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Getting here

Not the burning sun in the sky, but while chasing happiness down continents I arrived here. So I took things completely into my own hands and started moving along the continents.

I started in North America- the great lakes, the heat of the southwest, breeze from the pacific coast highway, Oregon deserts, Washington rain, Wisconsin blonds and Louisiana poverty. Then, instead of going towards the bottom, I went up higher to Canada and got high off of the black tusk, Grizzly bear leftovers and Toronto's music scene.

Then I took a plane to Central America. Belize drowned me under a hundred feet of water. I found myself in scuba gears swimming along with sharks with sharp teeth but no appetite for Bengali women with lined eyes. I talked a lot. Then ended up in Costa Rica. The smell of coffee plantations and cloud forests, eating clouds as snacks in between meals.

No, not enough. So instead of going south, I took a ship to the east. Landed in Portugal. Happy religious people gave me the bible to hold on to. I took it up to the beach where I spent a month and two days. When I left I was red; I sold my bible for something to wear- a polka dotted dress. It wasn't as pretty as it first seemed but I wore it a lot anyway.

From there, I went to Morocco and tried to pray fives times a day while working at guesthouses as a receptionist. I am not so good at providing service, so I went to Seville and watched the sun set almost a thousand times. My hands wrote faster by now. My legs wanted to be wrapped around and loved. My hips were slightly more child bearing. I moved them up to London.

Under the evening fog I drank awful, warm soup. I hung out in Italian pubs and visited the Tate modern frequently. Kandinsky was at his best even after dying, at least to me that year. I thought of famous dead people a lot, wanting their company outside of feverish dreams. London does that to you.

So I went to the Far East, on the way dropped off my hats in Austria. Some designer found them at a used clothes store and cut them up to perfect little earrings, now they were more expensive then my kidney and my left arm.

So I went to Russia for cabbage soup, Ruski Standard and people of all shapes. People there lined the inside of my mouth with pig fat and garlic and poured in Vodka. I cried making long toasts and gave up religion. When I woke up I missed it, but I couldn't find religion anywhere south of Moscow so I ventured into Turkey and prayed in the Blue Mosque.

God was at the Topkapi that day watching sunrise. I wasn't ready to face up so I went down. Nepal this time. Not cold enough but happy and foggy. The Himalayas made me stoic so I wanted to paint. Bought a painting set and drew a few women who didn't look like me. I stood bare every morning in front of Annapurna and asked her to marry me. She did finally but as soon as the papers were signed I wanted a divorce.

She was too beautiful and her shadow wouldn't leave me alone even after we separated so I had to rush out of there. I took the easiest route from Nepal to Bangladesh, flowing with the Himalayan melted ice as a flood into Bangladesh.

And that is how, I think, that is how I got here.

News Flash

Tradition's summer offer
TARGETING the youth of the city, Tradition brings their summer offer in cotton, blending the ubiquitous floral, summer motifs. The designs ranges in western tops, tees and eastern fatuas.. Also available are selected designs of shoes, purse and accessories.
Available at House #54, Road #11, Banani, Dhaka. #9891720

WORKING with summer favourites- cotton and white -- boutique Anjan's has created some unique designs that feature in their Summer Collection 2010. Comfy endi, linen and half silk also witness an extensive use. Each of the saris, shalwar kameez, fatua sets their offering from the other happening boutiques in town.
Prices well within range. Available at all Anjan's outlets.

Celebrating summer @ AB Fashion Maker
THE sweltering heat that is this summer has all of us panting on our knees and hoping for a cool break. But with AB Fashion Maker's latest collection commemorating summer, one can at least have something to look forward to. Their new line includes variations of the king of fabrics during the summer heat- the simple, yet elegant cotton. Designs include kurtis, tops and shalwar kameez in the trendy baby-doll fashion, complete with churidaars and many more. Address: 28 Golden Gate Shopping Centre, Mirpur Road, Dhaka. #01911628099

Fashion Uddog
BEHIND the façade of trends, style and glamour, artisans who work meticulously behind the scenes, creating magic with yarns and threads, remain anonymous. Apart from the weavers and craftsman, the industry also pride in having an efficient workforce involved in the marketing of the products, bringing them from the different parts of the country down to the glittery boutiques of major cities.
On 10 April, 2010 a group of like-minded individuals, all hailing from the fashion scene, came together under the banner of "Fashion Uddog: Fashion Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh." Their goals are simple -- to create a unified platform for all involved, initiate better opportunities for the weavers and associated artisans, place demands for the betterment of the industry to the government as the need arises.
In a 'meet the press' held last week, Fashion Uddog presented the Convening Committee to the journalist and clearly stated their demands to the Ministry concerned, which they believe can improve the current state of the industry.
Muneera Emdad, Azharul Haq Azad, Rubi Gaznavi, Ashraful Rahman, Shaheed Hossain Shamim, Shaheen Ahmed and Emdad Haq spoke on the occasion.
- LS Desk

Abartan's cotton fiesta
CONTEMPORARY trends sizzle in Abartan's summer offers. Keeping an eye on comfort as well the style factor, their latest designs are surely an attraction for those yearning that special look. Youngsters can freely chose from the cotton collection, available from Abartan outlets at Malibagh, Shukrabad, Mirpur- 10 and Wari. #8317896.

Rang: Summer colours
SUMMER brings with it the perennial dilemma of style or comfort. Rang offers however, combine both and presents what can truly be a comfortable summer option.
The colour scheme dwells on soothing pastel shades and the glorious white that not only absorbs less heat from the sun but also help make a statement.
Bold cuts and subtle designs predominate Rang's Summer Style; the shalwar kameez, saris and other attires stand apart.
Visit your nearest Rang outlet, and choose what suits you best.


SUMMER Fest 2010 is a celebration of creativity, zealous innovation and eclectic designs suited for the hot, fiery summer of Bangladesh. With a wide assortment to choose from, KK ensures there is something for everyone, irrespective of age and sex.
For the eleventh year running, Kay Kraft has presented its valued clients with Summer Fest. This year, the emphasis is on colour -- pink, sky blue, pastel shades and of course, white! The spectrum of fabric used provides endless opportunities for the individuals to whom comfort is the top most priority. That however, does not mean that designs are neglected in any way.
Summer designs are available at all KK outlets.

Summer wear
BIBIANA puts a cool garb this summer; their extensive range of fatuas, kurtis, long dress and panjabis on comfy fabrics using summer colours will appeal to the clients so seek fashion and comfort at the same time.
The collection bears a predominate use of Narsingdi and Tangail handlooms, along with cotton and voile fabrics. Saris feature cotton. Kota and half silk. Available at all Bibiana outlets.



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