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Choosing a pair

For the biggest event for Muslims all across the globe, Eid-ul-Fitr, we want everything to be perfect. From our hair, to clothes, to footwear.

Shoes are a major part of one's outfit and look. Most people buy footwear that match their clothes; others buy clothes that match their footwear.

Girls have a lot of variety in the kinds of footwear they can mix and match with their clothes. Slippers, flip flops, stilettos, platform heels, ballet flats, strappy sandals, boots…almost all kinds of footwear are available according to the type of style you want to pull off.

On Eid, most girls prefer looking posh and stylish. To go with their gorgeous kameezes they most often choose stilettos. But nowadays ballet flats and flat sandals are making their way through the fashion world fast and strong.

Ballet flats can go with almost all kinds of attire. You can wear them with, kameezes and casual jeans and tees.

Bata established the new trend of comfortable rubber ballet flats that are found in almost every colour to go with any outfit. Although the sandals are made merely for comfort, they pull off an extremely stylish look too.

Flat slippers have been the 'in' thing amongst footwear for a very long time now and they're not anywhere near ready to go 'out of fashion' anytime soon.

Flat slippers used to be worn widely with kameezes, dresses, skirts, jeans and now they're worn with saris too. Flat sandals are now available anywhere around Dhaka.

Every shoe store will present you with an ample collection of flat slippers. Now, in malls like Metro, you can get these flat slippers in stores that don't even sell shoes.

Stilettos give you a very posh and sassy look. Most girls prefer stilettos for events as big as an Eid bash, classy weddings and trendy parties. The most probable reason for girls to opt for stilettos for such occasions is that stilettos give an optical illusion of longer legs, smaller feet and a greater overall height.

They also alter a wearer's posture and gait by flexing the calf muscles and helping to straighten the backbone. A lot of people choose comfort over fashion, but when it comes to looking elegant, sophisticated and trendy at the same time, a pair of stilettos will do the trick for you.

Strappy sandals are a must-have in every girl's collection of shoes, whether they have a shoe fetish or not. To be a little more specific, these sandals have straps that go as far up as your calves.

You can get strappy sandals that are flat, with kitten heels or with high heels-whatever suits you best. This particular pair of sandals are bound to give you a more chic look and make you feel beautiful at the same time. They are perfect to wear with a posh Eid kameez and Patiala pyjamas!

For men, sandal shoes are very common during Eid. The trick that sandal shoes play is that they look good with a pair of jeans and they look just as pleasing with panjabi and pyjama. To get good pairs of sandal shoes, the store for you to go to is Bata. Apart from Bata there's Apex, where it might get a little pricey but once you purchase a pair of their leather sandal shoes you'll know it was all worth it!

Men also love flat sandals. Of course, their flats have a more masculine look and don't have glitters, straps and so on, but they're just as trendy and fashionable. Flat sandals for men serve the same purpose as the ones for women. They go with anything apart from formal apparels.

Jenny's section for men can give you a good deal on men's flats and they don't just add trend to your outfit but they'll serve you for a very, very long time too! Bata, Apex, and stores in Elephant road will give you good offers on flat slippers too.

Kolapuri sandals have been one of the most common for men's footwear. They give off a very ethnic yet very deshi look. Kolapuri sandals usually have eastern ethnic designs on the straps that give you a very Asian feel.

Kolapuri sandals recently made their way through to women's fashion as well. Now women not only wear panjabis but also wear good looking pair of kolapuris to look the part! The best kolapuris can be found in the stores of Elephant road and the market in Gulshan 2. They serve their exact purpose of giving you the deshi look you want and are comfortable to wear.

Nagras are also something that men and women both own. Nagras don't just make you look fashionable; they tend to give you more of a royal look.

A big part of our subcontinental history has to do with Mughals and even back then they were fashionable and trendy! One of the main things that made them look their part was nagras. Yes, they date back to the 1600s!

Rakhi Shoes on Elephant Road is a store that sells good pairs of nagras. Apart from that, Bashundhara City and Rifles Square have countless shoe stores that offer nagras. These shoes are great for big occasions and sometimes go perfectly with Eid apparels.

Now, for people who don't like dressing up too much and prefer to buy a new pair of jeans and a brand new trendy shirt or t-shirt for Eid, you would definitely want something strikingly fashionable and yet very cool and suave to go with your outfit.

Girls and boys, what you're looking for is a pair of converse or vans shoes! I know people who literally treasure their pairs of vans or converse. They go well with skinny jeans, baggy jeans, straight cut pants, whatever it is! They give you a very cool yet trendy look and are perfect for people who like keeping things simple and chilled out.

You'll get good pairs of converse or vans in stores around Elephant Road. A lot of stores in big malls will have what you want as well. Pick your kind to suit your style and make your feet look as fabulous as the rest of you for Eid!

By Naziba Basher
Photo Courtesy: Cats Eye

Spot Light

Dress up your home

Although frenzied shopping and lavish menus have come to be known as unmistakable trademarks of Eid, there are also other aspects to the build up of this day that deserve attention.

Interior décor has been allocated increasing interest in recent years and rightly so, home furnishing should and has become an important part of our Eid preparations.

Shampa Ahmed (35), a resident of Banani plans to go shopping for home furnishings for her apartment after completing all her other Eid purchases. She has planned to change her curtains and bed sheets before the big day as well as add some over-sized and trendy dishes to her china cabinet.

