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Dear Doctor,
I have read that you perform hair transplant operations. I would like to know more on the subject. Can females undergo hair transplants?

Thank you for your question. Yes, I do hair transplant procedures, usually on people suffering from sparse hair or baldness. The prerequisite is that they need to have an adequate donor area from where the hair follicles are taken for grafting.

The gender of the patient is irrelevant; the procedure can be performed on males as well as on females.

A strip of hair is taken from the back of the scalp and hair cut out from the strip. Follicles are units of hair roots along with other tissues that are related to hair growth. This is done under magnification otherwise they can't be seen properly.

After cutting the follicles they are put in cold, normal, saline water. These are then implanted on the bald areas. Follicular unit transplant is the latest and most recognised way of doing transplants.

Some new techniques are being considered but these are still in experimental phases. It takes about 4-5 hours to complete a hair transplant procedure, where about 2500 grafts are implanted. Local anaesthesia is used during the whole course.

The procedure is very safe and has no side effects. The implanted hair starts growing after 3-5 months, and develops like natural hair.

Dear Doctor,
Now that it is winter, I suffer from prolonged bouts of cold. They initiate after sneezing and I have a runny nose for days at a stretch. It is very disturbing as well as embarrassing. If I take antihistamines the episodes reduce but soon return. What can I do to get a total remedy?

By the description of your symptoms it sounds like you are suffering from allergic rhinitis, which aggravates in this weather. You need to use local, nasal anti-allergic spray to get better results, as oral medications alone may not work.

Also, you need to avoid the triggering factors, which you may have discovered by now dust, cold temperature or anything else.

Allergic conditions can't be cured totally but the symptoms can be kept under control if treated properly. Don' t be too disheartened as the condition will reduce as you age. Please contact an experienced ENT specialist who will be able to help you.

How are IPO (Initial Public Offering) accounts opened?
Banks are allowed to open foreign currency accounts titled 'FC Account for IPO' in the name of the issuing company only to collect subscription for IPO from non-resident Bangladeshis. If over-subscription takes place after subscription of shares, the excess amount has to be refunded in the same currency. Such accounts should also be closed immediately after the remittance is affected.

What is a non-resident Taka account?
Bangladeshi individuals, firms or companies residing outside of Bangladesh can open non-resident accounts. All banks have to establish the permanent residence of those individuals and companies. Once that is established these have to be treated as accounts of countries of permanent residence of the account holders. These accounts however, have to be operated according to the guidance prescribed by Bangladesh Bank.

What is a NITA account?
NITA account is a non-resident investor Taka account. The non-resident investor- Person/institution including non-resident Bangladeshi nationals can open a NITA.

The account can be funded with freely convertible foreign currency remitted from abroad through normal banking channel or by transfer of funds from the non-resident investor's foreign currency account. This account is also subject to operation according to Bangladesh Bank Guidelines on NITA.

What are Personal Loans?
Banks nowadays are offering loans for personal purposes, for example, the purchase of cars, electronic appliances, travel, vacation, education, weddings etc. For these loans the terms and conditions will vary, as well as the interest rates. One can try to negotiate the interest rate. While doing that, factors like employer, credit profile of the prospective customer and profession will play a big role for the Bank to grant the loan.

Should I check my credit report?
Checking your credit report once a year obtained from CIB through your Bank is a good idea. This will give the proper perspective on your credit worthiness. Based on this report your creditor will sanction your loan. The creditor/Bank, based on the information in the report can determine how much you can pay while you request for a loan from them.


Feather-fine feminine touch

WAZMAN Nahar Runty, who had her superb solo exhibition in Gulshan last month, has impressed critiques, art lovers, and senior teachers of the Department of Fine Arts Dhaka University- who have guided and encouraged her in her journey as a young, driven and dedicated painter of considerable promise and early repute.

