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Shopping by the stars

The Aquarius Mother (20 Jan 18 Feb): An Aquarius mother ensures that her child has a fun and colourful life and if your mother has always encouraged you to pursue your dreams and simply 'be happy,' she fulfils the stereotype of the typical Aquarian mother.

Aquarius mothers are singled out for having individualistic and quirky taste. To appeal to this side of your mother, make sure your gifts are unique or unusual in some way. Go for vintage designs or quirky décor. A visit to Jatra -- the boutique -- might come to use. You can't go wrong with silver jewellery or a gemstone bracelet either.

"Rock Princess" by Vera Wang, or "CK One" by Calvin Klein: Rebellious, daring, unique and unexpected: each describe your favoured fragrance and you! Either of these alluring, powerful perfumes will express your strongest traits.

The Piscean Mum (19 Feb 20 March): Born under a gentle star sign, chances are you mother is the warm, compassionate and generous type. Thought to be more sensitive with a heart that warms to creativity, gifts like a personalised photo frame or engraved bracelets won't go unappreciated by your mother. If you're short of time (and money!), simply compose a poem and frame it she will cherish it and know it is priceless.

“Romance Always Yours” by Ralph Lauren: For dreamy Pisces, you need a perfume that's ethereal, light and dreamy. You embody a heavenly presence, and you seem to float when you walk into a room - signature scent and all.

The Aries Mother (21 March 19 April): An Aries mother leads by example and not only likes risks and adventures but teaches her children to do the same. For this, her children think of her as inspiring, exciting and courageous. She has plenty of energy and is always passionate about her interests.

To appeal to her fun-loving, energetic side, take your Aries mother to a place she's never been or indulge her in some daring activity. If your Aries mother is into jewellery, pick something that glimmers and shines like a crafty gemstone bracelet. The dynamic Aries would also love clothes and household items in bold and flashy colours.

"The One" by Dolce & Gabbana: Independent, fierce and feisty, you need a fragrance that declares you're in the room and are a force to be reckoned

The Taurus Woman (21 April 21 May): It's very important to the Taurus woman to include hard work and affections in her mothering. She slips into the mother role with ease and her tranquil disposition is, to say the least, advantageous.

The Taurean mother appreciates sentimental gifts so you cannot go wrong by 'saying it with flowers.' For her, it will be the thought that counts.

If you must give her outfits, go for the easy and uncomplicated with soft fabrics like silk and cashmere. If you want it simpler than that, just try and keep your room tidy the serene Taurean disposition that reacts negatively to untidy habits will certainly appreciate it!

"Envy Me" by Gucci: Look for a scent that's flirty and feminine, yet earthy at the same time. Sometimes you feel simple, other days, complex. Find a perfume as versatile as you are.

The Gemini Mum (22 May 21 June): The Gemini Mum takes a fun and witty attitude to mothering and parents through communication. Playful and sociable, Geminis will appreciate a party with her nearest and dearest. To win bonus points with your Gemini mum, try outsmarting her by arranging a surprise party yourself! Chances are your Gemini mother loves to try out new things so you can register her for a cooking class or something else she had always been interested in but had no time to pursue due to her parenting duties.

"Lovely” by Sarah Jessica Parker: You're fun, popular, accessible and flirtatious, so you need a fragrance everyone will adore. Don't go too heavy -- you need a real

The Cancer Mother (23 June 22 July): Cancer mothers seem to have an innate understanding of parenting. Sweet and sensitive, these June-July Mums are strongly maternal and homely. The perfect Mother's Day gift for her would be to create a treasured memory like a small family get-together or simply bring back happy memories by presenting her with a photo album of old photos.
Your Cancer mother's gentle personality will appreciate this to no end.

"Flower Bomb" by Viktor & Rolf: Romantic, floral, feminine and comforting - these all describe scents that will tickle your fancy. This one such perfume is absolutely beautiful

The Leo Mother (23 July 23 August): The Leo mother loves her family unconditionally and much like her star sign The Lioness, she is fiercely proud of them. Always sparkling and radiant, a Leo mother will enjoy a day of pampering at a luxury spa. She will appreciate anything from a gift basket of her favourite accessories to thoughtfully crafted jewellery.