“I love flowers and hence always choose to beautify my home with fresh flowers during Eid. To avoid having wilted flowers on the day, I will probably pay a visit to the queue of flower shops in Gulshan the night before Eid,” Shampa said.

The remainder of her shopping will be done from DCC market in Gulshan 1 for curtains, tablemats and crockeries and Aarong for bed sheets.

Singapore Market, which is adjacent to New Market, is another good option for a variety of home furnishing products, especially for customers shopping on a shoestring budget. They stock a wide array of local and international products, imported from Dubai, China and Japan, at reasonable prices including coffee tables from Tk3000-11000, large serving dishes from Tk2500-3200, non-stick pans from Tk700-2200 and ceramic dinner sets from Tk 4000-10 000.

In terms of décor, wall paintings are priced from Tk 200-10000, artificial flowers from Tk250-750 and flower vases from Tk250-3000. As for bed linen, locally made sheets fall between Tk450 and Tk1100 , bed covers between Tk1500 and Tk3000; while imported bed sheets from China have slightly different price ranges.

Cushion covers are sold from Tk80 to 170 per piece and the upper and lower boundaries for sofa mats are Tk500 and Tk2000 respectively. Both local and Indonesian curtains are available from Tk70 to Tk300 per metre.

Elephant Road is another such popular junction for curtains and sofa covers, with a well-known name being Dynasty Furnishing Centre which sells curtain from Tk130-2000 per metre and sofa covers from Tk250-2000. The materials they use for their products are imported from Korea, Indonesia, China and India.

In addition, Elephant Road is also famous for its cluster of ceramics brands. Monno Ceramic Ltd, perhaps the oldest and best known, has an outlet in this location where dinner sets are sold from Tk1500 to 5800 and tea sets for Tk1800. Export quality dinner sets are priced between Tk4200 and 1.52 lakh while tea sets range from Tk3500 to 6,800.

Although all of the above mentioned are available at DCC Market in Gulshan 1, they are priced towards a slightly higher end. However, they do have options for customers who prefer a fancier appeal to home décor, for example, chandeliers are sold at this market from Tk1000 to 1 lakh.

Apart from this, a couple of other well-known and widely-loved names to look out for this Eid are:

Elegance to your doorstep: Aarong home decor
As we are all aware, locally and internationally, Aarong is one of the best fashion houses of our country. What we all might not know is that apart from just clothes, Aarong has a lot more to offer.

It has the ability to bring beauty, sophistication and culture right to your doorstep. That's right; Aarong home decorating accessories are no less than stunning. And to make them even better, they all come at affordable prices.

You can find just about anything and everything to make your home look just as comfortable to your guests as it is to you. These accessories bring elegance and comfort and blend the two to make the perfect home for you.

For your bedroom, you will find bed sheets, pillow covers, cushions, cushion covers, blankets and the best part is- you can find all of these matching one particular theme. That way you can decorate the room to set your mood.

For guests, you can always do something extra to make them feel special. Go for bed and pillow covers that have designs decorated in sequins. This will make the room look dazzling but not beyond the limit to where your guests feel uncomfortable.

Apart from fancy-wear for your room, you have apparels for your bed that are homely and relaxing for everyday use.

There are other decorative garnishing for your room that are worth falling in love with. Aarong has a generous collection of showpieces of every kind to suit every taste. Pottery, wooden, brass, you name it!

There are ornamental candle stands and a variety of candles to fit into them. Their decorative frames with Nakshikantha designs will never fail to amaze you. Rugs, mats, table runners and even coasters can be fit into one theme to make your house look like something you've only dreamed of as a child.

There are things that aren't just decorative as well, like CD stands of different designs, lamp shades with authenticity written all over them. There are stools and seating arrangements made of jute and more. There are colourful curtains made from different materials- cotton, silk and even muslin. Good enough to bring sheer elegance right into your home.

All the bedcovers, cushions and curtains have the simplicity yet the uniqueness of Aarong all over them. Nakshi designs, printed blocks, sequins and more. No matter how common, Aarong's designs always were and always will be one in a million.

Aarong now has to offer all of these in a complete new look just for Eid. Bringing in their newest collections at the most important time of the year, Aarong plans on being your favourite when it comes to home decor during Eid.

Now you can make all your rooms... your favourite room!

Dressy Dale home
Good news for home decor lovers, Dressy Dale is the latest choice when it comes to decorating our homes. Known wide for its exquisite collection in clothing, DD did not fail to surprise us with their unique sets of home accessories.

Made to highlight the bedroom, DD offers an ample collection of bedcovers, comforter covers, pillow covers and cushion covers. With vibrant colours and exceptional designs, Dressy Dale does not just work your everyday flower patterns.

DD brings a hint of ethnicity with a whole lot of spunk in their home accessories.

You will find a never-ending collection of mainly cushion covers that can decorate not only your bedroom, but living room and dining rooms too. Put on some of those colourful and flamboyant cushions on your everyday sofas and chairs and you'll feel like you've created art in your home.

Each set can fit into your own little theme of either being funky, classy, chic or even just simple and sophisticated. DD's fresh and new collection of home decor promises to bring you more fashionable accessories in the future. Starting out new, it already has more than enough to offer.

This Eid, you can not only buy the latest fashionable clothes for yourself but buy a little something for your own room to make it look nothing less than spectacular.

Think new, think funky, think Dressydale to dress your home!

By Naziba Basher and Mahtabi Zaman
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Special thanks to Nazneen Haque Mimi




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