One has known her to practise and persevere though the years, since her earlier solos in Dhaka and abroad. Despite overwhelming challenges - the agony of her father's death years back, and with incredible responsibilities Runty has gone on struggling and bringing into the world the magic of her paints.

Lyrical and buoyant, her works remain subtle and sophisticated.

She has brought in Bangladeshi flora and fauna with contrasting colours, which remain muted but worked over with dramatic, gentle black-white lines and suitable addition of hues in necessary places.

Her powerful stokes don't just slide and glide; they are a mirror to the boundless beauty and peaceful existence of man and nature, as she sees it around herself and finds in her imagination and dreams.

Her trips to natural resorts, like Cox's Bazar, Hill Tracts of Chittagong, provide her the inspiration, which every artist needs. Her exhibit, abroad, also adds to her vision and education, which encompasses her gentle world.

Runty has this to say about herself: "The 'agonies and ecstasies' of life is what I wish to present to my viewers, as these are what life comprises of - at least mine and many others that I know of. I want that to appear in the flow of my paintings. I endeavour to bring in the details of the beauty around me, so that the existence of man seen in nature will add to the necessary portrayal of life around us." Flowers, birds, bees and blossoming trees have earlier framed her statuesque female forms.

Rabiul Hussain, the famous local critique and poet, apart from being an architect of impeccable repute, described Runty's work as "complete". Her mixed media, sketches and paintings in numerous media have been praised ad lib by connoisseurs, both at home and abroad.

The women's portrayals do justice to Moghul Art. The voluptuous women in her vision have bejewelled limbs, tiny waists, doe eyes and long flowing jet-black tresses that case like fountains of the illustrated books on Omar Khayyam or art work of Ancient China, Japan, Egypt or what you will.

The Impressionistic landscapes bring out the gorgeous, burnished like gold and silver or even done with soft, fading versions of blue, black and white. The details of the leaves have been brought in with gem-like precision. The delicate strokes of her brushes include many facets of the wondrous world wrapped in several layers of beauty.

One came away from her display, and one's "cup runneth over."

By Fayza Haq


Dear Star lifestyle
Farina Noireet's article in Star Lifestyle dated 9 February, 2010 grabbed my attention. Just the right thing that is going on in today's society. Bright and lovely young women and young energetic young men, mixing and mingling and yet not finding the right match.

There are too many options perhaps but it's difficult to make the choice. Or may be the two souls don't tick together at the right moment. It may even be that the search area is too small and everyone knows everyone else, and it gets too much to live with.

However, admit it or not - marriage is a social institution that has evolved after generations of trials and errors and it does bring stability to a family, which is worth striving for.

Yes! It is true that time is not running out and one must have the freedom of choice. But time and tide does not wait for anyone. Men and women do get older day by day and as this happens one gets more choosy. Most eligible partners get married and the ones left behind may find themselves with little or no choice at all.

This is more difficult for women I guess for the simple reasons that there is a thing called childbearing age. Men are luckier in that respect. For men too there are negative points to guard against.

They have the danger of becoming typically used to personal freedom. Living together needs a lot of giving and taking. That is what love takes. Love and respect for each other actually glues two persons together.

As a mother I would like to cry out and say please don't wait too long. It's dangerous. Make the most of what is available and chances are that you will not regret. After all what is life if you do not live for another - be it your spouse or your children.

Only one who has had children can fully realise what a great gift it is from God to be able to have your own children.

Single life, is a lonely life even if it is a worthy life. You may or may not have all the success and achievements that you can aspire to, but by the end of the day there is nothing more rewarding than getting back home to someone waiting for you. It could be the husband or the wife.

Your partner would know and care for your needs more than your servants or even your friends, who again have there own families to take care of. The dying days are much more bearable with your partner or a child holding your hands if they can.

So, don't waste time. Start your life and live it to the brim. Have fun!

By Zeba R

Dear Zeba R,
Thank you for your keen interest in Lifestyle and your modest response to our article. It was a pleasure hearing one of our readers' insight on our published property.
- LS Editor



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