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The female profile…

Imagine the female form. It has been a source of inspiration, a perennial fixation that has endured through time. The sculptors chiselled life into the most curvaceous buxom, making shapes appear sultry and alluring.

The femme fatale ruled in the hearts for all those creatively inclined, who found opulent avatars in the female form.

It has reappeared in colour, in the poets' voices or the writer's words. One of the oldest artistic objects is a fertility goddess, about 22000 years old. Whether it is a graceful dancer of the Indus valley civilization or a warrior Devi sculpted by the Pala's of Bengal, the women's form has always had some form of hypnotic power. The painters through the centuries have depicted women having carnal delight, one that can provoke alluring wonder and eternal fascination.
Beyond the curve: Whatever your shape, all women know a trick that will work for them.

The androgynous look best suit this body type. Narrow waist, small hips and having no bountiful booty to showcase. A fitted waist with a medium-length, straight casual shirt with straight-legged trousers or a-line dress looks best.

Tall, medium built not super anorexic. Her body will look good in draped flattering silhouettes. Comfortable clothes that manage to make a statement. Clothed that have character in prints or surface pleats and swathes are easily carried by her with confidence.

Rare but she is out there! And looks great in cinched waistline. Fitted in drain- pipe denim and a fitted blouse. When your body is right you can wear almost anything.

She is small. But can experiment. Slightly longer tops with capri trousers, or balloon dresses with leggings. Definitely looks better with slimmer or narrower bottoms. An impression, making her look taller than actual.

Pear shaped
She needs to wear clothes that are fitted on the top and loose at the bottom. Flowing dress and empire cuts are simply superb style for this lady. She could further accentuate her shoulders with layered frills and fitted waists.

Well endowed and curvaceous. Her no-go zone should be frumpy tops and over sized pieces. She should try tailor made tunics which will look good. Fitted on the chest line and shoulder, umbrella cuts will also hide her abdomen and create a slimming illusion.

Colours you chose to wear should enhance your skin tone. Your clothes should make you radiate. Prints can be tricky but smaller prints and stripes work for most body types.

It is more about your confidence rather than your weight, height or ample buxom. Choose your shapes correctly and you will most likely look superb.

You will be surprised with appropriate silhouettes that hide your flaws or accentuate your vitals.

You must be prepared to experiment as very often we are stuck with just one particular style. The element of surprise can disclose revelation about your body about which you are not conscious.

LS shuffle

Weekly buzz

The lure of Indian Miniature Paintings has been appreciated by connoisseurs over the centuries. Miniature paintings are made on small canvasses of clothes and papers. This type of art mainly evolved in the medieval age especially narrating royal life.

Rajasthan has been the leading Indian State with regards to Miniature Painting and even today different miniature art schools do exist in the regions of Jodhpur, Jaipur, Kangra and Mewar.

Our Pick starts off this week with Miniature Paintings! Skim through books at the stores, browse the Internet, watch a documentary on the Great Moguls and discover this unique eastern heritage, a masterful genre of art!

Margaret Eleanor Atwood, is a Canadian author, poet, critic, essayist, feminist and social campaigner, best known amongst the Bangladeshi readers for her work, The Blind Assassin. While she may be best known for her work as a novelist, she is also an award-winning poet, having published 15 books of poetry to date. Many of her poems have been inspired by myths and fairy tales, which were interests of hers from an early age. The works of Margaret Atwood form our Pick #2. Enjoy the writings of this versatile genius of contemporary English literature.

On a different note, aside from their 1992 live album, AC/DC has never come anywhere near releasing a greatest hits compilation. Until now.

In a surprise move, the Aussie rockers have supplied 15 of their most popular songs for the soundtrack of 'Iron Man 2.' AC/DC, for their part, have long resisted a greatest hits package, preferring that their fans buy the albums in their entirety.

Be sure to check out this super soundtrack that can take you down metal, memory lane and that has unsurprisingly made its way into being our pick number #3.

“Just under half of us have felt depressed because we have felt alone, says a report. But not everyone who is alone is sad about it, so what is the difference between being lonely and being a loner?

"Loneliness is not about being physically alone, it's about a person's individual experience of isolation and how they evaluate it, says the MHF. A loner gets pleasure and satisfaction from solitude, a lonely person doesn't."

Now that I have your attention, read the complete article at BBC [http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/ magazine/8703173.stm]. Our Pick #4.
That's all for this week. Until next week. Ciao!

- LS Desk


Sweet suite

Sometimes we feel relaxed, more energetic, even organised, when we are away from our daily work on a holiday. It's strange but somehow, those pressed white sheets subtend the mood lightly and cleverly designed spaces all contribute to a well-deserved rest like no other.

In this week's feature, we are describing a guesthouse suite. I came up with a décor concept that is very simple, sleek, with straight, clean lines of furniture -- a contemporary style with full of functional activities.

At first we have to consider our space. So, whatever our design, it should play with a convenient traffic flow. Most of the time our bedrooms are only used while sleeping, dressing, watching TV or reading. But when you are in a hotel room, you need more. These particular suites are specially designed for corporate people, who come here for a few weeks, work on a project or maybe for several months on a program. These guests need more facilities similar to that of a service apartment such as a dry kitchen, coffee corner, bathroom comfort and we have strived towards installing these zones properly in this guesthouse.

As a designer, I have given keen attention on the room's ventilation and lighting controls. It is always a great idea to install switch panels near the bed, from where one can control all electrical devices around the room. It is really convenient if guests are able to turn their TV on and off and control the lighting from their bed. We installed consol spots and down light surrounding the bed area and added one or two wall lights for more lighting.

Proper ventilation goes a long way in creating the perfect living space. Windows, exhaust fans or burner hoods are essential accessories for comfortable living.

The bed is a centrepiece of a room. We placed a spacious bed as a backdrop and attached it to the wall. So, the regular bed with a headboard is not used here. The mattress is double parted, as a comfortable yet classic bed dressing. This concept is generally used in hotel rooms. Each bed panel has two drawers. We also attached bedside lights here for reading.

Aside from the mattress, the secret to a good night's sleep lies in the type of bed sheets and pillows you dress it up with. Particularly for guest rooms, we strive to choose the best ones. After all, guests will spend at least eight hours a day on the bed. Pure cotton sheets will be the softest and most breathable and the natural cotton fibres pull moisture away from the body.

We used white bed sheets, comforter, and pillows. We also arranged bed skating for beautification. Our highest attention was keeping the guest room neat and clutter free. So, we provided wall-to-wall closets for dressing and storing pillows, comforter and extra luggage.

We also attached TV and DVD units in one wall. Those who are professional, also require a reading corner. So we installed a reading table and a side cabinet for the executive boarder.

A fully furnished kitchen always attracts people. We built a L-shaped double-part kitchen couture. These cabinets are made of laminated boards and only require easy maintenance for germ and other sticky substances.

The bathroom is a most important zone for a guesthouse. We designed a small compact washroom with all facilities and installed soothing beige tiles for a cool and relaxed mood.

Accessories are also very essential for guests, so we used all brand fixtures and fittings. The hanging counter with marble top and rectangular washbasin and lovely mirror looks smart and gorgeous.

At the end, every one needs a cosy eating or hangout place. We made a dining area with a small lobby for guests. The deep brown square table with coco colour fabricated chair, wooden floor, rustic tiles and droopy orange lights altogether create quite a cosy attraction. The décor is a key point for a guesthouse, and alongside cleaning and personal services, together makes the place a peaceful and comfortable area.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeym@citechco.net
Photo credit: Tamim Sujat
Special thanks to: Green Goose



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