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Weekly buzz

Reminder: Women's Day. Sunday, 8 March, 2010.
With all the huffing, the puffing and shuffling we, more often than not, forget to or utterly fail to acknowledge the people in our lives who make our existences worth living.

This Women's Day look around and appreciate God's true gift, women, no matter what incarnation they might appear in. Thank your mom, your girlfriend, your sister and your grand-mom for biologically, metaphorically and literally helping you become the man you are today. That's our thing-to-do this week!

For the ladies, this Women's Day let your hair down and embrace the true bliss of femininity. We have survived around the roughest of ages and through the storms.

It stands as an irony, however, that we are represented both as goddesses of worship in the avatar of Virgin Mary or Durga and simultaneously become mere victims of violence, social discrimination and molestation.

It is yet another day to stand up and speak up for your rights as a woman! Do not let any societal obligations tie you down and discriminate against you for being a woman. You are what you let others make of you. Self-awareness is the key!

Coming to the regular shuffle, is a movie about four women venturing out into the streets of New York, cherishing their sisterhood and most importantly of all, enjoying their lives as women.

By now I am sure you have watched 'Sex and the City' and if not, well it is time that you do so. You surely do not want to miss out on a treat for both the soul and the eyes. Keep an eye out for the Sex and the City sequel this summer. Our, 'advanced' pick!

For our next pick, turn up the stereo to 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun' by Cindy Lauper. With the rushes of life we seem to have forgotten how to adore ourselves as women. Put on your dancing shoes, prance to the tune and get down to having your fun!

Our Pick #4: Fly high, dream big and capture your dream because dreaming is a hope for reality. Read Amelia Earhart's biography “The Thrill of It” by Susan Wels.

Earhart is the first woman aviatrix to fly solo across the Atlantic and was not only a pioneer in her field but also the one to create a pedestal for women following her footsteps.

To end our shuffle this week, we bring forth a feminine perspective of today's world. 'Adventure Divas: Searching the Globe for Women Who Are Changing the World,' is a non-fictional account of how a few individuals embarked upon a mission in the quest for like-minded women who had done or were doing extraordinary things to promote human rights.

Holly Morris accounts for this journey from desk job in Cuba to India and beyond. Along the way she deals with interpersonal conflicts with her mother and financial issues.

Always up for the adventure, Morris recounts experiences with a light heart, even when things don't go as planned - which they rarely do. Quirky and light-hearted, this book is part adventure, part travel, and part humane stories centred around women's rights and human rights in general.

There is no limit to achieving what you can; only you are your only obstacle. If women before us hadn't rebelled and fought their way through, we wouldn't have the privileges we have today. It is time for a woman's revolution yet again. Happy Women's Day!

By Sanjana Rahman



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