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Kanak's collection of curios

“WHEN we decided to have a flat of our own in 2001 we decided that it would be different from others and where we would have space enough for a studio with adequate natural light,” says Kanak Chapa Chakma, asked to elaborate on her cute, compact home in Dhanmondi.

“We could not put nails on the wall or spill any paints on the floor or around. As we are both painters our studio space came first in our consideration. We added four feet to the ceiling so that we would get the daylight. On the floor is matting to sap up the paint.”

The living room, which is an extension of the studio, is where Kanak, family and friends relax and entertain their friends.

“Whenever we've gone overseas for our exhibitions we have brought souvenirs,” says Kanak. At the back, in the living room, is a blue rough surface to form the backdrop for the curios. The five-feet long, brown Tibetan can be folded and carried in air flights. Above that is a blowpipe for poison darts and has Indonesian myths carved on its body and is therefore art-related. Above it is a painted boomerang from Australia and contains geometrical forms with earthy colours of Aboriginal art.

The next curio piece is a black, red and silver item from Shillong. This too is a hunting item. A kukri from Nepal has again endless traditional motifs in deep relief work. A large wooden comb, a small version of which is used by the Chakma Hill Tracts women folk, helps set the other items off.

A musical instrument from South Africa with a rattling sound is also on display. To its side is a Chinese flute. This is seen with Hill Tracts and Bangladeshi flute and one in silver from Nepal.

The bow at the side once belonged to Kanak's grandfather and today serves as a decoration piece. A miniature Korean drum, with hanging blue ribbons -- which women carry during their dances in the festivals -- is there to add to the collection of artefacts from the world over. A Kenyan flute is found next to it. Alongside is another musical instrument brought from Madagascar and is played by hand. From a buffalo horn is a drinking vessel that is also on display. It has pure silver decorations on both ends with relief work. Below that is another drinking cup made from the horn of a buffalo-like animal. This comes from Uzbekistan, informs Kanak.

On another wall at the side are two brass lions that traditionally guard Nepalese aristocratic homes. Kanak explains that in their original form they are five feet and represent spiritual forms. Along with them are figures obtained from Nepal but which originate from Africa. Two animals go with them and one of them is from Nepal while the other is from Africa. Both of them are horses. Next to this is a bell, which ushers in the New Year in Korea at one minute past twelve. Three metal musicians, made by a female Korean artist, also decorate the walls. In one corner is a pile of seven elephants standing on a lotus; a symbol of Buddhism, as Kanak explains. This is from Myanmar. There are bells; some of wood and others of metal and the collection includes one brought from Switzerland. These are flanked by a pair of Indonesian carved lizards and four Kenyan dolls.

Apart from statues there are exotic metal and wooden masks, which makes Kanak's home so different from others. Needless to say, paintings and sketches add to the decoration.

By Fayza Haq
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed


Marico introduces Hair & Care

MARICO Bangladesh Ltd. introduced their latest product, 'Hair and Care' in a glamorous launch at the Winter Garden hall of Dhaka Sheraton on the evening of 28 June. The product being launched was 'Hair & Care', a hair oil, the selling point of which is that it is up to fifty percent less sticky than other conventional hair oils.

True to the product's motto, 'Rocking Pushti, Rocking Style', the audience were entertained with pulsating audio-visual effects complete with a smoke machine and lasers. The new product was unveiled by renowned beauty expert Farzana Shakil, who also introduced the product's brand ambassador Saba. K.S. Balaji, Head of Operations Marico Bangladesh Ltd. and Sankar Das, Head of Marketing spoke about Hair & Care, informing the audience of its unique qualities.

Enriched with herbal proteins from Tulsi and Neem, the oil nourishes hair from the root to tip, and its unique formulation means it will leave the hair considerably less sticky. In a talk show conducted by Farzana Shakil and Sankar Das with celebrity guests Tarin, Mona Lisa, and Saba, the issue of stickiness was seen to be a barrier to the use of hair oils, which otherwise nourish the hair. The guests agreed that Hair & Care was a good solution to the problem.

The talk was followed by a fashion show choreographed by Azra Mahboob, with the models' hairdos done by Farzana Shakil. The evening ended on a 'rocking' note with a performance by popular singer Kaniz Subarna.

Hair & Care hair oil will be available in 100ml, 200 ml, and 300 ml bottles at Tk 60, Tk 115 and Tk155 respectively.


