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Panjabi town

To be the ideal man, you'll need the ideal look. To get the ideal look, you'll need the ideal wear. That very ideal wear for men is none other than a panjabi. Panjabis lend a traditional and yet very suave and sleek look to your fashion. Any and every Bangladeshi man is capable of pulling off a panjabi and looking mind-blowing in them.

Men who love wearing panjabis know the most fashionable ways to wear them. Yes, with a pair of loose, white pyjamas, panjabis will give you that perfect look that women usually want from their men. Decent, sophisticated and yet stunning, a man in pyjama panjabi is almost as attractive as a woman in a sari.

There are, of course, countless stores all around Dhaka city to get panjabis from. One of the main stores you should look at to get that simple and classy look is Beximco's Yellow. In Dhanmondi 2, Pink city, Bashundhara city and more, Yellow offers panjabis absolutely worth buying.

Aarong gives you a broadened variety of panjabis made from different materials, with different designs, to suit different tastes. Kay Kraft, Jatra, Kumudini, Langol and more will offer you a perfect selection of any kind of panjabi that you think would suit your style. You can get different panjabis that are also made for different occasions such as Pohela Boishakh, Pohela Falgun and other patriotic events as well. Whether it be made of silk, cotton or khadi, if worn properly with the confidence of a Bengali man, you're bound to look incredible.

In weddings, holuds and big events, there's nothing cuter than a little boy wearing a panjabi as smartly as any grown up. As a matter of fact, they seem to carry it off even better! Now, every store offers a variety of panjabis for children. These panjabis can make sure that your youngsters feel just as handsome as their dads this upcoming Eid. You can get the best panjabis for children in any clothing store sporting traditional wear.

This Eid you have plenty of options to make sure you and your son look just as astounding as each other. Go ahead and hit the stores and make sure your shopping is as traditional as ever!

By Naziba Basher
Model: Samin Faiyaz Rashik


Beef glorious beef

Qurbani is my favourite time of the year, and I suspect I am not alone in this regard. Eid ul Fitr is, on the surface, a much more meaningful cause for celebration. I say 'on the surface' so as not to offend religious sensibilities, because Eid ul Adha has that noblest of human endeavours at heart: sacrifice. Even so, it can be argued that Eid ul Fitr, coming as it does after a month of fasting, provides greater relief and succour to its celebrants.

But still, in this country, we persist in referring to Eid ul Adha as 'Boro Eid' (big or major Eid). Why? We all know the answer, don't we? We, as a nation, are shameless beef-lovers, and never more shameless than during 'Boro Eid'.

Cow lovers (as opposed to beef lovers), ignore this piece. It has become quite fashionable to deplore the slaughtering of such peaceful creatures, but that is all it is: fashion. How many of these animal lovers actually eschew all animal food? Do they not go to KFC, or eat kachchi, or have special Reshmi kebab rolls? Well, their double standards are for another day, when 'Boro Eid' isn't knocking on our doors.

I, for one, have my foot planted firmly in the 'I love beef, so let me have some boat. That is why tomorrow is a very special day. An early start to the day with the morning Eid namaaz, the slaughter of the animal, then the waiting around for the meat to finally get prepared. According to Sunnah, it is good to fast until the meat of the slaughtered cow is ready, which means that the first thing we usually eat is the liver. Liver bhuna, oh yes! Have it with luchi or parata, and already the day is off to a good start.

It is best to follow in the footsteps of the Italians, who are known to have three or four hour feasts. Eid ul Adha is the perfect day for this practice. As each part of the cow is prepared, a new dish debuts on the table. It is important to pace yourself, don't eat too much of one dish lest you miss out on a very tasty one that's on its way. Beef tehari, paya, you name it, on Eid day, or soon after, you will most likely have it. So be prepared.

Then comes my favourite part. After everyone is reeling from the beefy deluge of the morning and afternoon, and they have taken their cherished afternoon naps, the evenings offer another special opportunity. Under the stars, a barbecue around a bonfire will, this year, be especially wonderful because of winter's onset. Okay, the bonfire may not be ideal if you live in apartments, but the rooftops provide the perfect place for a barbecue. And if you want the bonfire, you can always light one in a drum.

Kebabs pasty in their tenderness, eaten with parata with the whole family (in the case of Eids spent in ancestral homes) or with friends and neighbours (when in the city), with music playing in the background, is an unforgettable experience.

All levity aside, this Eid is 'Boro Eid' for a good reason. It is one of the few times when we can eat and not feel guilty. It is the day we can hope, if not ensure, that very few will go hungry, and we can celebrate that fact by stuffing ourselves. So, tomorrow, forget the guilt and enjoy the occasion that comes around all too rarely.


