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Nitya Upahar

Keeping the occasion of our Victory Day in mind, fashion house Nitya Upahar has brought out a collection comprising of various designs and colours. Artists Qayyum Chowdhury, Chandrasekhar Shaha, Dhrubo S, Shobboshachi Hazra, Mahbubur Rahman, Shahed Hijol and Nitya Upahar's studio designers have brought out this varied collection to suit customers' diverse tastes.

The t-shirts are printed in the prevailing popular designs, to which ten more designs have been added this year. On top of that are Victor Day-themed designs on children's t-shirts.

Price range of t-shirts: Tk 150 - 420.

The collection includes Tangail saris, as well as green tie-dye, and screen-print saris in various designs. The saris are priced between Tk 950 and Tk 1200.

There are also women's tops, and men's fatua and panjabi. Tops are priced from Tk 350 - 550, fatuas from Tk 350 - 400, and panjabis from Tk 600 - 800.

Shawls are also available in patriotic themes like colour-combinations of red and green, prints of patriotic text, etc. The price range is from Tk 550 -750.

Rang this season

With Victory Day only days away, boutique Rang has brought forward an elaborate collection of tees, saris, fatuas and panjabis in the patriotic bicolours -- red and green. This is not only a business venture for the enterprise but also a social expression that unites them with the masses celebrating a hard earned freedom.

Also in Rang's treasure trove is a wide array of designs crafted in khaadi and 100 percent cotton fabrics, in a myriad designs -- Winter Collection 2010. Care is taken to incorporate the wedding vibe into the selected range of products that will perform the dual function -- catering to the needs of the winter chill and also the wedding extravaganza.

The entire range does not limit itself to traditional attires, which is of course the forte of this reputed brand but also incorporates experiments with western attires.

A must see, this winter collection of Rang is available in all outlets.

KK's Victory Day call

In the month of our independence, fashion house Kay Kraft have expressed their patriotic fervour through their collection with the underlying theme being 'Jaago Bangladesh Jaago'

Primarily made using cotton, the colours that dominate the collection are red and green. Using their own weaving designs, Kay Kraft presents red and green saris, tie and dye saris, shalwar kameez sets, fatuas, tops panjabis, t-shirts, shawls, bandanas and scarves.

Price ranges for men and women's fatuas are from Tk350 595, for panjabis from Tk625 1200, shalwar kameez sets from Tk1000 1500, saris from Tk700 1400, t-shirts from Tk225 275. For children there are tops and t-shirts, with prices ranging from Tk200 300.

This collection debuted on December 1, and will be available at all Kay Kraft outlets.

LS Desk

Deshidosh celebrates Victory Day

Beginning 9 December, 2010 Deshidosh is arranging cultural programmes entitled “Lal Shubjer Deshidosh” at Chittagong and later on 11 December, 2010 in Dhaka.

Deshidosh is a conglomerate of ten leading boutiques of the country and each of them has their own unique touch. Attires will be sold at the Deshidosh outlets throughout the month on various themes celebrating victory.

Schedule of cultural programs: 9 December, 2010. Thursday. 4 pm. Level 5, Afmi Plaza, Chittagong. 11 December, 2019. Saturday.

4 pm. Deshidosh Outlet, Level 7, Block A, Bashundhara City Shopping Mall, Panthapath, Dhaka.

Check It Out

Heritage Show 2010

Heritage Show 2010 is organised by Arts Council Dhaka, an event that will be inaugurated on 9 December 2010 at 12 North Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka at 5pm. This event will showcase the work of 40 artists -- painters and sculptors -- from across Bangladesh, works that have been inspired from the heritage sites of Paharpur and the Pala art of Barendro in general.

The Pala period (750 AD 1174 AD) was the “Golden Era of Bengal”. During the height of this rule a glorious period of excellence was achieved in art, sculpture, architecture, science, philosophy and Bengali literature.

It pioneered the beginning of the Bengali nationalism in the truest sense. It is their hope that through the efforts of Arts Council Dhaka there will be a revival of interest in history and build a bridge across time with the rich thousand-year descent of our Bengali Civilisation.

