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Open your minds… and maybe your windows too

We all do it.

We come home after a gruelling workday and immediately make a beeline for the air conditioner not thinking of the consequences of the action.

The truth is, this same air conditioner that makes your 'micro-environment' (your home, your car, etc) a delightful place to be in is in actuality contributing to making the greater environment as a whole a nastier and more polluted place to live in.

The solution to this problem is simple: make friends with your ventilation. Whether relying on natural ventilation or forcing air through your home with fans, ventilation is the least expensive and the most energy-efficient way to cool a building. If you still must depend on your air conditioner, switch to high efficiency air conditioners, which could reduce your energy intake by twenty to fifty percent. Make sure that the air conditioner is in perfect condition those not in good condition often have to use up an additional three times of energy to generate proper cooling.

It's possibly the easiest energy-saving technique but the efficiency of switching off an appliance you won't use seems to go unnoticed by a majority of the population. This doesn't only include the light bulbs around the house but also TVs, DVD players and computers.

If you plan to use your computer throughout the day and so switching it on and off is impractical, try switching off at least your monitor whenever you can. Also switch off printers and scanners. Make sure you unplug your chargers when they are not in use. Even though they are not huge energy consumers, they are so often left plugged when not in use that they build up an unnecessary waste.

It also bears saying that some of the biggest culprits behind wasted energy would be the numerous lights and fans that are left switched on even when no one is using them. It doesn't take much to turn them off when you are leaving the room and it's a quick remedy for those soaring electricity bills.

Carrying out an effective approach to better the world may require a collective effort but as with all things, it must start at home. Once you are convinced that you have played your role, share these tips with friends and family and encourage them to play their part in safeguarding the world for their descendants.

By Mahareen Khalid


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