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Escapade at Coral Blue Resort

A new beginning:
Places for an adventure have become increasingly rare. Sometimes our minds and bodies require that break, that true escape to get away from the urban chaos, secluded enough to promise peace and relaxation.

If you have an image in your mind of deep, emerald waters and waves, a unique tent resort replacing concrete walls, pure breeze, adventurous scuba diving in the water kingdom, leisurely dinghy rides, psychedelic starry nights complemented by no electricity, earth stove cooked food and a complete organic atmosphere to delight all your idle senses, then Coral Blue Resort at the farthest end of St Martin's Island is the answer.

Recreation and relaxation:
So, elevate your spirits and celebrate the breathtaking surroundings of this beautiful establishment. Upon reaching the 10 acres land resort, one would be greeted with the signature menu green coconut water and fresh seasonal fruits.

The breakfast, lunch and dinner menus are equally gorgeous whether you order fresh fish deshi style curry, barbequed proteins or colourful vegetables, because they all are either cooked on clay stoves using firewood or deliciously grilled.

Once that happens, all the earthly juice, coal aroma or firewood flavour seeps in to the tender meaty portions ready to melt in your mouth and captivate your taste buds; one serving is certainly not enough.

Then sit, relax and enjoy the dishes in their garden dining experience with the view of nature, the tents in front and the majestic sea on your right. Kudos to the Chief Chef Khalil as the stoves alone could never do the magic.

Once you had the first set of meals, the deep emerald waters and evocative waves will lure you for a dive unforgettable. Unlike other sea beaches in the country, here, you will find clear water, fish playing and corals placed as if a reef lounge has been set for you to bask in the splendid sunlight.

During the night, the whole resort is often illuminated with fire torches and local musicians are asked to play gigs from their hearts on the centre stage. The whole place suddenly springs to a tuneful life and looks like a gleaming entity of peace and passion.

How to reach:
There is now a Saint Martin's Bus Service leaving from Kakrail which will take you straight to Teknaf dock yard, from where the bigger ferries and trawlers leave for the coral island. Take another 30 minutes trawler ride to the resort and before that make sure your route is well organised and booking maintained with the resort's friendly operations manager K M Kabiruzzaman Kakon.

The man behind the shades:
Reazuddin Mosharaf, Managing Director of Windmill Ltd started this resort concern in 2007 to set a unique, tent resort trend in the hospitality sector of the country. The idea became tremendously successful and widely applauded by travel and adventure loving people. The resort now consists of 12 tents that can accommodate two large beds for four individuals in each tent.

The memory remains:
Everyone leaving the resort expresses a sense of peaceful satisfaction. Most of them mellow down and smile more than before. For myself, I was reminiscing about the instance when I was relaxing in the caring lap of a big coral while a smaller coral in the front became my footrest the feeling was such as if I'm the king of a fictional cult of Disney Animation while the whole sea community was busy building the world as a better place.

Contacts: K M Kabiruzzaman Kakon # 01717-000-044.
By Faizul Khan Tanim
Photos resort: Din Muhammad Shibly,
Photos birds: Zamiruddin Faisal
Photo snorkel: Khan Mohd. Eman

check it out

La' Sea'h Salon Spa

La' Sea'h Salon Spa is an Ultimate refuge for the body, mind and soul. The spa offers the serenity of Indonesian beauty secrets combined with the mysteries of the old recipes. The latter idea is furthermore developed with a blend of modern trends in health, well being and beauty.

Here one can feel the soothing touch of therapists through the restoration of harmony, balance, relief and the tranquility of spirit into the aching muscles. This Indonesian themed salon promotes many of the prominent products and techniques from Bali Island and Java.

La' Sea'h Salon Spa is owned by an Indonesian professional architect and interior designer, Lela I. Qyma. This beauty enthusiast is supported by a team of Indonesian and Bangladeshi beauticians, therapists and hairstylists to provide a wide range of world-class services.

The facials are itemised age-wise to cater to the needs of women from all age groups. The facials, performed with Indonesian-French Brand BIOKOS and German Brand BIODROGA incorporates powerful natural plant extracts, which work with the skin cells to prevent and correct skin deficiencies by stimulating cell renewal, rejuvenation and reactivation of the skin.

For facial treatments there are the steam, the suction for black heads and the facial steam machine. After black head clearing the pores are closed and any residual bacteria is killed with high frequency machine. After thorough cleansing the nutrient mask is applied. After mask a nutrient filled serum is applied with galvanic roller. This helps the skin to absorb the nutrition from the products better.

They also have traditional Indonesian massage, herbal compress, whitening massage and reflexology. Available is a host of special body treatments, including but not limited to, Body Scrub, Body Mask, Body Bathing, Body Slimming Treatments, Bust Treatment, Eye Treatment, Lip Treatment, Neck Treatment, Ear Treatment, Hands and Feet Treatment and Vaginal Treatment.

The traditional Indonesian massage comes through an effective combination of traditional massages from Sumatra, Java and Bali Islands. The Spa also offers face acupressure, which stimulates 14 points on the surface and activates the aura points in the face resulting in a tighter skin tone, improved blood circulation and is actively visible with a shinier and younger looking face. Massages are followed by a blissful dip into a Jacuzzi with rose petals, milk and bath salts.

The hairstyling department while being able to provide solutions for almost every facial shape and style also introduces groundbreaking hair treatment products and technologies.

One of the new techniques introduced is the micro mist treatment. The mist particles are much smaller and lighter than steam and therefore, can penetrate the cuticle of the hair to a greater depth enhancing the treatment effect.

At the end of the treatment a cooling treatment is applied that cools the hair closing the cuticles thus trapping the treatment products inside.

The spa is not only a place for improving physical health, but is also ideal for fighting the tiredness of the daily activities with holistic concepts that lessen the effects of stress, age and environment. The salon is open from 8.30am to 8pm.

Contact: Road #126, House #17A, Gulshan #1. # 9887766, 01817145221.

By Sanjana Rahman




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