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Razors n Scissors…and more!

As you step inside Razors n Scissors, a modern and relaxing men's spa and salon, you know you've left your hectic and stressful life behind. Greeted by the cozy atmosphere made possible by soothing fragrances, lighting and décor, you know you're in for some quality time and quality service. Razors n Scissors offers you all that you need to look good and feel good, including spa treatment, body massage, manicure, pedicure and haircut.

Placing strong importance on quality and hygiene, the salon has special equipments to completely sterilise all the cutting accessories. The salon also boasts a highly experienced and trained workforce, dedicated to pampering you. Get pampered by the complimentary drinks they offer while enjoying the whole experience. The atmosphere and ambience of the salon have been carefully crafted. The chic interior, the soft blue lighting in the spa and massage section and the delightful aroma takes away half the stress. No doubt, Razors n Scissors provides the whole package, taking care of all the three vital elements: mind, body and soul.

The spa
The salon offers an all-exclusive spa. Getting a spa treatment is one of the best ways to relieve yourself from anxiety and stress that you have accumulated from the hectic days and sleepless nights and urban life in general. Get a spa treatment from Razors n Scissors to make sure that the everyday operations of modern life do not take a toll on your body. The salon is devoted to providing an authentic spa, staying loyal to its true definition, “sanitas per aquas”, meaning “healing by waters” in Latin. The treatments and services include the fundamentals of hydrating the body to promote wellness and renewal. A spa treatment helps the body in innumerable ways. It reduces fatigue, improves the flexibility of the body, reduces weight and weight-related problems, improves spiritual awareness, etc.

Thus, if you are thinking of getting a spa treatment, now is a good time. Get a spa treatment this Eid. Or relish yourself with their soothing Thai massage. If not anything else, simply try out their hair-cuts. Chances are you'll come out of the salon revitalized and re-energized, ready to face this hectic life once again!

Razors n Scissors is located in Kemal Ataturk Avenue in Banani.

By M. H. Haider

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Aarong's Jewellery collection

AARONG brings an exotic range of jewellery collections for you this Eid. The bold fashion jewelleries, delicate diamond pieces, ever gorgeous gold and mesmerizing pearl collections would offer people of all ages a perfect solution for fashion accessories to complement their festive outfits.

The mixed composition of brass, beads, shells, threads, wood etc. forms the groovy fashion pieces. With big and bold shapes, artistic designs and dark mystic colours the fashion jewelleries would be the right choice for teenagers and those who prefer a bold and catchy look. This collection includes beautifully crafted bracelets, bangles, neck pieces, earrings, finger rings, hair pins etc.

You would also find new additions in the elegant diamond collection of Aarong. Newly designed finger rings, earrings and pendants with dazzling diamonds and other colourful precious stones set in 18K white and yellow gold are simply stunning.

Apart from these Aarong also has to offer beautiful new range of pearl and gold jewellery lines. You can easily pick the perfect gift for your dear ones from these wonderful collections.




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