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News flash

A Celebration of choices:Dhaka Fashion Week 2010

Dhaka Fashion Week 2010 ended with a blast on 19 July, 2010 at The Westin Dhaka promoting a celebration of choices and respecting difference. A select group of elite audience was mesmerised to witness a diverse range of dazzling Summer Creations of the topnotch designers of the country.

Nine fashion labels and designers, including Mariamah, Jatra, Sadakalo, Paira, Saymbara and Mukul showcased their creations, all celebrating peoples' right to choose what to wear. Kawshiki Nasser, President Dhaka Fashion Week, said, “In a world torn by wars and famines, designers are the artists who have the vision to imagine a different world … tonight our finest designers have presented glimpses of that possible world of beauty and magic with their creative and artistic collections…A world that celebrates diversity and respects choices…”

The evening started with Mariamah by Roxana Salam. Mariamah displayed an enviable collection of abayas in different shades of gold, blue and brown taking inspiration from different traditions like Chinese, Arab, Indian and continental.

Next came the hip, the chick and the post millennium collection of Mahmudul Hasan Mukul. He was followed by Mansha and Fortuna. Then came the strikingly elegant collection of Saymbara by Shirin Karim.

Sadakalo presented a collection of Muslin, half silk and silk saris and silk and cotton panjabis. The white, black and grey muslins had embroidery; block and appliqué on them and the silks had works done with frills and laces. To bring back the golden glory days of jute, designer Uttam Gosh had created a unique clothing and accessories line made from natural, jute fibres. The refreshingly surprising collection of suits, western outfits, muslins and jamdani saris made with a blending of jute fibres was one of the highlights of this year's fashion week.

Everybody is talking about Jatra these days. And they showed last night why. The combination of Jatra's ethnic collection celebrating diversity along with the performances of 'dholis' from Monipur, Sylhet created the magic of Jatra.

Finally, in an attempt to imagine a world that celebrates diversity and respects choices, the grand finale of the Dhaka Fashion Week 2010 was a “Performance of Movements” directed by show director Kawshiki Nasser.

The installation art on the move, was based on the theme of Dhaka Fashion Week 2010, a celebration of choices.

Models performed on the stage wearing a diverse range of clothing and accessories associated with a multiplicity of culture, customs, tastes and faiths. The evening ended with a glimmer of hope that a world respecting diversity and difference and celebrating choices is indeed achievable. Trends New Age and Ekushey TV were Media Partners while Otobi was the title sponsor of the event. Westin spa did the makeup and hair. Charbela Chardik was magazine partner and Bengal music was music partner.

David Barikder was the official photographer and Masthead PR, official PR Partner.

- LS Desk

Blending art with life

Sigmar Polka, one of Germany's finest modern painters, who was both well known and successful, died last month of cancer. In order to honour this great artist Goethe Institute is currently exhibiting 40 of his original gouaches at its Auditorium in Dhanmondi till August 2.

The collection is called “Music from an unknown source”. They elaborate and comment on the German post-war scene with both humour and cynicism. Polka combines art with daily life. The vision is fresh, daring and iconoclastic. The paintings carry a unique meaning in the realm of modern painting.

Formed with layers of washes and combinations of prints, the paintings bring together the world of the past with the present. Dots, dashes, curls and squiggles bring together the reality with the ideal and the imaginary.

The pictures comment on the socio-economic and political situations in Germany, and looking at things broadly, the world over, in the post-war days. These colours and lines from the contemporary art scene are rare considering original European art is rarely seen in Dhaka.

“Polka was born in East Germany in 1941” says Tayyaba Begum Lipi of Britto Art Trust, who was present at the opening of the exhibition. "Around 1954, his family moved to West Germany. Polka was not only a painter but a sculptor, performance artist, and photographer. Polka had studied with Richter and the two had an art movement around 1963. He worked on satellite photography in Afghanistan on subjects like Al Qaida and also dealt with various subjects such as war, sex, politics, humour. He used chemicals in his paintings and began the movement called 'Capital Realism'".

Rafiqun Nabi adds, “Anyone will enjoy this original gouache work. Along with paints, the artist uses print. He brings in the typical German graphics that we have been told about. He makes forms from screening. The young generation should learn a lot from this bold experimentation.”

By Fayza Haq


Alo light with hope

ALO, an organisation for drug awareness, held an event on the 24 July, 2010 at RM centre, 101 Gulshan Avenue.

The event was divided into five parts including plays, a fashion show, an award giving ceremony for the children's art competition, and lunch.

There were two plays, which were about drug awareness. 'Khoka choley gelo, phirey elo na' was a short skit written and performed by Utsho Biddyaniketan.

'Pinik' is a play devised by Prachyanat, a theatre group. It was written, designed and directed by Imogen Butler-Cole.

Pinik is based on a teenager's life with peer pressure and drugs. There was an evident display of addiction and they showed, one by one, the downsides of drug abuse and how it gets progressively worse.

Tootli Rahman held the TEEN FASHION SHOW. The fashion show displayed clothes fit for every occasion. There was a collection of exquisite apparels fit for formal events. The traditional wear was unique and colourful.

There were clothes made for parties that were perfect for teens of this day and age. They were trendy and outgoing enough to catch your attention. Another theme was the prom.

As nowadays proms are becoming quite famous in schools all around Dhaka and it's an occasion that teenagers all across the world wait anxiously for, Tootli Rahman finally brought in a collection of clothes they could choose from to look perfect for their prom. The dresses were elegant and classy, yet very trendy.

There was an art competition for children from ABC School and Oakbridge School. The theme of the competition was 'Say No to Drugs'. There were many different applicants and they all had their own unique ideas. The painting that won the first prize had pictures of hands with drugs and the page said, in bold letters, 'Say no to drugs'.

The painting sent out a strong message to kids all across the country to keep away from drug abuse.

The event, all in all, was a success and they hope to hold more event of such nature to prevent drug abuse and raise more awareness to help children find the right path.

By Naziba Basher
Photo: Zahedul I Khan



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