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News Flash

Spring Art Fair

The first Spring Art Fair 2010 took place at the North Gulshan Lake Park on Saturday March 13, organised by Bangladesh Art Council. Unique because of the open-air venue, the fair was held from 9 am to 5 pm. The fine spring weather and the variety of arts and artists on display, combined to make the event a resounding success.

The occasion showcased thirty or so up and coming artists as well as some established ones. The art on display included the works of painters, print makers, ceramic artists, textile artists, graphic artists, cartoonists and master jewellers.

Among the special guests at the venue were the founder and Chairman of BRAC, Fazle Hasan Abed, the owner of Gallery Kosmos Enayetullah Khan, who is also the Editor of Dhaka Courier and United News of Bangladesh and Norwegian Ambassador Ingebjørg Støfring.

Some master artists were also in attendance to lend their voice and support to the project, including Kalidas Karmakar, Biren Som, Munirul Islam, Mahmudul Haq, Rokeya Sultana and Kanak Chapa.

Before the fair was opened the three specials guests stood up and spoke before a gathering of eager art enthusiasts. “This is the first event of its kind hosted by the Bangladesh Art Council,” said Abed. “This is to promote art in Bangladesh, and the up and coming artists of the country. I hope all of you enjoy the Spring weather and the art on offer.”

The ambassador of Norway was in similar high spirits, and she said that a nation's art and its furtherance is integral to nation building. Enayetullah Khan hoped that this endeavour would not be a one-off. “I would like to thank the Bangladesh Art Council; everything seems perfect,” said Khan, and explained his love for the visual arts: “Drawings and paintings do not speak, we watch them in silence, and it soothes my soul.”

Fashion designer Maheen Khan and painter Afroza Jamil, who were at the forefront of organising this fair, echoed the guests' sentiments. “This is to bring art closer to the audience and let the artists reach out and interact with their audience,” said Maheen Khan.

Afroza Jamil, who is a well-known painter herself, said, “We want to spread the world of art throughout Bangladesh. This is to showcase those artists who haven't been able to get the attention they deserve. The Bangladesh Art Council is an organisation that will continue to organise events like this.”

The day was a meeting of minds, and also a showcase of the talent that is present in our country. The variety of art pieces, from water colours to acrylic pieces, to pottery and metal crafts, showed the visitors that Bangladesh art is in rude health.

Photo: Zahedul I Khan


Letter to Alina

My Dearest Alina,
We were thoroughly engrossed with your sister, Sarah, when we came to know that you were on your way. It was a moment of great joy and we waited with baited breath as each day passed. Later, when the ultrasound scan confirmed that you are a girl, I felt so very happy. I wanted another granddaughter to be a companion to me in my old age.

It seems only the other day that we took your mother to the hospital and soon you made your grand entrance. When the nurse passed you on to me, I looked at your cherubic face and welcomed you. Unlike your elder sister, who took about a couple of days to make any noise, you looked at me and made a sound as if to say that you had acknowledged me. I fell in love with you at once.

A whole year has passed and you are a strapping little lady with a mind of your own. When you want to do something there's no stopping you. When you crawl around, you remind me of the baby in “Baby's Day Out”. You crawl so fast! And when you're told not to do something, you make it a point to go ahead and do it. Then you turn around and smile your angelic smile and my heart melts like a lighted candle.

“Bow” is your favourite word and everything to you is bow. You will soon be talking in full sentences but to me the little incoherent things that you say now make so much sense. I will miss them when you grow up.

Your favourite song is “Twinkle, twinkle, little star”. Whenever I sing to you or tell you a story, you keep twirling your little fingers as if to order me to sing your favourite song for you. You made me sing it almost a hundred times one day. I thought I would crack if I saw your little fingers open and close again!

When I hold you in my lap, you look at me often as if to check out if it is really me. I wonder if it's your love for me that prompts you to do so.

Dearest Alina, when you're far away at your home, I think of your little face and all my sorrows vanish away like the morning dew after the sun rises. As I close my eyes at night, it is you and Sarah's beautiful faces that I picture. As I turn off the alarm that goes off for Fajr prayers, I look at both of you on my cell phone screen and start my day.

You and Sarah are the best things that could have happened to me. I thank Allah immensely for letting me have you both. And on your birthday I pray to the Almighty to give you the best of everything life has to offer.

Happy birthday, sweetheart!
Lots of love and tons of hugs.
Your loving,




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