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News flash

Wedding Diary

The images that he captures, like real life, are warm with emotions without losing the drama, glamour and glitz of an elaborate Dhaka wedding. Through his camera, Prito Reza holds on to the passing moment rather than creating them.

Wedding photography is not just an assignment to Prito; it's the passion that matters to him the most. Combining his experience in photojournalism, his flair to provide information through the framework of journalism, Prito sees wedding photography with a keen eye, an observant of happenings around him. He reiterates "the concept of wedding photojournalism is new in the country. There is little understanding that what we learn at photographic institutions, the concepts and structure of photojournalism, can be applied to wedding photography as well". Unlike the conventional click-and-snap approach, this Pathshala graduate exercises his imagination and blends it with his knack for documentary storytelling.

The exhibition "Wedding Diary" opens with an image of a wedding entrance, yellow lights beckoning the arrival of a wedding party; the image, at the same time, inviting the viewer to the display. Sudha Sree Chowdhury, a schoolteacher, roamed around the hall and found the exhibition intriguing if not anything else. "Weddings are a once in a lifetime affair; it is a special, emotional matter, with a lot of care going behind arranging it. It is important to preserve the moments.”

Prito, like many other photographers of the country, is now breaking away from the rigid framework of "portraits only" when it comes to wedding photography. They are now keen on documenting the happenings -- a narration of the story -- along with tossing in a few glamorous portraits in between.

Prito Reza's exhibition "Wedding Diary" was inaugurated by film-maker Tareque Masud at the Drik Gallery, Dhanmondi on 28 October, 2010. The exhibition is open for viewers till 5 November, 2010, 3-8 pm.

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif

212 VIP Private Party-Are you on the List?

At Lakeshore Hotel on 26th October, Prestige Bengal Limited, a leading perfume distributing company in Bangladesh, launched a new version of 212 VIP from the house of Carolina Herrera.

212 VIP, developed by the perfumer Alberto Morillas, is glamorous and exclusive in its composition, inspired by the energetic life of the New York metropolis, the city that never sleeps. The perfume borrows its theme and positioning from the private parties of New York, where you have to be important or VIP enough to be “on the list” to get in.

Its top notes include fresh aromas of seductive rum and passion fruit that build electrifying pleasure. Heart notes, rich musk and gardenia are the basic characteristics of 212 VIP for the new generation. Its soft base of vanilla and Tonka beans exposes originality and sophistication.

212 VIP is inspired by the “2 in 1”original bottle. It is a redefined and dazzling reinterpretation of 212's curves that focuses on femininity and sensuality. Its joyful gold reflects glamour, fun and style.

Grab your 212 VIP today, the new line of Carolina Herrera. It is available in 80ml and 50ml bottles at Prestige Bengal's own showroom, Paris Parfums, the house of the world's finest fragrances and skincare products under the most exclusive and elegant brands. Prices of the 80ml and 50ml bottles are Tk. 7050 and Tk. 5750 respectively. Prestige Bengal invites you to explore the surreal and magnificent world of fragrance at Paris Parfums, House No#2, Road No#126, Gulshan-1, Dhaka. Tel: 01730077066.

By M H Haider

Pop up

Light choices

Whether you are hoping to lose weight or simply eat more healthily, if you eat right you are bound to meet your goals. Eating right does not mean a crash diet or no carb diets, what it does, is offer a series of balanced diet plans such as Mediterranean and Gi that are designed for long-term success. A balanced meal plan that contains all the food groups, including complex carbohydrates, unsaturated fats and lean proteins, will help you reach your optimal weight and maintain it. Your main objective should always be to reach your target weight, enjoy a meal plan that includes your favourite foods, maintain your ideal weight, reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke & diabetes and most importantly eliminate guilt and negative feelings associated with dieting.

