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Trend report

Take a cue from edgy, fashion-forward statements.

In a shopper's world the thrill of shopping in itself is a rush that makes the virtual fashion planet go round and round in circles; every season you tend to step out with a new wish list.

We want to acquire new styles with much enthusiasm. It is a state of mind: a good feeling, with a burst of optimism, the minute we acquire that one piece our heart desires. We look forward to a change of looks as it provides us with a sense of buoyancy.

Summer comes with cheerful colours, fresh prints and soft silhouettes. The collections have a fun element, sassy and upbeat. The fabrics are light, gossamer draped and twisted. Most pieces are textured with application of techniques.

Between swathes of chiffon and touches of lace we are hoping for a glorious summer.

The looks are hot and very trend setting; guaranteed to recreate and multiply your wardrobe. Accessories are invaluable as it is the starting point for any new collection. You build your new styles around these statements. Be a fierce dresser and don't be afraid to experiment. Explore fashion as an exciting playground.

To help you rediscover the recent fads in fashion, here is the first part of my series on summer trends.

Hottest Accessories: a summer steal
We are getting ready to tweak the styles with wild compositions. These pieces are a bit off from the set norms as they stretch the parameters of safe designs. They are extraordinary.

As an accessory, the necklace comes with a strong assertion. They are quirky, unconventional and some times quite bizarre in style.

Like bibs, you can slip them on as embellished necklaces that shout instant style. They do come in a variety of designs, materials and shapes. Set on leather or fabric, beads, stones, metals and diamante are put together in an easy, haphazard fashion or they are set on a crescent, silver plate with a traditional centre and side motifs.

Sometimes you will find flat, wooden pieces linked to form a necklace adorned with marbles and crystals. It is a collared look, which can alternate as the breastplate. Long, playful “retro glam” links are square, oval, circular elements linked together in metal or silver. Embellished or plain, these timeless pieces work with any outfit.

Cascading coin necklaces have made a strong return on twisted rope or braided chains. These are versatile and state undeniable charm. Shells, mother of pearl, bones, buffalo horns are also applied in a similar fashion giving one a tribal-inspired image.

Cuffs that rock
Round edged, squared, ridge, furrowed and so on. The trick is that you must mix different widths and styles of a kind together. Lacquer, wood, plastic composite, and metal work well.

Interestingly they are a great mix when square, oval and circular bangles are shown as a set. Spiral cuffs in braided silver or textured in the likeness of python scales are inimitable and unique.

Bracelets finished with floral, peacock, lion or tiger heads are extremely hip. Replicated from masterpieces they revamp any ensemble with a rather swift pizzazz. Thin ethnic bangles in metallic colours, glittered and textured, are super cool for summer.

Fabulous bags
Clutches to totes, and every bag in between, define the trend. It kick-starts the artistic tone for the season. The large bag is usually all-purpose. It carries you through the day. The utility is very important. It holds your laptop, paper work and even your shopping. But it must be natty and snazzy.

Hemp or jute fibre with leather is light to carry yet has an earthy and natural feel to it. Woven basket bags are always up to date and chic. Checks and plaids are timeless and add interest to a simple shape. Python and croc faux leather in formal briefcase or slouchy casual bags can come with lots of compartments and pockets, and look especially good with zipped openings.

This season the large pieces have a variety of buckle attachments. Mini bags for the evening out either have wrist or long, link straps that can easily cross over your shoulder.
During summer, comfort is the highest priority. Large tassels as an accessory give it an exceptional finish. Animal prints like cheetah, zebra and leopard resonate character. Prints on fabric and leather or vinyl with flapped openings and optional zippers work well. Printed bags with arm handles or shoulder straps are cheerful and best in soft silhouettes.

Summer clutch bags are particularly good in crafty look -- whether it is woven leather or folded pleats, cutwork-stencilled or perforated. It gives a charming appearance to an otherwise basic shape.

Savvy shoes
There is something alluring and irresistible about a woman walking down the street with a graceful demeanor as the soft sound of her stilettos creates an aura of mystery. She baffles and manages to exude charm that turn heads along the way.

This summer women are walking high and tall with a spirit that is simply rocking.

You will find novelty in the styling. Wedges and stilettos are the strongest heels this season. A t-line style with toe strap and ankle support is echoing hot trend. Most other styles include a variety of methods to cover the foot. An open weave wicker like a basket or crisscrossed straps gladiator, braided strings, wrapped and twisted all over the entire arch of the feet to the high top ankle.

Flourescent shades in yellow, pink and turquoise are fresh while black, nude, white and tan are the classic colours. In addition to leather, canvas, silk and linen are used to create a feel for romanticism. Animal prints, tassels, and chain are generously used as focal interests.

Accessories need to be kept within a balance. Focus on single items that will drive your look. Experiment but don't clutter instead keep to just one bold piece for maximum impact.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Tanik and Ruhee
Wardrove and styling: Maheen Khan
Make-up: Farzana Shakil’s Make over Salon
Location: Nordic Club


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