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Lips don't lie

THERE are certain things that almost every woman craves to have in her life - well-mannered children, that fancy executive position in the company and Angelina Jolie's full, plump lips.

Assuming that you don't have a bank account that would support lakhs of takas worth of injections and syringes, here are some quick fixes to get those lips with as little side effects as possible.

Start your day by gently brushing your lips with a toothbrush in a small circular motion. This will help remove any dead skin particles as well as get the blood circulating to the area, which helps give a plump appearance. Be careful not to overdo it and be gentle. You don’t want your lips to burn or become irritated.

Keep your lips conditioned. Use lip balm to prevent dry, cracked lips. Use lip balm with SPF when you are out in the day and before you go to bed to keep them in tip-top shape.

A great finishing touch to your evening look would be light lip-gloss. The gloss will add depth and give the appearance of plumper, fatter lips. Take it along in your purse for quick touch-ups. You can also reduce shine and make your lipstick last longer by adding an ever-so-thin layer of baby powder with a brush.

By Mahareen Khalid



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