Leos are also known for their fine taste so theatre tickets are in order. However, your Leo mother will be just as happy to sit down with her family and watch her favourite classic movie.

"Harajuku Lovers" by Gwen Stefani: Fun, daring, creative and youthful scents are up your alley. This great new perfume by the pop music goddess is perfect for you. Its playful packaging and romantic scent are an ideal Leo combo.

The Virgo Mother (24 August 22 September): Detailed and focused, rearing her child the best way she can is every Virgo mother's ambition. She pays extreme attention to her child's well-being and loves bringing him/her to perfection.

Virgos are known to love discipline and are usually organised and efficient so your Virgo mother is likely to appreciate any time-saving appliances, ranging from a daily planner to a dishwasher. Buy her something to help with household chores like a coffee machine or a new iron.

"Kelly Caleche" by Hermes: Virgos are a class act. You need a sophisticated fragrance, so this Hermes scent is just for you. With hints of rose, lily, iris and leather, it was inspired by Grace Kelly, a woman who encompassed perfection.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Tasneem Iqbal Ali, Sayed Nael Kamal, Sayeda Lana Fauzia Kamal


The Libra Mum (23 September 23 October): A Libra mothers by giving a chunk of her heart to her children. She cares tenderly for her children and loves to spoil them rotten. Well, take full advantage of this opportunity to spoil her right back! Sentimental and romantic at heart, your Libra mother will love nothing more than receiving a bouquet of flowers or homemade cards from her children. She does not need expensive gifts to feel pampered; hugs and kisses throughout the day do the job just fine.

"Elle" by Yves Saint Laurent: Feminine, accessible, flowery and pleasing all pertain to your signature scent. With a nice mixture of floral, fruit and earthier tones, this perfume will have you turning heads everywhere you go.

The Scorpio Mother (24 October 22 November): Your Scorpio mother is more than your mum. She's your teacher, she's your guardian, she's your best friend rolled in one. This Mother's Day would be the perfect day to make that clear to her. Take her on a fun night out or encourage her to go for a relaxing day. You can also sit her down with her favourite mystery or detective novel.

"Euphoria" by Calvin Klein: Daring, deep, complex and intimate -- that's the Scorpio woman in a nutshell. With unique notes of pomegranate, persimmon, mahogany, lotus and black violet, Euphoria is the kind of fragrance that expresses your mystery.
The Sagittarius Mother (23 November 21 December): With inherently cheerful optimism and a caring attitude being her best qualities, you can count on your Sagittarius mother to be a great friend. Their sunny dispositions make them a joy to be around, so make her put up her feet and arrange a small party for her with her closest friends. Because she loves adventurous journeys, you can always pick her some CDs with her favourite songs she can listen to while on the go.

"Eau d'Hadrien" by Annick Goutal: Your signature scent should evoke a feeling of excitement and adventure, and this French scent is an excellent choice for the Sagittarius woman. Infused with ylang-ylang, citrus and basil, it's a wonderfully playful perfume.

The Capricorn Mum (22 December 19 January): If your mother is a Capricorn, chances are she takes her parenting role very seriously. As a woman under the sign of the female goat, she is devoted to mothering and thinks of her children before she thinks of herself. In that case, this Mother's Day would be the perfect occasion to give back. Think of something with practical use for her; a handbag or a new purse, household items, etc. Be sensible with your choice; she hates to see money wasted!

"Chanel #5 Eau Premiere" by Chanel: No one should ever doubt your capabilities, and your signature scent should express your confidence and class. Worn by legends such as Jackie O, this perfume is meant for you.

Although none of these gifts will go unappreciated by your mother, keep in mind that what your mother is really looking for is just knowing that her children understand and acknowledge the hard work and lifelong sacrifices she's made for you. Chances are that that will touch that special woman's heart much more than flashy diamonds or Hallmark cards.

By Mahareen Khalid


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