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Dining Chi

DINING décor, although difficult to implement, can be very interesting when executed well. The dining area is undoubtedly the busiest part of the house and it must be given its due importance. While we generally tend to put more attention on areas like the bedroom, the dining space is the place where the family comes together to have at least one meal a day and share tidbits such as the day's experiences, or a joke or rumour, etc. This is precisely why it is so important to create a space that echoes comfort, ease and well-being, at the same time portraying a visually pleasing sense of style that reflects the owner's taste.

Last week, we discussed a living room with an open entrance. This week we return to the same apartment to focus on its dining area.

What we were shown was a large space with a grand dining table for family gatherings. My client wanted a private zone, separate from the more public living area. So the first thing we did was to place a foldable partition door to create that divide.

The next consideration was the dining table, which is always the the centre stage for any dining area. Keeping functionality and stability in mind, we selected a custom-made eight-sitter with straight lines. This we complemented with contemporary upholstered chairs with straight legs. The walnut of the table go well with the brown chairs. We also put in a round table for spoons and napkins right next to a low cabinet beside the dining table. This cabinet is something of a family heirloom, and we treated it with its due respect.

Directly above the dining table, we installed a false ceiling with indirect lighting and hung a beautiful chandelier from the centre to steal the show.

Our biggest challenge, however, came in the form of an ugly, but essential DV board on the wall. To mask the problem, we installed group panels in Burma team, in a diagonal pattern, and added a shutter for the DV board. This enabled us to hide the circuit panel and allowed us to better synthesize the section with its surroundings.

The family living space next to the dining area is meant to be a private retreat. The landlady wanted an intimate entertaining zone for her family. Here, I alotted an almost equal space for an informal living .We placed a huge comfortable sofa bed for television viewing or for listening to music. We pasted a deep brown wall paper against the TV wall. The television is placed in a simple cabinet. One big square coffee table was placed in the center of the room, above which we installed a false ceiling similar to the one in the dining area. Lights always create a pleasing mood, so we took care to pick out the best wall lights, spot lights and Chandelier for the room.

When entertaining, presentation is everything. A low coffee table either covered with a festive runner or left unadorned makes the perfect staging ground for an informal yet convivial after dinner service.

Nazneen Haque Mimi
Interior Consultant
E-mail: journeyman.interiors@gmail.com
Photo credit: Journeyman Archive
Special thanks: Fahmida Afroz

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Bangladesh Arts Council welcomes Barsha

THE Bangladesh Arts Council will host a festival of arts to welcome monsoon. The festival, entitled 'Barsha Boron - 1417' will be held at 12 Gulshan Avenue from the 17 19 June and will showcase the works of painters, ceramic artists, sculptors, printmakers, textile artists, photographers and musicians.

This will be a festival in the true sense, with features such as painters executing their skills with the music of a live orchestra providing the background. Over the three days, apart from the artworks that will be on display, there will be attractions such as poetry recitals, children's painting, carnival and live musical performances.

Bangladesh Arts Council is an association, which plans to bring fine art to a larger audience by developing and investing artistic experiences to enrich people's lives. The council aims to support and create opportunities, broaden horizons and stimulate fresh ideas.

The council also hopes to deliver art programs to make opportunity to experience fine art. It is their belief that artist members can make greater contributions and become more recognised as a team rather than independently.

Their functions as a council include strategic planning and implementation, arts research and information, contract advice and implementation, and organisation of artists short-listing and interview.

The Council had previously organised a successful spring festival earlier this year, which engaged 20 talented artists to participate with their specialty art in a natural environment. The festival will be inaugurated at 5 pm on 17 June. Artists have been engaged through open invitations. Local art clubs, institutes and galleries will be informed and applications will be welcome.

Bangladsh Artc Council Address: Road 119, House 2, Gulshan-1
# 9894142, 0171155531078.

Shadakalo celebrates Father's Day

CITY dwellers lead a hectic life, a fast paced existence where responsibilities, and affection often takes a back seat. To help individuals express their love for fathers, boutique Shadakalo comes with gift boxes that say, "I care."

The boxes come with a wide range of gift options, in three different forms. Make your pick and express your feelings for your father.

Available at all Shadakalo outlets.


THE third Sunday of June -- 20 June this year -- is observed the world over as Father's Day. Fashion house Foring has made elaborate plans to offer buying opportunities for clients seeking gifts for Fathers and father figures.

Excellen gifts in the form of fatuas, shirts, T-shirts and panjabis.

Contact: Foring, 25/11 Tajmahal Road, Mohammedpur; 18/C Ranking Street, Wari. #8156304, 01712185566.

Moyuri: 30 years and going strong

BOUTIQUE Moyuri, a house of elegant, quality saris has stepped into 30 years. Celebrating the event, there is a special discount offer from 15 June to 30 June, exclusively at its Sunrise Plaza outlet.

A 30-year celebration event had been organised at the Sunrise Plaza showroom on the evening of 14 June. Eminent personalities from all strata of society were present.

Bangla Perfume opens at Uttara

FRAGRANCES have always captured the minds of people. For the wearer, the right perfume can create a persona that lasts for hours; at times it can accentuate a style statement. Bangla Perfume has been on the forefront of marketing leading fragrance brands for the Bangladeshi market.

To serve its loyal clientele even further, they have recently opened an outlet at Polwel Carnation, Sector 8, Uttara.

To celebrate the occasion two new lines of fragrances- Lacoste's Touch of Pink and Love of Pink has been introduced.

Check out this new outlet and make your pick.

Contact: Shop #29, Level #1, Polwel Carnation, Sector #8, Uttara.



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