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Moda is a luxury brand, offering high-end saris, and it has an equally luxe interior to match. From black slate floors, to rich mahogany tables and gorgeous, intricately-worked saris and Swarovski-studded shoes, it is the visualisation of a modern princess' personal boudoir.

Urban Truth by Moda, is by contrast targeting a younger, trendier clientele. Offering the latest styles in knitwear, and cool shoes that will have every young Dhakaiite fashionista drooling; it is a breath of fresh air on Dhaka's fashion scene.

The interior is light and minimalistic with electrifying music in the background. You look around and you know this store has been well thought and planned out. And that you can attribute to the work and dedication of Professor Mohammad A Momen.

Every single detail has been thoroughly discussed and deliberated on, from the lighting, to the fixtures, to the clothes, the advertising campaign, even to the hangers!

They are trailblazing on a new path to fashion. With a twenty-plus experience in designing and knowledge of clothes, they have in our atelier a veritable mine of fantastic, tasteful and trendy clothing for women of all ages. Be sure to check them out this Eid.

Contact: Moda, House #1 (New 32), Road #11, Block G, Banani, Dhaka.

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Tara marka

Every year, boutique Tara Marka puts on a festive look with their Eid Collection and this year is no exception. With a whole new range of panjabis, shalwar kameez, tops, fatuas and tee-shirts Tara Marka joins the Eid fiesta. Also available are a brand new design for both men and women - Fatunji. The inspiration of the designs were derived from mosque architecture of Bangladesh. Prices of "Fatunji" varies between Tk800 - 1200.

Contact: Tara Marka, Aziz Supermarket and Bailey Road. #01912243631.

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Dhaka Regency

Dhaka Regency Hotel is offering varied options for food aficionados to experience a traditional and festive iftar. Alongside platters of Bangladeshi cuisines such as chola, piaju, beguni, aloo dum, and shahi haleem, Dhaka Regency will also be highlighting delicacies of the Middle East -- shwarmas, sambuseks, homouss, mandi or kabsa. When it comes to iftars, pre-plated set menus, takeaways, buffets and buffet dinners are all up for grabs, while a special banquet menu has also been prepared for those who really want to make a statement this Ramadan.

However, the real highlight of the season is the “Sahan-al-Iftar”, which is a premium iftar package that includes a whole lamb roasted in an Arabian clay oven, two whole-roast chicken, special Middle Eastern rice dishes, sambuseks, homous, mutaubel, baklavas, bala-e-shams, basboussas…the list goes on. The package is good for 12-15 persons.

Contact: Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resort, Airport Road, Nikunja #2, Dhaka 1229 or call 8913912 Email: info@dhakaregency.net

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The Shangrila is one of the thematic apartment projects of bti, Building Technologies and Ideas, under their newly launched premium product range named The Premium Collection.

The Shangrila at Gulshan is a lake-view project. The rooftop garden, the surrounding greenery paired to the design of the building will create the Shagrila in the middle of busy Dhaka city.

It is a single unit apartment project with plenty of space. Apart from Shangrila, there is also The Classique. Located in Gulshan, it has two units of apartments in each floor. The Regent, also in Gulshan, is the one where bti has combined a perfect blend of functionality, aesthetics and luxury.

One of the key features is the dedicated space for a kids' playground, which is a scarce resource these days. Finally there is Anumita in DOHS, which is still under the planning stage. All the facilities of The Premium Collection projects will be available in Anumita as well. All these projects will have the unique facility of uninterrupted power supply, which will ensure that the residents do not have to face load shedding which is a blessing from heaven considering the current electricity situation.

Like these four initial ones, other future projects of The Premium Collection will also be located in the absolute best locations of the city. A special team of bti’s best human resources has been specially assigned to the Premium Collection projects.

With the ever-changing needs of the market, bti now feels that while they continue to provide the best quality product in every market segment, the customers for their high-end projects should be provided with a product and service which differentiates them from others.

With this aim in mind bti is proud to launch their latest marketing concept- The Premium Collection.

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Angeleena Designer's Collection

Eid is back again with fun and frolic, and Angeleena once again introduces their festive collection. The hallmark of Angeleena has been: one dress, one design! No attire on the shelves of Angeleena is duplicated.

In the history of art and design, there has been immense contribution of the Amish civilization and Angeleena has aptly captured their lifestyle and culture in their Eid collection.

Contact: Angeleena Collection, Shop #54, Pink City, Gulshan #2.

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The time long traditions of Bengal, it seems, are shrouded by a colourful anchal. The anchal and women are synonymous not only because saris are their quintessential garbs, but also because the anchal and its varied designs speak for the pathos and joys of the Bengali women. Nahida Sharmin of Shailpik is one such designer who plays with designs and motifs of the sari's anchal. For the last 12 years, Shailpik has designed saris in vivid colours and intricate designs. A weeklong exhibition of Shailpik was held at Bengal Cafe, Dhanmondi from 14 August to 20 August 2010.

Visitors had a first hand experience and were quite thrilled to experience Nahida's vision being reflected on her canvas, that is the sari.

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Boutique Rang presents its Eid collection primarily on cotton this year. Apart from this, it also features attires in endi, endi-silk, silk, jamdani, muslin, reshmi cotton and dupian. Embellishments have been done using block, spray, tie-die, skin-print, appliqué, embroidery, karchupi, batik, and intricate works with lace, stone, metal and sequins.

The locally produced fabric has come from varied places including, but not limited to, Tangail, Rajshahi, Manikganj Narshingdi, Sirajganj and Comilla.

Red, orange, turquoise, marigold, olive, golden yellow, maroon, white, pastel green, magenta, black, and grey have
been the choices of colours for the collection.

Besides the dresses, also available from Rang are mugs, handkerchiefs, bed sheets, cushion covers, ladies' bags and a wide range of home furnishing goods.

Available at all Rang outlets.


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Counseling sessions

The days of our lives are becoming more mechanical and complex every day. We are constantly caught up in complications that induce irritability, attention deficiency, and other behavioural disorders. Often we find that while we feel the need to share these with someone, we cannot fully confide due to the nature of the problems.

The answer to your predicament might not lie in tried and tested confiding methods or in close friends and family. Do yourself a favour and find some solace through regular counseling sessions and/or yoga classes. Call 01841070707 for appointments. Yoga classes are during the following timings: 6:30AM 8:00 AM and 7:00 PM 8:00 PM.


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Aarong rewards card holders

People’s favourite fashion and lifestyle brand Aarong once again offers “My Aarong Rewards Card holders” – a crowd free shopping hour and a chance to earn “triple points”.

Aarong outlets will open one hour earlier than the scheduled time every Wednesday till Eid-ul-Fitr 2010 exclusively for all Rewards Card holders.

By shopping at Aarong from 9 am-10 am as per the offer, the card holders can enjoy the lucrative opportunity of hassle free shopping and earn triple points in one go. The offer is applicable for the Aarong outlets in Dhanmondi, Gulshan, Moghbazar, Sholoshohor-Chittagong and Sylhet.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif





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