Check it out

Kay Kraft

With Eid only a few days away, boutique Kay Kraft prepares for Eid with an elaborate offer of attires perfect for the festive days ahead. The saris have been prepared from Tangail and Sirajganj handlooms and have been further embellished with various motifs. Also in use were endi, muslin, silk and khaadi fabrics.

The range of shalwar kameez sets is equally impressive. Prices range between Tk 850 - 3000 depending on the fabric and intricacy of the designs. Also available are panjabis for men and a wide assortment of children's wear.

Available at all Kay Kraft outlets.


Keeping in mind the coming Eid, fashion house Trendz presents itself with quality products for fashion conscious males and females. From saris to shalwar kameez sets, along with shirts, fatuas and panjabis Trendz offer for Eid is set to sizzle.

Griho Shukhon

Griho Shukhon offers beautification and fashion designing along with other courses for women to develop their careers in. The offers are a full course of beautification, fashion designing, a handicraft package (helpful in developing a boutique house) and spoken English. You can enjoy 50 per cent discount if you take admission directly.

Besides these offers, Griho Shukhon, in its cooking course is offering over 100 items including oil-free kurbani meat, special kebab, Chinese, Mughlai, fast food, microwave cooking and baking. Recently Griho Shukhon has started a yoga course for health and beauty conscious women.

Address: Griho shukhon, house no 6, Road 5, Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Phone #8615246 and 01720676080.


02 has come out with its new and attractive collection for the new generation. Including different dresses for both male and female, O2's collection comprises of saris, shalwar kameez sets, jeans, T-shirts, panjabis, fatuas, shirts, skirts and tops.

For their choices of colours, O2 has selected green, turquoise, off-white, golden, red, black, white, lemon, ash, maroon, brick-red, bashanti, brown, pink, purple and orange said its chief co-ordinator, Asif Iqbal. The materials are silk, rayon, georgette, chiffon, katan, muslin, tant, balaka silk, endi and khadi. For designs O2 is using lace and kuchi. Hi-necks and re-necks will be available in short sleeves and three-quarter sleeves.

Concentrating on the demands of today's youth, O2 has presented its collection with a mixture of western trends and a touch of tradition.

Three outlets of O2 are located at Kamal Ataturk Avenue, Banani; RAK Tower, Jasimuddin Road, (3rd floor) Uttara: and Basundhara City level-4.


Boutique Baluchar brings forth their Eid collection, combining eastern flavours with western styles in the designs of t-shirts, polo shirts, women's fatuas and, short and long panjabis.

Baluchar believes a true fashionista should keep up with the changing fashion scene.

Contact: Baluchar, Grand Plaza, Level 2, 227, Shop#215, Moghbazar, Wireless, Dhaka.

Sunmoon Tailors

Sunmoon Tailors Private Ltd. is offering a 50% discount on their new addition "Stitch Art Readymade Collection" for the month of November.

Address: B.N.C.C Centre, Sector-7, Uttara; Bashundhara City, shop no: 112, Level-3, Block D; Kakoli Shopping Centre, shop - 201, 202, 231, Jindabazaar, Sylhet .


Keeping the festive Eid in mind, boutique Megh is offering a special 40 percent discount on a selected range of attires, which will continue till Eid eve. Megh has captured the attention of fashionistas of the city through their bold designs and apt use of fabric and colour keeping the seasons as well as the festive occasions in mind. Avilable are shalwar kameez sets, fatuas, short panjabis, shirts, t-shirts and children's wear.

Available at all Megh outlets. For details, visit meghfashion.com


Kali Puja follows right after Sharodiyo Durga Puja and is one of the greatest festivals amongst the Hindu communities of Bangladesh and around the globe. On 5 November 2010 people will observe Shayma Puja with due festivity and religious fervor. To add colour to the occasion, boutique Rang has designed saris, shalwar kameez sets, panjabis, fatuas, kurtas and t-shirts. The motif of Om has been used extensively in all the designs. Available at all Rang outlets.

