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Khazana Kebab Festival

As part of the continuing tradition to showcase India's culinary heritage, Khazana Restaurant presents a ten day long 'The Kebab Festival' that began on 12 February, 2010 featuring an extensive range of mouth-watering kebabs. The unique gourmet event brings the authentic taste of legendary kebabs from Chef Anand Mohan, who has personally planned the festival menu. He has inherited his skills from famous Indian Chef Sanjeev Kapoor with whom he has worked for more than a decade.

There will be a range of 15 new mouth-watering kebabs to choose from. Along with Non-vegetarian kebabs they have specially taken care of vegetarians, so that they have choices too.

This time around, the kebabs will be made not only in tandoor (clay oven) but also on wok and patthar (stones).

Speaking on 'Meet the Press', Avishek Sinha, Director, Operations said: "We have an idea that kebabs should be dry when in reality they should be succulent, juicy. As part of the festival we have arranged for a menu that is not available in our regular offerings. We believe we have an obligation to offer the gustatory delights of India to the Dhaka palate. We are thus highlighting a variation in food preparation, most of which hail from the North West Frontier Province of India."

So, if your heart is craving for some kebab, try Khazana's treasure trove. Chances are you will not be disappointed.

For reservations, contact: Khazana, House #9, Road #55, Gulshan 2, Dhaka 1212. #8826127, 8821965

-LS Desk
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed



Seductive Bvlgari

Prestige Bengal, one of the elite perfume distributing companies in Bangladesh, has launched a fresh fragrance from the house of Bvlgari, BLV Eau de Parfum II through a grand ceremonious occasion at Gulshan II.

BLV derives its inspiration through the contemporary visualisation of the colour blue. The latter describes an extreme natural character and reveals its intensity and sophistication of the fragrance. The perfume conveys both conceptual and formal richness, capturing the evocative power of Bvlgari while simultaneously, becoming a perfect anagram of the essence of the world-renowned jeweller's craftsmanship.

BLV Eau de Parfum II interprets the essence of a woman with vivacity and irresistible magnetism. Her harmonious gestures are innately graceful and her gaze enticingly seductive. Its top note is of the compelling blue Star Anise; its middle note of Iris, jasmine and the ethereal Duck Woods with a combination of cistus flowers, benzoin and musk.

The perfume is available in ranges of 75ml and 50ml at Prestige Bengal's own showroom, Paris Parfums. To discover the world of the world's finest fragrances and branded skincare products visit Paris Parfums, House #2, Road #126, Gulshan #1, Dhaka.

By Sanjana Rahman


Ekushey Rang

Ekushey, since its initiation, has been a day for people from all walks of life, creed and religion. After the declaration of International Mother Language Day, the sanctity of the occasion was further enhanced.

Keeping the day in mind, boutique Rang has come up with a range of products not limited to saris, shalwar kameezes, and panjabi but also ranging from shawls to CD's, mugs and other goodies.

Check them out this February. No disappointments guaranteed.


Taramarka's Ekushey

In commemorating The International Mother Language Day, fashion house Taramarka brings forth a whole new range of T-shirts, fatuas, panjabi and kurtis, specifically upholding the passionate youth of the country. The price of the new line ranges from Tk 160 to Tk 600. Contact# 01912 243631.


Kay Kraft's Ekushey

Ekush is our pride; it is our creed, and now Day of Mother Language. Throughout February KK will present attires that reflect the passion that is Ekushey.

The colour palette is based on black resembling mourning, grey for sadness, and white as the symbol for purity.

Thumbprints have been used to create alphabets of current as well as historically documented alphabets no longer in use. The patterns uphold the spirit of ekushey, and the War of Liberation. Clocks have also been incorporated into the design.

Check out KK for your pick. Available at all Kay Kraft outlets.

check it out

Reflecting on inspirations

Reflecting on the theme of Ekushey February, Aarong has introduced a new range of shalwar kameezes, all in symbolic, somber tones of pale hues, white-reds, oxide greens and coppers. A variety of blocks, screen-prints, intricate embroidery with thread patterns have been used to give the shalwar kameezes a completely new dimension.

On this special occasion, Aarong is also introducing an Ekushey sari collection, and also bringing forth a lineup for men's wear- half-sleeved panjabis with compositions involving alphabets and varying types of side pockets.

Stay with Aarong in capturing and inculcating the spirits of national pride.

Steak House II

Steak House Restaurant and Lounge has opened its fresh and ambient house, the second at House #8. Road #53, Gulshan #2, Dhaka on 11 February 2010.

The delectable menu with succulent steaks, next to an array of other mouth-watering sidelines is the catch to this city-famed Steak House. From their rare to medium-rare to well-done steaks, the aromatic flavours are intoxicating. Imported steaks are a fine addition to Steak House's signature line.

To those who crave for beefsteak, this is the place to be.



21 February is International Mother Language Day. Just like every other year, celebrating the day of national and international significance, Anjan's has brought out their Ekushey Collection, which will feature sari, shalwar kameez, fatua, panjabi and children's wear. The colour scheme comprises of a bias towards red, white and black.

Available at all Anjan's outlets.




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