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Pop Up

Hair care

Frizz, oil and limpness to your hair. It's the less welcome aspect of the monsoon season but the monsoon will be kinder to your mane with these quick tips. Keeping in mind that limp, damp hair doesn't look good on anyone, keep your hairstyles easy and simple. The chemicals in hairsprays cause your hair to become 'lacquered' so throw them in the trash can for the monsoon. Massage your scalp with warm oil to keep dandruff and other hair problems at bay. You can also invest in a good quality hair dryer to stop the dampness. If you have long hair, dry it thoroughly as soon as it gets wet. And finally, think about getting a haircut - wet hair is better off short!


Defence against mosquitoes

They're the part of monsoon we look forward to the least and the ones we miss the least during the summer - the mosquitoes. An inevitable part of our country, mosquitoes are certainly a menace. However, these precautionary measures might make them a little easier to bear. Your best bet would be to keep your home mosquito-free. Do not let water stagnate near your house. Keep your potted plants clean and close windows to avoid dampness and keep the mosquitoes out. Invest in a mosquito net as this would be more preferable than the chemicals you will inhale from having a mosquito coil next to you while you sleep. Keep plenty of mosquito repellents for your children as well as yourself to avoid illnesses like dengue and malaria, which are rampant during the Bangladesh monsoon.



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