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Bangla perfume's treat

WE all seek individuality, a signature mark that describes and personifies our identity, our statement. A fragrance can do just that.

Recently, Bangla Perfume Distributions Ltd. has launched the range of Dolce and Gabbana fragrances in five alluring odours- L'Imperatrice, L'Amoureux, La Fortune, Le Bateleur, La Roue de la Fortue and La Lune- that could be used to make that signature statement.

A gala fashion event was organised to mark the occasion at the Amazon Club, Gulshan 2 on Friday, 5 March 2010 for a selected audience.

Divided into five segments, each based on a particular label, the show accentuated the aura of the fragrances. As models boldly tread on the ramp, displaying brawn, sensuality and grace: the theme of each of the five fragrances were highlighted and presented in the most unconventional way.

The perfumes have an eclectic nomenclature by number, where L'amoureux is 6 and Le bateleur is 1. Our favourites, 6 is a tantalising array of spices in the top and middle notes which dries down into a sensual wood and musk base, where as 1 Le Bateleur provides a provocative impression that channels a distinctive character, neither male, nor female, nor unisex, moving with dynamism to the free, edgy style that marks the D&G fashion empire.

The exclusive perfumes are showcased at the two official outlets, one at Bashundhara Shopping Mall and another at Navana Tower. Available in 100 ml bottles, these classic fragrances are priced Tk 4,730.

A perfume defines who you are. Musky tones can add to your masculinity whereas sweet floral scents can help the ladies bring out their passion for exclusivity. D & G can do just that!

By Manna Mashhur Zarif

Haven for foodies

MOO'S Barn specialises in Texan delicacies with a twist of Mexican Dipping. If you haven't been to its fabulous barn-like interiors, you have surely missed out on something.

The perks to this dine-in includes around the clock home delivery and thus satisfies your dine-out experience in the comforts of your sofa.

Your midnight cravings are sure to be satisfied in less than 30 minutes. Delivery is free from 10 am till 12 midnight but there is an additional charge of Tk.100 as the clock strikes 12.

The new additions to the menu are worth dying for: from the soothing mocktails to the chunks of meat. Orange Julius, a drink recommended by Moo's Barn enthusiasts, is a concoction of fresh orange juice, sugar, lemon juice, vanilla ice cream and orange rings.

Pinacolada created here uses five chunks of fresh pineapple, vanilla ice cream and coconut water. Italian Smooch, as the name suggests is definitely a smooch on your lips with a hint of ginger, mint, lemon juice, ice and sugar. During the heat of the summer, iced teas are one to look out for and their apple iced tea is brewed to perfection with apple juice, warm water, sugar and ice. Gazpacho- Tomato Soup is a fine blend of Moo's Barn homemade secret salsa, chicken cubes, cucumber and of course tomatoes. Their special Hot Sauce, also known as Hot Hot Hot - so hot that you have to say it thrice, is grinded from Bombay chillies. Cajun Blacken Chicken is a boneless spicy dish served with Spanish rice and strong Mexican flavours.

Exclusive salads include Tex-mex Chicken Salad and Pepperoni Salad. The Tex-mex is created with hand-chopped onions, shredded chicken with mayonnaise and Tabasco sauce.

Nacho Nachos, Mexican Starters, Spicy Fish Cakes and Buffalo Wings are surely appetising appetisers. Red Indian Chicken, T-bone Steak and New York Strip Steak are for the food junkies and these can be combined with either mashed potato or Spanish Rice.

Mexican South Western Chicken Fried Rice is a layout of sizzling meat, tortillas and rice. Yet another of their customer acclaimed favourite is the whole chicken stuffed with onions and mushrooms and since it takes about 35 minutes preparation time, has to be ordered beforehand.

Foodies of Dhaka, you have been informed. If you are hungry deep into the night, be it on the record that you have been posted. Moo all the way to Moo's Barn!

Contact: Moo's Barn Road #11, House #2, Block-F (3rd Floor) Banani, Dhaka. # 8835378, 8835379

By Sanjana Rahman


Editor's note


KUDOS to all the women in this city who have to struggle to hold their places in society, every single hour of the day. It is rather unfortunate when we earn a living, contribute heftily to the economy, raise children and run families and still face harassment at every step of the way. It is even sadder when it is other women who provide this nuisance.

My neighbour, a pious elderly woman, abhors me. It is not any figment of my imagination; she complains about everything I do. Even if the wind blows in the leaves from my plants she launches a complaint. My maids are too pampered and as a result she can't find help, my daughter playing with the guard's son is downright unthinkable. My free spirited ways are not to her liking. I set a bad example for her daughters-in-law. What should I do? Accommodate to her liking? Why?

In another similar incident another holier-than-thou woman came to call on me. She had just moved into our apartment building and was making her social calls. The interior décor of my flat shocked her and seeing my mask collection, she felt the need to explain how my house is not blessed. No angel can come visit me; no prayers can be answered or heard in such an unholy abode. She gave me hard talks on how I should run my house, pointing out that it was almost sinful that my little girl was running in frocks, that my bua's head was not covered, so on and so forth. All this, she did in her first visit. I was literally dumbfounded; I had no clue as to what I should do when someone was stamping on my private space like that. It didn't end there though. Poor lady was so frustrated with me that she went down and sent me books on religion and sweets from some mehfil that she had attended. She took it upon herself to bring my derailed and non-religious self to the light. And in doing so she was earning brownie points from God. At least she thought so.

Just recently during my morning laps at the park, this lady walked right into my face and commanded me to fix my dupatta. I was flabbergasted. What is going on, is this a free society or what? I am not prying into other people's lives, so why they should, beats me. I have neither invited you into my space, nor have I asked for your spiritual thoughts, why give it to me?

It is indeed ironic that these very God-fearing, religious women forget that one of the basic tenets of the very religion they preach stresses upon freedom of choice, be it in terms of faith or culture. We can go on talking about emancipation ad nauseum, but unless we learn to live and let live, all we are doing is building walls of our own self-righteousness and locking ourselves in.

By Raffat Binte Rashid


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