LS Pick

Style factor

Eid may very well call for celebrations aplenty, but that is not always synonymous to stacking up on couture and cosmetics. Especially so far as Eid-ul-Adha is concerned, what with all the slaughtering, packing, processing and distributing of meat, it is just as important to dress well as it is to dress wisely. Remember that the key is to be clad in clothes such that they permit easy mobility and comfort and you would probably do well to avoid heavy materials and rich embellishments. Opt for simple cottons instead, be they in saris or kameezes; but because it is Eid afterall, choose bold and beautiful cuts and colours. Team your kameezes with coloured leggings to recreate a fusion look that will lend simultaneous elements of exclusiveness and comfort to your ensemble.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Peya
Wardrobe and jewellery: Maheen Khan
Makeup and hair style: Farzana Shaki


In striving to strike a balance between comfort and glamour this Eid, we recommend celebratory colours such as emerald green, blood red and deep purple. Opt for cotton kurtis in simple but trendy block prints and draw elegance to your ensemble by adding thick zari borders. Replacing shalwars by bright leggings will result in the double-edged benefit of chic and comfort. Because there is the risk that you might have to be on your toes for extended periods, pamper your feet in traditional flats, but forget not the availability of embellished sandals that will complement the rest of your attire.

Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Peya
Wardrobe and jewellery: Maheen Khan
Makeup and hair style: Farzana Shakil


To strike a comfortable note in fashion, you might want to try some simple cotton kameezes that are not too flashy but still make you look as beautiful as you are. Something that's decent, elegant and yet comfortable enough for you to move around in when handling all the meaty madness.

You don't have to highly accessorise either, but make sure you have your hair tied up nicely and you look presentable enough for surprise Eid visits. Of course, later when all the hard work is over, you can always put on your new clothes and shoes, look dazzling and walk out the door like it's a new day! But if you're too tired, there's always tomorrow.

Now for men, it's easy for us to picture them in their new white panjabis all blood-drenched when they come back home with big smiles on their faces after they've enjoyed feeling like a butcher. And when it comes to sorting the meat out, they don't just get cosy… they get extremely relaxed.

Wearing their tattered vests with lungis , they sit down and start burrowing through the meat of whatever animal they have just slaughtered. But if the women and girls of the house have to look presentable, so do the men.

So we say, no more lungis! What you should try is a comfortable pair of sweat pants, trousers or maybe even shorts with a decent t-shirt. These can be cool and comfy and yet look well dressed enough for Eid.

Yes, comfort plays a big role on Eid-ul-Adha; with the blood and meat of cows and goats all around. But it is Eid after all. It's a day of festivities and joy. Why not express that with what we wear just like every other big occasion? Think of a way to look great and feel relaxed at the same time and you'll hit the jackpot.

Have a happy Eid!

By Naziba Basher
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Peya
Wardrobe and jewellery: Maheen Khan
Makeup and hair style: Farzana Shakil

Check It Out

Eid with Arisa

Boutique Arisa introduces its brand new collection for the coming wedding season and Eid. The collection comprises of muslin, crepe, cotton and kota shalwar kameez sets and saris. One can choose from heavily embellished, to simple designs.

You can also get panjabis for men and kurtas for women. Prices are within the budget. Available at Arisa's Dhanmondi outlet.

Keeping the festive season in mind, Arisa Beauty Care Section offers new packages as well. Rejuvenate yourself at Tk 1000. An offer comprising of a facial, pedicure, manicure and hair oil massage. Detox yourself at Tk 1200 with a body massage, hair treatment and facial.

For detailed information, contact Arisa Beauty Care & Boutique, H- 66/A, Road- 8/A, Dhanmondi-1205, 01675801728. arisaboutique@yahoo.com; arisabd.com


Aneela sizzles Sri Lanka

On 28 October at Taj Samudra Hotel, Aneela Haque unveiled her signature couture collection titled “Deshi Colours by Aneela Haque" in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This was the first time a Sri Lankan audience witnessed a presentation by this accomplished designer. Haque was highly praised for presenting Bangladesh's textile heritage muslin, jamdani, silk and khadi in her ensembles presented by Sri Lanka's top models.

Her collection in fusion styles of saris, formals and casuals were showcased along with a touch of Tagore's poetry through calligraphy. All accessories and jewellery were designed under Aneela's Maduli collection.

Dignitaries and personalities including the Bangladesh High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Mahbubuzzaman and Sri Lanka High Commissioner to Bangladesh W A Sarath K Weragoda graced the show, which was choreographed by Lou Ching and makeup was done by Ramazy Rahaman.


Sanjna @ Banani 11

Sanjna celebrated its opening on 9 November, 2010 at Chandiwala Mansion, Banana 11. The boutique offers designers' party wears and wedding attires for both males and females along with a complete wedding, design solution. Many media and cultural personalities were present on the occasion. The guests were exhilarated when the top ten models of Dhaka walked down the ramp featuring the most exclusive designers' collections.
Be sure to check Sanjna this wedding season.



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