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Tabula Rasa

It took less than an hour to turn the perfectly neat and orderly room into a disaster scene, clothes scattered over every available surface, while the closet doors yawned, the solitary empty hanger swinging in dismal apology after she unceremoniously yanked the dress off its shoulders. Come to think of it, one could say the same about her relationship. Nine years of comfortable routines and sweet synchronicity, of fighting battles together, all it took was one record launch to convince him he could do better, and suddenly her support was 'suffocating', and their little rituals 'boring'. Faster than she could say para siempre, Tania found herself escorted to the door and out from Fahmid's life.

So what do you do, when someone you're devoted to, suddenly just stops loving you?

"You tell me, Mariah," she mumbled at the CD playing in the background.

"You know, you really shouldn't be listening to that"

Laila Longlegs was sitting on her bed, folding clothes. It was a nickname Tania had given her during the two weeks they spent camping during a college field trip. Tania's one was "Bazooka" in honour of her ample chest, but stuff like that felt cheesy right now.

"No no no...don't go there again"
"Where, exactly?"
"Back to Mopeyland. Trust me. I know that look."

And she did. Four break-ups, four fairytales gone sour made Laila the perfect post-breakup counsellor. She'd been the first person Tania had called, and after two months of letting her cry her eyes out, Laila said enough was enough; it was time to clean up. What chucking out half her belongings had to do with anything, she had no idea, but at that point, she was willing to try anything.

So they cleaned out her closet. Her meticulously decorated room was turned upside down. Clothes that she'd worn on special dates were bagged and tagged, as were gifts, big and small, that had accumulated over the years. Laila was there with a hug and a packet of tissues during the really difficult bits, like when she needed to use soap to loosen up her ring, but she remained firm. Other friends called in during intervals to cheer her on, and Saima from next door even brought cookies.

When they were done, she stood at the centre of a room that looked strangely impersonal, the walls stripped of photographs, the closet smiling gap-toothed at her, the large plastic bags containing the past nine years sealed tight and ready for dispatch.

"What now?"
"Whatever you want to make of it."
"I like the sound of it."

She turned in a slow dance to take in the blanks waiting to be filled. The possibilities were endless.

By Sabrina F Ahmad

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By M H Haider



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