The event will be held for three days between 9-11 December, 2010. Cultural events will be aired live on television for one-hour everyday. It will include ancient Charjapod's songs, poetry, musicals, drama and classical dance. The broadcast of such a cultural performance will build awareness and reach out to a larger audience.

This is first of a series to come as Arts Council Dhaka plans to stage many more events to propagate the history of Bengal in the future.

Nando's takes a step towards World Peace

On the December 4 2010 Nando's launched their newest and last global campaign, launched simultaneously in every country that has a Nando's franchise. This historic campaign, 'Every bite unites', is a peace program. It is carried out by a special offer of shared meals for two, four or six people, which soon, Nando's hopes, will bring about a hint of world peace, albeit on a local scale.

Shafkat Sakin, Marketing and Branding, MGH Restaurants Private Ltd, spoke about how he hopes this campaign will help “end any feud with food”.

“These value meals that we're offering for this peace campaign is meant to bring people together” says Shafkat. He mentions how in a country like Bangladesh, family and friendship holds a lot of value, so he hopes this campaign will turn out to be successful at what it's supposed to bring about for people.

With this campaign, Nando's also launched a new drink - 'Citra', which is specially made from a South African recipe. With 1 litre costing just Tk 160, this drink will refresh you and take you to a citric paradise.

The campaign also takes into consideration the affordability for teenagers who happen to be a vital part of the city. With this in mind, Nando's have priced their meals for two at Tk 1099, meals for four at Tk 1789 and meals for six at Tk 3210 only.

Each of these value meals is sufficient to give you the complete Nando's experience. They sum up almost everything in their menu. They have Portuguese salad, starter liver, bolo bread, potato wedges, bay leaf butter and chicken in sizes depending on the meal taken. Along with this they serve their new drink- Citra.

The management of Nando's and MGH Restaurants Private Ltd. were present at the event as they all held their heads high in hope with their new initiative to bring about World peace. The campaign ends on 6 January 2011 as they hope that people will choose to solve their problems on a Nando's table with the new sharing meals until then.

As Shafkat says, “There's power in unity.” Nando's hopes for this campaign to carry on successfully as they do their bit for World Peace.

By Naziba Basher

News Flash

KFC, Pizza Hut observes World Hunger Relief Campaign

On 29 November, 2010 KFC and Pizza Hut have completed the World Hunger Relief Campaign jointly with the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) to raise wider awareness on hunger and also support WFP to provide meals to children in schools, helping to ensure they achieve an education one of the most critical steps necessary to overcome poverty and hunger. This month-long campaign was launched on 14 October 2010 at KFC in Gulshan.

This year's campaign - the fourth in succession - and the Hunger Relief Programme has been celebrated internationally from October 14November 13, 2010 by all the restaurants under the Yum! International brand. The campaign led by Yum! (A & W, KFC, Long John Silvers, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell)- a network of over 35,000 restaurants in 112 countries and the UN World Food Programme worked to raise awareness about hunger, with all proceeds going to the WFP.

“We should all take it as our moral duty to be associated with such a noble cause. KFC and Pizza Hut are always passionate about inspiring people to help the deprived, who are now more than 1 billion in number. We promise to render support in raising money and creating awareness in future also” said Akku Chowdhury, Executive Director, Transcom Foods Ltd.

Taka eight lacs eighteen thousand three hundred and sixty has been raised from the customers during the month long campaign. The total fund was handed over to Christa Rader, WFP Country Representative, Bangladesh, through a simple ceremony at Pizza Hut, Gulshan on 29 November 2010.

“WFP is very grateful to YUM! International and Transcom Foods Ltd. for taking such an initiative to encourage others in joining the fight against hunger. The funds raised this year prove the success of such a campaign and we gladly look forward to the same in the future” said Christa Rader, WFP Country Representative, Bangladesh.

Pop Up

Split ends

Split ends occur when the protective layer of cuticle is removed from the tip of the strands. An effective remedy for split ends is trimming. Trim your hair regularly, say, about two to three centimeters from the tip. This can prevent the occurrence of split ends. To do this at home, take a small section of your hair and then gently twist it in a downward motion. The split ends will stick out by doing this. Locate the split ends, sticking out of the twisted hair, and trim them off, using a sharp pair of scissors.



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