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Sweet Treats

The best chocolate cake in town

After any meal, heavy or light, the best thing to satisfy you completely is some good chocolate cake. It's one thing nobody can ever say no to. Chocolate cakes have raised the standards of dessert to a whole new level and they've been at the top of everyone's favourites ever since...forever!

There are countless bakeries and pastry shops all around Dhaka city that make cakes worth dying for. Chocolate cakes can actually be rated by their exquisite tastes! I have my five favourites that I like to pick from for different occasions.

Number five on my list would be the chocolate cake from Shumi's Hot Cake. Not only is it delicious, it's a fair deal at just Tk20 a slice. There's a layer of smooth chocolate on top with a light crisp cake underneath that makes you salivate just at the sight of it. This chocolate cake shows its specialty with the name it holds - Shumi's delight.

It's definitely a must-try…truly 'delightful'!
The Westin is a well-known, world famous five star hotel. With its 5 star hotel rooms, it's 5 star lobby, it's 5 star food and better yet… it's 5 star chocolate cakes! It's easy to think that a chocolate cake from The Westin is going to cost a lot.

Let me tell you this with full confidence, take a bite into that creamy chocolate followed by the moist, soft layer of chocolatey cake and you'll know it was totally worth it!

The little whipped cream and cherry on top not only makes it look scrumptious but also combines well with the chocolate and brings a whole new taste! This chocolate cake gives you a whole new reason to visit The Westin once in a while!

This exquisite cake has always been number four on my list!

Chocolate cake number three is none other than the American mud pie from Club Gelato! What's different about it is it's nothing…but chocolate! It's the best deal for any and every chocolate lover!

A chunk of chocolate with chocolate icing, who could ask for more? And for chocolate lovers living in Banani, Gelato would be considered heaven on Earth!

California Fried Chicken's malted chocolate cake most definitely has to be number two. California gives you the best chocolate cream you'll ever find on top of a cake. A sweet tooth's addiction, this molten chocolate cake holds its description in its name. And the spongy cake underneath holds another layer of molten chocolate.

The five minutes you take to eat this cake will definitely be remembered as one of the best moments of your life! You can count on that!

And favourite of favourites goes to…
None other than the Tia Maria of Cooper's!

The Tia Maria has a thick layer of the creamiest chocolate that melts in your mouth the moment you take a bite. Underneath the chocolate, there's a thick, moist and chocolatey cake that can make you, automatically, close your eyes and start daydreaming.

The best part about the Tia Maria is the thin layer of blueberry hitting you when you least expect it. The tangy taste of blueberries adds spunk to the whole cake and makes it more worth your while.

If you haven't tried the Tia Maria from Cooper's yet… there's absolutely no reason at all for you to wait. Grab Tk130 from your wallet, run to your nearest Cooper's and send yourself to a chocolatey heaven!

By Naziba Basher
Photo: Star Lifestyle Archives

Eating Out

Tea Bazaar

Rest assured this is not your regular lounge of Gulshan, Banani or Dhanmondi. To be frank, there are minimal clichés at Tea Bazaar. This is one place where you can truly take a chill and relax after a hot summer stroll in the city. Situated at the Bashundhara residential area, Tea Bazaar is a cosy space to have a nice time with friends.

Inaugurated on May 12, the lounge is fast grabbing attention of the students of North South University and the office goers of Bashundhara. One of the owners of the lounge, Adel Ahmed, was inspired to initiate this venture out of his sheer passion for sheesha.

Originally planned as a Mughal themed sheesha lounge by the three friends Adel Ahmed, Farhana Begum and Shamuna Mizan, tea took a forward leap with a chic and royal blended interior. The usual lounge styled table and chair took a back seat and was replaced by comfy cushions and mattresses.

Imagine smoking sheesha, literally drowning in the snug cushion!

You would never know that a cup of tea could make you feel so divine and that through various flavours. The flavours you can get there are black tea, milk tea, mint tea, honey lemon, peach mango, green tea and apple; all within the price range of Tk 40-80. Don't really feel like having a hot cup of tea? Then there is always a lip smacking glass of fresh juice or frappe waiting to be served, all available at Tk 80-200.

If you are looking for sumptuous steaks and foods similar to that, you are in for a big disappointment. Tea Bazaar just isn't your regular lounge. You go there to chill, not to hog. What they do offer is mostly Thai based finger foods ranging from Tk150-300, in case you feel like moving your jaws for a change.

You order a sheesha; you get a cup of mint tea for free. That is definitely not a technique to sell their sheesha; it's just their way of saying hello. The sheesha sells itself. They come thick and vibrant in taste and in 14 flavours including double apple, strawberry, mango, watermelon, cinnamon and chocolate. The price of sheesha is Tk380.

Although the space of the lounge is not what you would call sizable, the owners are planning to extend the space and the variation of the menu. Tea Bazaar reflects the mindset of its owners. It's homely, cosy and pleasant. As Adel puts it, “It's just like chilling at your home, just with the exception of a sheesha in front of you.”

By Saleh Uz Zaman


LS Editor’s Note

Contemplating restlessness

It's hard to sleep when you are sad, because sadness has a weight that can pull you down to bottomless depths. You toss and turn but that gnawing feeling tugging at your heart, that unbearable bulk on your chest doesn't allow you to fall into that perfect snug posture where sleep will easily come by.

Flipping the TV channels, sipping mugs of caffeine, trying to read a book; nothing can take your mind off that woe that keeps on bugging you at the dead of the night. It haunts you even when you are in a trance. So why do we insist on being in such a wretched state of mind? And unhappiness, why are we adamant on holding on to it so tightly?

After a hard week and a handful of sleepless midnight soul searching, I came to this conclusion that the crude mathematics of life, as in what I achieved and what I didn't or what I couldn't is totally meaningless. It puts an unprecedented burden on your shoulder and makes you mean. The pressure burns holes in your mind and body and as a result the Lucifer inside you reigns supreme. You become a bad human being on record, because rage or anger never could bring home justice.

A friend's Facebook status makes so much sense “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel...” and it is so true.

All the malicious things in life will be forgotten and you will only remember the loving forehead kiss or that unexpected phone call to see how you are doing? Honestly these simple touches are what make life worth living, not the property count or account balance.

Even if there are reasons to be bitter there is no point in staying miserable forever and waste precious moments of life. You just need to bring it on and face the devil inside you, sort your priorities, straighten up the messy issues and move on. But while doing so you must make sure that you made the people around you feel good not only about themselves but about you too.

Otherwise life will remain a lost game of patience where you couldn't match the cards to the correct slot on time and lost. The moral of sleeplessness is that gloom weighs you down and melancholy nights give you horrid hangovers. So, for your own peace of mind as well as that of others, it is always worth reminding ourselves that this life should be taken with a small pinch of salt.

By Raffat Binte Rashid



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