. That was the end of my two-second dalliance with nature. The 'me time' was brutally killed.

Why is it that I don't get to feel butterflies in my stomach any more; not that my beau is waiting for me anymore down the alley, but still, I am such a fool for romance. Even a cup of tea with my restless daughter makes me all mushy or when someone kisses me on the forehead saying thank you, I just melt away.

Please don't get me wrong by thinking that since it's February and that meaningless Valentine's Day is around the corner, all the love inside me has welled up - no, that is not the case at all. Just that like life in Dhaka, coated in dust and buried in ugliness, (the charms and beauty of our beloved city forgotten), all things good inside me are suppressed. But spring always brings the best in me, out into the open. I love green and I love life, spring simply reminds me that despite the chaos and the repulsiveness around me, there is love and happiness. I just have to dust it away to enjoy spring and enjoy life.

By Raffat Binte Rashid

On The Cover
Spring flutters in with a ray of sunshine, bidding farewell to blanket weather with a burst of lively colours. Capture the palettes of the season by swinging it in some cheery shades.Photo courtesy: Dressy Dale




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