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to be or not to be stylish

DEFINED by dictionaries, fashion is a) the prevailing style in dressing and behaviour, and b) garments that are in the current mode.

Fashion is a serious matter like art. It is an extension of our personalities and thus the various looks -casual, formal, professional, sporty and what we don as clothes, shoes, hairstyle and makeup, make a statement of who we are.

The designers of today, from their headquarters in Milan, Paris and New York influence what shall be the next trend. Celebrities and glitterati subscribe to the new look, in turn spurring buyers into following the same emerging trend.

What then is style? To quote Yves Saint Laurent, “Fashions fade, style is eternal”.

In future articles I shall elaborate on this particular subject. For now let me share with you an article for men that I came across recently.

Following this will put one on the right track to being stylish. The article is aptly called, Ten Ways To Make The Most Of Your Looks.

#10 Pluck unwanted hair
Nose hair, ear hair or scraggly hair that's poking out of anywhere else on your face isn't sexy.

#9 Exercise before you go out
Before a planned night out get a light workout. It will boost your confidence and keep you light on your feet.

#8 Practice good posture
By standing up straight, you'll automatically look leaner with more defined musculature. Your weight should rest more on your toes than your heels, your abs should be taut, and your shoulders rolled back.

#7 Take care of your mouth
Brush your teeth regularly, floss every night. A healthy set of teeth and gums are attractive, and not taking care of your mouth can be downright repulsive.

#6 Invest in skin care
Get proper skin care products like anti-ageing creams, sunscreens, hydrating moisturisers and so on. Don't forget the importance of manicured nails.

#5 Match your face to your hair and facial hair
A haircut and facial hairstyle that is based on your face shape can make a monumental difference in your appearance. Use the service of an experienced stylist.

#4 Cultivate a classic wardrobe
For your wardrobe, assembling a collection of basics, including a navy suit or blazer, white dress shirts, dark denim, easy-to-layer tees, mean that you'll always appear effortlessly elegant.

#3 Wear clothes that fit
Make sure your clothes fit correctly. Even if you're on the heavyset side, clothing that skims your body (but isn't skin-tight) is the most flattering.

#2 Know your flaws
Assess your weak points. When you know your weak points, you'll be able to minimise them or conceal them to your advantage.

#1 Eat and drink right
Make a concerted effort to eat right and you'll have won half the battle in looking your personal best.

Dorjee Boutique

With an emphasis on price and quality, boutique Dorjee offers their Eid Collection. Primarily done on cotton, the attires have been embellished with exquisite sequin and beadwork, and also crafty designs of karchupi. The shalwar kameez sets are priced between Tk1000 and Tk 4500.

Dorjee Boutique is also offering services to alter dresses upon request of the clients. This offer is valid for all purchases made prior to 28 Ramadan.

Contact: Doorjee Boutique, House #7, Road #23/A, Gulshan #1, Dhaka.

News Flash

Kay Kraft

Beginning 1 August, 2010 Kay Kraft showcases a brand new collection that features a range of designs of saris, shalwar kameez sets, tops, panjabis, fatuas, shirt, T-shirts and children's wear.

The experimentation with colour and fabric has clearly paid off and the clothes on the store shelves are a clear testament to that. Also available are accessories, ornaments, shoes and bags that go along nicely with the women's designs.

Shalwar kameezes are priced between Tk850 and Tk4000, fatuas, skirts and tops between Tk350 to 2050 and children's wear between Tk120 to 1500.

Panjabis are designed with inspiration from different forms - tribal, Islamic motifs, geometric patterns, Chinese flowers and medieval plant motifs.

Price ranges between Tk425 and Tk4000.

Kay Kraft is also presenting home furnishing accessories --wall mats, photo frames, candles, organisers, mobile accessories and so on.

Available at all Kay Kraft outlets.

Spot Light

Givenchy does it again!

ON 9 August, 2010 Prestige Bengal Limited, launched Givenchy Pi Neo, a fragrance for men, which promises to bring out a freshness to defining masculinity.

Pi Neo is an explosive, woody eau de toilette that projects manliness into a new, previously uncharted dimension, defining a visionary and conquering man. A fragrance created from the unique combination of captivating high-tech ingredients and the most beautiful natural substances.

The design for this powerful and enigmatic fragrance was devised by Serge Mansau. His futuristic design is clearly suggestive of modernity and masculinity. The pyramid shape outlined in the glass is the symbol of Pi Neo. The outer box graphically plunges us into a three dimensional universe with an accompanying sensation of speed.

The notes
The opening is explosive and luminous and offers a unique and striking lift. Natural raw materials- a sparkling, citrusy freshness of Mandarin and Bergamot. High-tech ingredient -a powerful, fresh, aromatic and highly persistent high-tech note, Toscanol boldly opens the fragrance.