– LS Desk

LS editor’s note

In this hell of hoodlums

What exactly is the meaning of eve teasing and who started using this word and to what purpose, I fail to comprehend? For me, there is no teasing factor involved in the things that these so called teasers do. They are nothing but sex offenders as far as I can see.

These boys have none, not even a quarter of a fraction, of any sort of romantic intention when they propose to these hapless girls, who are in their mid teens, at the most. They obviously do not love them, they simply want a 'yes' so that they can lure them into an illicit affair, get these girls pregnant and kick them out of their lives or marry them forcibly then demand dowry and ultimately kill them.

I evaluate these roguish pursuits in this manner because I don't think any boy with a pure heart and a genuine intention of love would want to destroy the lives of the persons they so ardently adore. These boys have no role models they watch bad Bangla movies or Hindi movies where they see a local hoodlum on a bike forcing his way to his love interest's life, where initially she refuses but in the end she gets to see the goodness behind the mask and falls for him. But that is a brainless and not to forget, cheap movie plot with no relation to real life whatsoever.

A girl of class VIII would not or is not supposed to fall for a 20 something year-old loser on a bike stalking her. She has dreams to pursue and miles to go before she thinks of and is at an age to fall in love and marry.

These illiterate boys gave up on their studies; gave up on their dreams and they have no respect for discipline or life in general, and thus they are all set to stifle a generation where girls are faring better. It is their cheap twisted way of dominating and continuing gender discrimination.

How can a sane person run a bike over another human being not to forget that the victim is a teacher with no regrets at all? He has to prove that might rules. These hoodlums are always in the company of political cadres or corrupt businessmen and they have muscles to flex, which they proudly do. They have a bike, a gun, the blessing of some powerful don, so what is there to be afraid of? Who is going to punish them if they kill a teacher or a mother or rape an innocent girl or set ablaze a girl's life with acid?

Her crime is that she is beautiful and has the brains to see that he is nothing but a loser; but what a price she has to pay. Society has never been able to catch these rascals or bring them to justice, for which reason this nuisance of a practice has reached such an appalling state.

If I was the law I would simply put these offenders in a psychiatric ward for six months because sexual perversion can only be cured by confining them to a mental asylum. They should not be put in prison because from there, they will come out as hard boiled criminals after six months, which will make matters even worse.

Honestly this Wild West, mob rules kind of society should not see the light of day.

– Raffat Binte Rashid


Reading aloud to children

Reading to your children comes with a stream of benefits. It allows you to spend quality time and bond with them. Especially, if you are a working mother, you may have stopped to worry many times about whether you are able to give enough time to your kids. Taking the time to read together gives children the special attention they crave.

Besides that, there are many other benefits as well. Reading aloud to children helps in language and speech development. It helps them to develop listening skills; it helps them stay focused on one subject. Therefore, reading to children is a good way to prepare them to enter school. And, what's more, in the long run, your child will also develop a reading habit that will last for the rest of his/her life.

Thus, make sure you pick out a time for reading aloud to your children. Ideally, bedtime is perfect, but there's no strict rule about it. It's just that reading to your child in bed is a good way to close the day both for you and your child.

But first, take your son/daughter to the bookstore and pick the book of his/her choice, and before you read aloud to him/her, prepare yourself a bit. Give a read yourself first. Notice the punctuations used and the sentiments of the dialogues written and the moods the story follows. This will make you a dramatic reader, which is essential to grab the attention of your child and make the exercise interesting to him/her.

Sit or lie down comfortably and closely, so that both you and your child can see the pictures. Discuss them. A dramatic reading is not a one-way activity. There's no fourth wall between you and your baby. Therefore, interact with him/her. Ask questions about the story and make him/her try to predict what's going to happen next. Build anticipation; arouse curiosity. Make facial expressions and change your tone of voice to make it sound real.

Exactly at what age should your child be introduced to this? The earlier the better; after all, everyone likes a good story. Happy reading!

By M H Haider






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