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CATS are very misunderstood in Bangladesh. If you are thinking of getting a cat, you should first understand them. Some people think cats are dirty, whereas cats are one of the cleanest animals and are awesome stress-eliminators.

If you are going to get a pet to get relief from stress, try to find a homeless cat because you will get the most amazing feeling when you give a stray cat a home, and it repays you by loving you endlessly.

Mark Twain once said, "Nothing is so calming as watching a cat walking across the room." Quite true. It makes me feel good when my pet cat sits on my lap and it purrs while I stroke it.

Clever and smart, they also do not need extra attention. Cats are cute because they are curious. They do not need a lot of time like dogs but they need the same amount of love. Love them and they will love you back.

If you are going to treat a feline like an animal but not a family member, then cats are not right for you.

They are also remarkably easy to toilet train and also do not need too much medical attention.

If you are thinking of getting a cat, then do a little research on them. Learn how to train them right. A cat in the house certainly lifts everyone's mood. So go ahead and get a cat and enjoy your time with these fascinating animals.

By Farist



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