A real sensation of the right balance between cutting-edge technology and nature in the middle notes

Natural raw material - the fragrance evolves first into woody notes based on Cedar and later aromatic tones of Myrtle. High-tech ingredient - a captivating sensual note with modern leather and tobacco accents, Safraleine adds the rich woody harmony of Cedar and Patchouli to the Pi Neo line.

Finally, the base notes to give off a long lasting and captivating effect.

Natural raw material - a new gentle balsamic character marked by the nobility of an exclusive vanilla extract derived from benzoin and patchouli, which give the fragrance its force.

High-tech ingredient - an intensely captivating and diffusive musk, cosmone guarantees an ongoing sensation of well-being.

These notes together form the wonder known as Pi Neo from Givenchy! And it's available in ranges of 100ml and 50ml at Paris Parfums, 1st International Perfume Chain store in Bangladesh, House# 02, Road# 126, Gulshan-1, Dhaka.

By Naziba Basher

News Flash


This boutique, over the years, has caught the attention of the people for their designs based on specific subjects. In 2010, Nogordola chooses to work on the Nababi theme, selecting inspiration from Ahsan Manzil and its artwork on walls and stairs.

Saris, shalwar kameez sets, fatuas, skirt-tops, capris and short panjabis are featured in this extensive collection. For children there are shalwar kameez sets, shirts, fatuas, saris, lehengas and panjabis.

Bright and deep colours have been prioritised in this Eid collection and the choice of fabric has been voil, endi cotton, joy silk, balaka silk and taat. Machine embroidery, hand embroidery, karchupi, skin print, block and mixed media have been used dominantly in these attires.

Salwar kameez sets are available from Tk1090 to Tk4290, saris between Tk1290 to 4590, fatuas Tk590 to 990, panjabis Tk690 to 1590, shirts Tk490 to 890 and saris for children within Tk1590.

Available at all Nogordola outlets.


Art Deco

Introduced specially for its ever fashionable customers, Aarong's artsy and bold Art Deco Collection is a must buy this Eid. The exclusive range of shalwar kameez sets is decked in motifs inspired by the boldness of elegant 'art deco jewellery'. The fascinating shapes of the jewellery are embroidered on fabrics like crepe, endi, georgette, cashmillon and also on cotton and voile. Embellished with appliqué, embroideries, designer buttons, zardosi borders, the dresses can be categorised as casual, semi-dressy and dressy to suit the casual-festive look during the day and also to go with the gorgeous look of the festive Eid night.

So pick your piece without any delay and ensure an outstanding appearance this Eid.


Baby Shop

Worried sick over what to buy for your little angel this Eid? Just visit any of the outlets of Baby Shop and your problem will be solved. Located at Mirpur Multiplan Center, Gulshan Pink City and Uttara Polwel Carnation, the shops offer childrens’ clothes (new born - 11 year olds) and accessories: shoes, belts, caps, blankets, diapers and so on.

Casual wear, summer dresses and formal wear are also available at affordable prices from Tk99-1,800.

Contact: Baby Shop Ltd., Gulshan Showroom, Pink City, Gulshan-2, or call 01742000302. Alternatively visit Babyshopbd.com


Persona Eid Offer

Unruly hair dampening your spirit? Well, that's one less thing you have to worry about this season. Get 20 percent off on all Shiny Colour Rebonding at Persona, the only place in town offering this service. It will add all the shine and pizzazz to your hair that you crave for. There is no reason why your hair should not match the glitz and glamour of your new outfit!

Persona has always been a pioneer in bringing the newest beauty trends to Dhakaiites. Years ago it was the first to introduce a truly international standard spa, just as it was the first to introduce the concept of men's grooming.

Guests at Persona have always been treated to pleasant surprises. For the last couple of Eids Persona presented their customers with colour hair extensions and stone and ribbon settings.

Persona will unveil some truly special offers for their loyal clients in the coming days but to make your wait a little easier, Persona has another offer '15 percent off of all regular services at all Persona outlets'.

Take advantage of this discount till 15 Ramadan.



Designers at Trendz have a unique ability to predict the fashion scene. This year, like many years in the past, they have successfully launched an Eid Collection that will surely attract fashion savvy men.

Panjabis, formal shirts, casual shirts, tees and polo shirts, fatuas and denim pants are available for men. The ladies' line comprises of tops, saris, shalwar kameezes, fatuas, tees and denims.

The colour palette ranges from white, black, red, maroon, parrot green and pink and have been complemented by hand stitched karchupi as well as embroidery.

Available at all Trendz outlets.



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