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Check It Out


In the world of fashion, boutique Excel has added a new dimension. Their journey into the style frontier was marked by the inauguration of their outlet on the second floor of Aziz Supermarket, last 23 March 2010. The recent collection of Excel features tee and polo shirts, short panjabi, fatua, shirt and other attires. Prices well within the reach.

Contact: Excel, 84 Aziz Super market, Second Floor, Shahbag, Dhaka- 1000.


Hand Wash Awareness Week

WITH the aim of reducing the spread of infectious diseases, Apollo Hospitals, in partnership with Lifebuoy, started a week long campaign called “Spread the word; Not the Germs.”

The campaign promoted increased awareness of the necessity of hand washing and the benefits it brings. The campaign hoped that by educating people about the proper process of washing hands, diarrhoeal and acute respiratory infections (which takes the lives of almost four million children in developing countries each year) can be avoided.

The Hand Washing Week, in partnership with Lifebuoy, lasted from 20 to 25 March.


Boishakhi fusion @ AB

THE fashion canvas of AB, this season, witnesses an elaborate scheme of playful colours and eclectic forms that highlight the mood of the coming Boishakh.

Range remains the classic shalwar kameez and panjabi along with an array of fatua and tops.

Contact: 28 Golden Gate Shopping Centre, Mirpur Road, Dhaka #9665102


Fair at Kanon

In observance of World Autism Awareness Day, as well as the occasion of the sixth anniversary of the Autism Welfare Foundation, a week long Handicrafts Fair began on 3 April and continued till 8 April at Kanon with all items on display having been made by the students at the educational wing of Kanon.

Speakers at the inauguration of the fair said it was high time to mend our perception of autistic children. They reminded the audience that autistic children, with proper care and nursing, can perform the same activities as any other child.

The guests present were then invited to visit the different stalls and they were all highly impressed by the remarkable effort shown by the children.



The fashion outlet is organising a “Boishakhi Fashion Fair 1417” from 9 April to 14 April 2010. The fair will feature Lilabali's Boishakh Collection, jewellery and other accessories. Contact: Lilabali, Road #10, Block D, House #66, Banani. # 01552339268


Monipuri Taant Emporium

Indigenous fashion accessories have been all the rave for quite sometime now. Greet the New Year with a festive look straight from the tribal picture book. Monipuri Taant Emporium has on offer, a selection of ethnic saris in aboriginal designs from Kamalganj, Moulavibazar. Prices range between Tk 1000 to 5000.

Contact: 1/1 Shukrabad (First Floor), Mirpur Road, Dhanmondi; Mouchak Market (3rd Floor).



With 15 variations in panjabis and 10 designs of t-shirts, Shopnobaj, at 77 Aziz Super Market presents their summer, Bengali New Year Collection in style. Designed by Mahbubur Rahman, Nahid Mahmud, Sohel Anam and Joy Shahrier the garbs will attract the fashion savvy who crave for a look that stands out.

Be sure to check out Shopnobaj.
Contact: 01716504582


La' Sea'h Salon Spa

LA' Sea'h Salon Spa is a new, unique Indonesian boutique spa cum salon that caters exclusively to women. It begins with the familiar haircut and styling, manicure-pedicure, waxing and colouring and moves on to the more advanced and convenient hair treatments such as Aloe-Vera, avocado and candle nut cream bath treatment with special micro-mist.

The facials that are offered are categorised by age and skin-types and includes popular brands from all over.

La' Sea'h offers the traditional Indonesian massage, herbal compress, whitening massage and reflexology to create relaxation and relieve the pain from all over the body.

Of course, body treatments cannot be complete without the Body Scrub, Body Mask and Body Bathing, especially in a tropical country such as Bangladesh where huge amounts of dust accumulate every day along with high humidity.

La' Sea'h has body treatment services in their spa and has introduced the Body Weight Reducing Treatment, which reduces 1 kg from the body weekly with no side effects.

Besides several body treatments, La' Sea'h has more specialised treatments such as the Eye Treatment for removing dark circles, Lip Treatment to refresh and restore the colour of the lips and Hands and Feet Treatment to keep the hands and feet fresh and smooth.

