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Golden Surprise

Pizza Hut has once again lived up to their reputation and commitment to offer varied culinary experiences to their valued clients. They have recently introduced "Golden Surprise" -- a tantalising new pizza sprinkled with golden cheese flakes and a delicious, marinated, chicken sausage filling baked right into the edge.

This, however, is not the end of the surprise! The "Golden Surprise" is just a part of their new menu, which boasts a total of thirteen new items that includes eight new pizzas and five refreshing drinks and mouth-watering pastas. Not to mention, the menu also carries some of their long-time pasta favourites such as the Penne, Fusilli, Spaghetti and Macaroni pastas dressed in Arabiatta, Creamy Spinach, Mushroom Sauce and popular Bolognaise sauces.

On a star-studded inauguration that brought in the most sought after faces from television, music and fashion scene, the Golden Surprise was officially launched last week.

Treat yourself with the latest offerings of Pizza Hut; the gustatory 'surprise' is something you don't want to miss.



Keeping the scorching, humid summer and the lovely, calm, rainy days in mind Aneela Haque's Andes has floated a new collection highlighting white that symbolises peace and serenity, among other things.

The collection includes the Aneela Haque signature “mixed and match fusion wear: jamon khushi shajo"; her eclectic style since the label's inception in 1995.

The typical, traditional style fused into modern art is evident in the new collection, where one will find various attires for men, women and children of all ages.

The new jewellery and accessories are there to complement with the new line for a vibrant wardrobe.

Available at Gulshan and Dhanmondi outlets of Andes.

Model: Ruma
Photo: David Barikdar
Photo courtesy: Andes


Bonsai bonanza

On 21 May, Roll Xpress Cafe in Banani (House # 34, Road # 21) introduced a solo Bonsai exhibition called "Little Beat of Heart." This exhibition is being held by Arham - ul - Haque Chowdhury.

Inspired by the rich history of Bonsai, Chowdhury has proved to be a stunning throwback of those ancient Chinese and Japanese people who primarily invented and mastered this art.

However, Arham adds his own twist: he makes Bonsai with native, Bangladeshi plants only.

“This is my contribution to the entire, global community of Bonsai”, he says. Everything, from the plants, to the pots and decorations, represent our native land.

Many of his Bonsai plants include banyan trees. He shares his thoughts with enthusiasm and compassion: “A major part of our culture and heritage sheltered and groomed itself under the shade of banyan trees, like musical events, even open theatres, etc. But these days, people are chopping them off. These are my tiny Banyan trees to remind people of the importance they hold”.

Some of the plants are more than twenty years old.
In his own words, “…this is something that I have been doing ever since I can remember and some of the plants grew with me like siblings- all having their own personality and even if in bits, they all have their own little beats of heart”.

The venue - the exterior of Roll Xpress Café- couldn't have been more perfect. A very peaceful and refreshing sanctuary surrounded by trees all around, the place is beautiful in its own right. The Bonsai exhibition is a marvelous addition to it.

One can justify the beauty of it all by paying a visit to the exhibition. It will remain open till May 29, everyday from 10 am to 10 pm.

By M H Haider


LS Editor’s Note

Impossible years

The mind is totally blank. It's dark and void with no thoughts buzzing or spinning around, just the dead numbness of being. The pathetic cry of a directionless soul says that life is meaningless; you are just a robot doing the routine. Your soapy life is an open book, all used and taken for granted.

Outrageous teens, experimental twenties, re-inventing thirties, have all zeroed down to adapting forties. There is nothing to discover in life, nothing to be in awe of; you have done that and been there. You know the unknown future, how it all unfolded exactly where you want it to be. So the surprise factor of life is lost when you are in your forties, the fun of it all has become dull.

Some of you dive right in and jump-start again. In the process, you do wild things to re-discover and regain the lost wonder of youth. Others whine, in pathetic fashion, for all the rest that life has to offer. You have to try harder now so as not to get trapped in this abyss. The magic pill here is to snap out of it as quickly as possible because your mind is exactly how you train it. If you dilly-dally in these dark alleys you are bound to get stuck in this maze of disorderly thoughts and never find your way out.

When you don't have the will power to change yourself, when mental strength fails you and you see yourself falling prey to your vices, when you can't take criticism and when every conversation with a friend or a loved one feels like the papal preaching and suggestions make you edgy, you know you have reached the end of your rational growth.

Thus, to boost your morale, you must prepare your mind to stay young, bury the superficial ego, and learn to accept the present. Young minds are always vigilant, they can adapt to their surroundings with no hiccups, and they do not become victims of circumstances. Do not allow yourself to drown in sorrow or put on a shroud of bitterness, cause if you do so; then your mind stops ticking and all caves in to a perfect standstill.

Raffat Binte Rashid





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