Reader’s chit

Reminiscing monsoon in Minnesota

It’s a rainy day today. Here I am in a small-sized city in Minnesota, sitting on my bed with a laptop, scribbling words to pour out many an emotion that the damp day has aroused. On the roads, cars are whooshing by, splashing rainwater that collected in puddles. A lone red Chevrolet is standing in the parking lot, its windshield dripping drops of the summer rain. The Southwest metro bus just left the street corner. A middle-aged lady is walking down the street - her one hand holding a bag of groceries, the other a yellow umbrella.

Gloom is hanging over the whole city. It's a small city and the gloom makes it appear even smaller. Is there a connection between the apparent size of a city and its weather? I believe not. But then why does a city seem bigger and merrier on a sunny day?

There is not much difference between the Dhaka skies and skies here in Minnesota. I can only see the differences when I gaze down the differences become vivid in the models of the cars, streets numbers, patterns of the houses and the deciduous trees. But a look at the heaven above takes me back to the city I was born in and raised. It is the same sky and the same clouds. Maybe they are not, but they appear so in the eyes of a person, who now lives abroad.

I miss nagging mom to cook hotchpotch and red-hot beef curry on a showery day. I miss having tea in the afternoon on a rainy day. Aah! With every sip, the pitter-patter of the rain sounded even more rhythmic. I can still have tea on a rainy day but having so is not that pleasurable anymore the ambience can bring magical difference even to the taste of a cuppa. Yes, it's true.

So, here I am watching the raindrops fall and reminiscing the days left in a distant past. You can separate your body from the land you were born in. But your heart? No.

By Wara Karim

News Flash

Laptop bags @ Aarong

CHECK out the newly launched, very voguish collection of laptop bags at Aarong. The elegant leather bags guarantee a perfect protection wrap for your precious laptop. Moreover you can use them as executive bags as each offers a spacious interior with varied options to keep your files, pens, cards etc.
The range of designs makes it all the more essential that you try one out soon. Stylish 'Cargo Pockets', groovy 'Hand Weaving Black and Brown' and fascinating 'Crocodice' - all the modish designs are sure to create an undeniable appeal to those who value smart options.
So hurry up and grab the design that suits you best.

Masala Street
THE people behind Masala Street love food and love to see others love it as much as they do. And so they have brought to you their very own, where your taste buds will get spooked on delicious meals and snacks.
Inspired by both Indian and Bengali cuisines, they prepare divine great cuisines in a very clean environment using only the best ingredients. They offer both indoor and outdoor dining.
Masala Street is a little haven in the bustling city; enjoy your experience there.
Contact: House 16, Road 112, Gulshan 2, Dhaka.
# 01552342892
Hours of Operation: 11am-3pm. 5pm-10.30pm


MONSOON is here, to the glee and joy of many. As stark contrast to the greying clouds, Nogordola chooses a colour palette vibrant in shades of blue, violet, turquoise and green. Cotton has emerged as the fabric of choice, which features screen and hand block prints, along with the usual decorative embroidery.
Shalwar kameez, fatua, panjabi and shalwar kameez of the monsoon collection are available at all Nogordola outlets.

KFC introduces new menu
KFC has introduced two new mouth-watering surprises to their menu to delight their wide customer base. The items were launched at their New Eskaton outlet, where the assembled press and guests were treated to samplings of 'Tower Zinger Burger and Spicy Thai Chicken Rice'.
The Tower Zinger Burger is a massive version of the already large Zinger Burger, and judging by its size, should be quite a challenge, even for the famished. Spicy Thai Chicken Rice is for more exotic tastes, with its explosion of spices accompanied with steamy, white rice. KFC assures its patrons that these are just two of a long list of surprises to come.
“I hope our customers will welcome these brand new items and enjoy the great products with excellent value. It's been almost 4 years since we have opened KFC, and we made great efforts to increasingly surprise and delight our patrons. Stay in tune with us because there's a lot more to come.” said Akku Chowdhury, Executive Director, Transcom Foods Ltd.
The new items are a welcome addition to the menu, and guests could be seen enjoying the latest scrumptious offerings. Both of the items are more than sufficient to whet the appetite of the most ardent foodies, and that too at reasonable prices. So make your way to KFC to try their latest treats.


BANGLADESH is a land of six seasons. With every seasonal spell, nature unwinds its beauty for us to cherish. Highlighting the vitality of monsoon, boutique Solo has created a line of T-shirts and fatuas featuring poems on the season and also photographs.
10 new designs of T-shirts and five different fatuas comprise the Solo Monsoon Collection.
Designed by Rasha, Dhrubo Esh, Tokon Thakur, Shatabdi Zahid, Shaikh and others, the collection is a must see.
Contact: 120 Aziz Super market (Ground Floor), Shahbag, Dhaka 1000 #01711155404.



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