La' Sea'h's main priorities are to maintain a healthy and hygienic environment and to cater to the needs of every busy customer, which is why it is open from early in the morning at 8.30 am till 8 pm.

For Pohela Boishakh, La' Sea'h is offering a special discount of 25 percent on all their services.

Visit La' Sea'h at Road #126, House #17A, Gulshan #1, Dhaka #1212.
# 9887766, 8837175, 01817145221


Design Dhaka's Spring Collection

LIKE seasons before, Design Dhaka launched its Spring-2010 Collection recently. The vibrant and colourful collection was unveiled at Radisson Water Garden Hotel. For this particular collection, designers mainly focused on the themes of spring and summer and the bright, vivid colours reflect that.

The price range for both the male and the female collection varies between Tk 500 Tk 5000.

With its own design studio and factory in Uttara, Design Dhaka offers personalised orders and home deliveries. DESIGNDHAKA® is member of Turkey Bangladesh Chamber of commerce and industry and regularly exports to the US, UK, Italy, Turkey and France.



ARISA Beauty Care is offering a 10 percent discount to all its clients on 13 and 14 April, 2010. The salon will remain open on Pohela Boishakh, from early in the morning, to facilitate the needs of its esteemed patrons and well-wishers.

In addition to this, Arisa Boutique offers special cotton saris and shalwar kameezes. Every purchase comes with a complimentary gift, keeping the mood of the season in mind.



Ls Editor's Note

Let's celebrate the flavours

Red chilli powder and a pinch of salt, sprinkled sparingly on a slice of green mango. These are the true colours of Boishakh. Just think about it. Red and white, at times highlighted by various shades of green invariably straying a few places up or down the colour spectrum; from crystals of peridot to tangerine topaz, is exactly the Boishakhi colour chart that designers are inspired to create from and people choose to wear on our new year’s day.

In fact, among many things that are quintessential to Boishakh, unripe mangoes, swinging to the rhythm of the light breeze that is gaining momentum for a spine chilling gale storm or ‘kal boishakhi’, is definitely one of them. Romantic memories of picking them up in your skirt or the 'anchol' of your sari, drenched thoroughly in the rains, giddily running for shelter; that anxious first bite and that half wink click of the tongue that accompanies the delightfully tangy spike, may certainly be the other.

The joy of stealing green mangos from the old neighbour's plot is something from the pages of the storybook now. We just cannot imagine picking them up from trees anywhere in this now-concrete Dhaka city.

Green mangoes symbolise the coming of storms and heat and the return of childhood memories. They are the love of a Bangali’s life, the piquant 'aam bhortas', the spicy pickles, the sun kissed 'aamchurs', the piping hot 'aam daal', and the list goes on.

In fact, it is the season of a few rare deshi fruits that cannot be found throughout the year. Bet fol, dark yet transparent olive coloured fruit with a hard stone and a chequered off white shell, is only seen during Boishakh along with the very rare belumbo - the tiny green, sweet and sour fruit. The red dot-like fruits called 'mala', so named because it is sewn in hay threads like a garland are only found near schools and that too for a limited time.

As Bangalis, we’re all about celebrating through indulgence in food, and just as the different colours mark the changing of seasons, so do the flavours that come with Mother Nature’s treasure trove of our very own, unique 'deshi' fruits. From the green mango, the watermelon to litchis, summer, for us, epitomises all that is zesty and tastebud-tingling, as well as refreshingly sweet and luscious. Bangla New Year, is all about flavour, sweet and sour, so let’s celebrate the season with grand feasts, that simply burst with exquisite tastes.

Raffat Binte Rashid

Nitya Upohar

Based on designs by renowned names in the likes of Quiyyum Chowdhury, Hashem Khan and Chandra Shekhar Shaha amongst others, Nitya Upohar offers their Boishakhi Collection in grand, festive aura.

They have also arranged an exhibition of their collection at Gallerie Nitya Upohar, 3rd Floor, Aziz Cooperative Market from 7 till 30 April.

Be sure to check their offering while stocks last!



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