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BOISHAKH brings with it the glad tidings of a New Year, new hope and a new beginning. Celebrate the first of Boishakh with offerings of boutique Anjan's.

Fervent red and white is the quintessential colours of the Bengali New Year; this renowned house however, goes further than playing with the bi-colour and makes use of other festive hues.

The fabric used has been essentially Tangail taant, half silk, Muslin that has been ornamented by screenprint, blockprint, embroidery, appliqué and sequins. Dedicated towards creating fashion accessories for the masses, the prices are well within the reach of the people.

Boishakhi Collection is available at all Anjan's Outlets.

Do it with Flair

WITH the horrendous heat beating down on one, combined with the ever so sporadic and hectic traffic causing one much hindrance, it's quite common for the inner beast to make an appearance on the outside. Our tropical sun's rays cause the skin much harm, making staying beautiful a much daunting task. Thus enters 'Flair', providing yet another option to the much needed makeover scene for both the modern and aware citizens of our fine city.

Tucked away in house 9 on road 14 at Dhanmondi residential area, Flair caters to the needs of both women and men of all ages. Opening into a cosy, yet plush reception area, Flair is spread over all three floors of the house it is situated in. The men's section, which was inaugurated on 11 March 2010, is situated on the ground floor, and is manned by professional, well-trained staff, and equipped with everything from showers to a Jacuzzi. The first and second floors provide settings for the elaborate women's sections, which was launched on 18 March 2010, where equally professional staff, strive to provide only the very best to each and every client who walks through the front doors. The top floor also contains a small, but well stocked boutique and a refreshment corner, which will be opening soon.

Owner and chief aesthetician, Sharmeen Shaheed, who has acquired professional training from the USA and Thailand, and has had over 20 years of experience in the beauty care business, has opened up Flair with one singular purpose in mind- providing high class services at regular rates in a hygienic environment, and with their super Boishakh offer, which is a complete package of hairstyling, party makeup and mehendi at a mesmerising price of Tk 600 only, the salon seems to have a 'flair' for just that!

By Farina Noireet

A celebration of colours at Nogordola

WITH splashes of red and white everywhere and excited, happy conundrum audible in the air, one could certainly tell that there was something special going on in the Banani outlet of Nogordola. On the morning of 2 April, Nogordola inaugurated the Boishakh fashion exhibition, which displays their exclusive Boishakh collection and also marked its fourth founding anniversary.

Invited to help celebrate the event were fifteen mentally handicapped youths from Swede Bangladesh, along with noted personalities from civil society and officials of Nogordola, Dhaka Ahsania Mission and associate organizations.

Taking inspiration from pre-historic terracotta, Nogordola has delivered a vibrant collection of colourful tassels and dazzling patterns. Apparent in the collection is an intense attention to detail as is evidenced by the use of embroidery, karchupi, screen print, block print, sequins and beads.

The saris this season, besides bearing the signature colours of red and white, boast of an artistic plunge yet with a tinge of traditionalism. They can be found anywhere between Tk 1500 Tk 3000. The kameezes too are in between what is considered to be trendy these days and hints of indigenous fashion. The price range for these is from Tk 1000 Tk 2000. In keeping with their promise of adapting western styles but conserving traditional art, Nogordola's fatuas succeed in impressing the modern shopper. These can be found at Tk 500 Tk 1000.

The exhibition is expected to last for 12 days and with such an impressive collection, as well as décor that boasts of not only celebratory shades of the traditional white and red but also the showroom's signature Nogordola, it is definitely worth a visit. Whether it is for the embellished, intricately designed sari or the contemporarily styled fatua, Nogordola has secured its place as a favourite of the enthusiastic Boishakh shopper.

By Mahareen Khalid

Dressy dale

BOISHAKH has emerged as a festivity of the Bengali nation irrespective of culture, caste and creed. And like every other year, Dressy dale is all set to welcome the coming of Boishakh 1017.

The timeless sari has been vamped to contemporary fashion through tie and dye, patchwork, frill, collage, prints, and cutwork. Also on offer are handloom saris of Dhaka and Tangail.

For men, Dressy dale also brings an exquisite range of panjabi and fatua.

Needless to say, the primary colours used are white, red, orange and mustard. The fabric used, ranges from cotton, silk and others made primarily from organic yarns.

Available at all Dressy dale outlets.



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