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Clutter busters

WITH the ever-growing consumption patterns of our lifestyles, clutter management has become an important issue that needs to be addressed. Clutter not only spoils the view but also restricts the regular usage of utilities we want to use, as new and old stuff become crumpled all together here and there. Just a little bit of moving and re-shuffling can actually give the cluttered room a sassy look. Here goes a few tips to start with:

Peg Perfect
The most common clutter is of course the pile of everyday clothes that we are likely to use, creating an unsightly mound in any corner of the room. A useful way of handling them is to use stylish pegs. You can buy a row of pegs or in singles. Gone are the days of huge wooden or metallic pegs; they are now available in various colours, crafty shapes and sizes.

Get hold of surface pegs; stick them up at convenient corners of the room to hang your casual wears. Instead of throwing everyday wears at places, just hang them on pegs and you will have things organised in no time. Racks or pegs or hooks hung around a perimeter of the room are quite useful to hang daily used items from bathrobes to belts to purses and pants.

Thus having gotten rid of the clothing lump, you can now find your desired attire in a jiffy instead of digging through the pile.

Be it utility bills, innumerable post-it notes, scraps of class-lectures, the 'to-do' list or the all important office document, paper clutters are quite cumbersome to manage.

Documents can sometimes be very crucial and you just can't afford to lose them because of mismanagement. You can get a clip-file and hang it at a convenient place, to clip all the scrap papers that are of use.

It actually makes you much more organised and most importantly, keeps your documents safe. Another way is to get a handy-sized pin-board. And with colourful stickpins, you can just pin-up your paper scraps on the board. You can actually make the pin-board look slick, with a brief touch of your creativity!

Instead of simply stacking off your books at the coffee table, place them on a tray. Not only is the presentation neater, the books are also less likely to wind up on the floor.

Apart from books, trays can be used to keep the kitchen space organised. Spice-jars and other containers if labelled and placed on trays, can lessen the burden on the cook by multiple times. An interesting use of the tray is that it can be used as a substitute for cookie jars. Stack the munchies on a colourful tray and keep them at the centrepiece of your living room to reduce junk food clutters.

Drawer dearies
Undoubtedly the most cluttered part of the furniture is drawers. Everyone has a habit of stashing almost everything into drawers. And that probably is the reason why one can never find what he or she is looking for from the very messy clutter it ends up in.

A swank way to keep your drawer clutters organised is to get small dividers. With the help of handy portable drawer dividers, you can store different items in different sections of the drawers, just fencing them with the dividers, kind of like a cash tray. If dividers are not available then try getting the office stationary boxes and itemise your drawer dearies.

Baskets can actually be very utilitarian to store commodities not used so frequently. They are very useful when storing children's toy clutters. You can store them altogether in a spacious basket so that the toys can be both taken out and stuffed in with ease.

Baskets can also be used to store dirty clothes. Keep a light plastic basket at one end of your bed to dump your worn clothes. Also, small flat surface baskets with dangling ribbons or frills can be used to keep your grooming accessories. For more minute items, grab a jewellery casket and stock your scattered gems.

For all the space conscious clutter managers -- here goes your ultimate solution -- racks. Racks serve the purpose of smart storage. Wall mounted racks at the garage are ideal to store garage utilities even in a small space.

Racks can also be used in the rooms to store utility equipments. Not only do they save space, they also keep the items organised and easily visible for potential use. Apart from workshop racks, grid-racks can be used at the kitchen to cope with the utensil clutters. Instead of dumping the utensils in one spot of the kitchen, grid-racks can help keep them sorted for easy use.

Thus, with a bit of extra add-on utility storage items coupled with some creative glints, one can not only get rid of tiresome clutters but also give your living space a swanky look. So get going and say no to clutters.

Happy clutter busting!

By Zannatul Lamea


LS editor's note

The eternal bond

THE physical trauma of bearing a child and giving birth may be a daunting challenge but it is nothing compared to the emotional crisis a mother has to go through her entire life, rearing the child.

The sleepless nights when she cried for no reason at all, the first fever, the nose block, the unsteady breathing, the earache, frantically running around the house not knowing what to do; these are just the beginning.

When school starts it is another ball game, from teaching the alphabets to soothing a knee injury to making new friends; all issues need attention simultaneously. But real trouble brews when this little girl begins to voice her opinions, and grows a personality of her own. Then you have the first fight, her first rebellion, the first vow of silence and crying your heart out the whole night becomes a matter of routine.

Why is it that a child is always at odds with mothers and why is it that mothers always pick fights with their children? Be it her teen-aged rebel or 41-year-old daughter, fight they must and always do.

There is no answer to this paradox though, no matter how much soul-searching you do, you can never reach a peaceful compromise.

These is many a mom who's vowed not to follow her mother's footsteps. She tries to analyse the flaws in her relationship with her own mother, and tries to avoid repeating them with her children. But reality is not what you expect it to be, so without realising she makes the exact mistakes and sings the same song in the exact nagging tune and the vicious cycle of unreasoning continues.

Actually, taking control is a natural animal instinct that mothers have; her brood is her property so its protection, its survival is her sole objective. However, unlike the animals, the human mother cannot let go, she clings to her child, more so when the child grows up. She is afraid of losing the child and fear drives her to suffocate the relationship.

Your child will need to make mistakes, address failures, taste success, fall in and out of love; only then will she become the matured, intelligent person you want her to be. Easier said than done. Letting her be is not a casual matter; it cannot be done unless you have a strong sense of bond and trust, and of course a mind made out of iron. Rearing is a lifetime job, and even at 40 she may come to you for that snug, warm, fuzzy feeling of love and a cup of hot chocolate.

So moms who are in the midst of waging battles now, let your sons and daughters be; they will keep coming back to you on their own terms. This love only grows and never wanes. Keep that cuppa chocolate hot.

Raffat Binte Rashid
Model: Sayeda Lana Fauzia Kamal



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