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I often get questions on hair removal. The debate surrounding hair removal has been on for decades; which method to use, and the pros and the cons of each. It is still quite common for a lot of ladies to not get rid of the growth. Listed below are the various methods of hair removal to begin with.

Shaving: It works by cutting the hair at the skin surface with a razor blade. It is best for the legs and the underarms.
Pros: Cheap, quick and painless.
Cons: Quick re-growth and coarse hair
Tip: Use shaving foam or gel for a closer shave and moisturise afterwards.

Tweezing: Tweezing involves pulling out hair one by one. It is suitable for small areas like the eyebrows or picking the odd hair leftover from waxing.
Pros: good control for shaping
Cons: Painful, redness and sometimes swelling
Tip: Hold a warm washcloth on the brows to open the pores. This softens the hair to make it less painful. Rub an ice cube to numb the area before tweezing.

Threading: Threading involves the use of thread to remove facial hair and is ideal for shaping the eyebrows to perfection.
Pros: Cleans area very efficiently. Pulls hair from the roots preventing early re-growth.
Cons: Painful.

Waxing: This method uproots the hair from below the skin's surface. Wax is smoothed onto the skin and then removed with strips. This form of hair removal can be safely used on any part of your body.
Pros: Results last for up to 2-6 weeks.
Cons: Painful, can lead to in-growing hairs and soreness. Also, hair has to be left to grow until its long enough to wax again efficiently.
Tip: After waxing apply anti-bacterial cream to prevent rashes and infection. Wear loose clothing after a wax.

Depilatory creams: These contain chemicals that weaken the hair at the surface, so hair can be wiped away. There are different formulations for face and body. It is important to do a patch test before use to avoid allergy or irritation.
Pros: Lasts up to a week and is painless.
Cons: Can be messy and time consuming. Products have an unpleasant odour.

Bleaching: Although this isn't technically hair removal, it is a great way to make hair less noticeable. It is ideal for the face, the upper lips and the hands.
Pros: Lasts 2-6 weeks, no worry of re-growth.
Cons: Not suitable for thick coarse hair.

Electrolysis: A needle-like probe conducts an electric current into the hair follicle, inactivating it. This is best for the face. It is important to use a qualified practitioner.
Pros: Permanent solution.
Cons: It is expensive, painful and requires several sittings

Dear Sadia,
I am a 28-year-old, married, working woman. Often, I go through busy work schedules. As a result, the only free time I get is after 8 pm. I am worried sick about my hair, especially because the only thing I can do about it is shampooing.
My hair is oily with lots of greys; I have cut it short.
I cannot apply oil due to time constraints. Is there any homemade conditioner that I can put on my hair for 1-2 hours and rinse off with shampoo instead of hair oil?
- Sania Afroz

Yes Sania, there are several homemade conditioners that you can use. My personal favourite is made with a ripe banana. Mash it with milk powder and add juice of ½ a lemon. Apply all over and shampoo off.
Henna is also an excellent conditioner and it would also cover your grey hair. Mix it with coffee powder and warm water and 2 to 3 tablespoons of oil. Make a smooth paste and apply. Keep it on for 2-3 hours and shampoo off.
Sania, do take some time out for yourself; it will be worth it

Model: Nabila
Makeup and styling: Sadia Moyeen
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed



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