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KEEPING the Bengali New Year in mind, Adroit has bedecked its showrooms with festive attires. Boishakh's distinctive character permeates the line for grownups and children alike. Saris, panjabis, shalwar kameezes, fatuas, t-shirts, shirts, etc., have been done in various motifs that feature the disappearing folk arts. These motifs have been brought to life in block, appliqué, embroidery, spray, embroidery, karchupi or combinations of these techniques. The colours used are mostly the traditional hues of the season: white and red. Their Boishakh line can be found at all of their showrooms in and outside Dhaka.


OUR childhoods are filled with fond memories of flying kites on rooftops and open fields. Bring in the sense of nostalgia, boutique Shadakalo presents Boishakhi Collection 1417, featuring the traditional kite, reel and associated motifs.

Based on that underlying theme, panjabi, sari, shalwar kameez, fatua, tops and t-shirts have been made. Also available are mugs in various designs.

Available at all Shadakalo outlets.

Deshi Dosh

THE turn of the seasons has once again brought Boishakh into our lives. Deshi Dosh welcomes the Bengali New Year with a festive spirit and has chalked a two-week-long programme that began on 2 April 2010.

On display, apart from their prêt-e-porter range, are terra cotta ornaments, shokher haari, wooden products and others. The outlet also plays host to a session of folk music sung by bauls.

Be sure to check their Boishakh offering.


AS well as on our arts and culture, Boishakh leaves its mark on our fashion scene. Like every year, this year, fashion house Trendz has strutted out their Boishakh collection. The colours of Boishakh, white and red, are present as well as pastel shades of various colours, which will provide comfort in the months of summer to follow. The fabrics used are cotton, voile, linen, endi cotton, and single jersey.

This New Year's collection at Trendz includes saris, shalwar kameez, fatua, orna, short panjabi, t-shirts, polo shirts, lady's tops, skirts etc. For women, the colours used have been mostly white and red, while for men, white is the dominant colour. The new Boishakh line is available at all Trendz outlets.


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