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News flash

Chondon's Jewellery Show: Another Jewel in the Chondon Crown

With the 2010 wedding season upon us, designers across the city have seen a surge in demand for not only bridal wear and traditional outfits but also in designer jewellery to complement their ensembles. In response to this demand, Chandona Dewan of Chondon's is organising a jewellery exhibition on December 10,11 and 12 at Chondon's in Road -103, Plot-9, Gulshan- 2.

Her line of jewellery has been designed keeping the festive wedding season in mind and inspiration has been taken from Nepali, Indian, Afghan and Turkish jewellery. These have been incorporated with ethnic, deshi designs to create fusion jewellery in silver, brass, copper and iron, making strong use of semi-precious stones such as lapis, coral, turquoise, jasper, onyx and pearls as adornments.

With increasing numbers of people opting out of wearing gold jewellery, be it for sky-rocketing prices or changing preferences, a jewellery exhibition focusing on alternative metals could not be more welcome at this time. Do come to Chondon's this Friday and Saturday to be a proud owner of jewellery by Chandona Dewan, the latest buzz in the fashion arena!

- LS Desk

Wedding Diary

For those who are planning on getting married this winter or the next, check out Wedding Diary at www.pritoreza.com. A company specialising in wedding photography by the young Prito Reza, Wedding Diary offers photography of all kinds; storytelling through both the media of black and white and colour, traditional and formal portraits not to mention illustrative and artistic works of art.

Prito Reza has been studying and experimenting with wedding photography for the past few years and has earned a name in the arena of fashion and wedding photography. For more information, contact Prito Reza, (88) 0171 410 5098.

LS Desk

Kaya's wedding offers

Every bride wants to look her best before taking her wedding vows. To help avoid last minute dilemmas and make sure they look flawless on the wedding day and beyond, Kaya Skin Clinic brings bridal packages that are specially created to give them perfect, radiant skin.

Kaya offers the bride, the groom and their wedding entourage perfectly planned step-by-step beauty packages that will ensure that this day is remembered forever.

For those who can afford the time, preparation can start as early as 60-days before the big day. Offers within 30 and 15 day schedules are also there that can help achieve good results. Prices for these packages are within Tk 8700 to 16000.

Sometimes, acne and the odd pimple can often foil the grandeur of the wedding ensemble. Their Bridal Glow Package is designed to maximise the reduction of blemishes and give you a clearer and even skin tone. This package comprising of sessions of Skin Renewal Pimple Free, Come Done Extraction, Everyday Radiance and Glycolic Peel with Anti-acne mask.

Similar packages are also available for the groom. A 30-day package is recommended by the specialists at Kaya for grooms-to-be looking for enhancement of skin. It includes a unique combination of services like Acne Free, Kaya Glow, Cosmo/Pigment Reducer Peel and Kaya Refine giving you an evenness of skin tone and reduced oiliness resulting in clear and radiant skin, as desirable for the day.

Similar offers are also available for the mothers of the bride and groom, and also for friends of the bride.

Winter Brides
Skin Care
Cleanse face twice a day with a suitable cleanser, preferably moisturising cleansers. Do not miss using sunscreen, 20 minutes before going out and to repeat application every 3-4 hours. Apply a suitable moisturiser twice a day. Avoid toners / astringents as they dry up the skin. Use cream based (for dry skin) or lotion based (for oily skin) make up. Remove make up with make-up remover lotion or mild cleansing lotion. Moisturise skin after removing make up

Hair Care
Use mild shampoo for cleansing twice/thrice a week. Avoid very frequent cleansing. Conditioning is mandatory after shampooing. Use suitable serum to keep hair from drying. Avoid unnecessary treatments like blow drying, perming, colouring etc. If treated hair take special care to moisturise hair with serum.

By Sharmina Huq

News Flash

Dala decor

Weddings in Dhaka have long been transformed from nondescript, traditional, family affairs to a glamorous, multi-million taka, larger-than-life industry. Amidst the many alterations that these changes have beckoned, an increasingly important development has been the need to outsource many of the finer details surrounding the ceremony that were previously the forte of aunts, cousins and close friends. With staggering guest lists, a seemingly unnecessary number of functions to organise and the exponentially busier lives that people generally lead, the need for professional help in such things as decorating dalas has become undeniable.

School teacher Yasmeen Ahmed Milly explains how having always been a creative person, decorating dalas for friends and family had long been a passion of sorts; but widespread appreciation of her aptitude convinced her to go professional. The encouragement and commendation that she received for her work led her to transform what had previously been a pleasurable hobby into something that she could promote on a professional level.

She has thus taken on abundant orders to custom-make dalas, kulas, fruit baskets, rakhis and dessert bowls for brides and grooms aplenty, realising the importance of having these aspects of a wedding tailored to individual preferences as opposed to simply dishing out the stereotypical. Yasmeen goes on to explain that if there ever is a time when impressions matter, it is during weddings, and as such clients are increasingly realising the need to package their gifts beautifully and presentably not just for the recipient family, but also in the eyes of the guests that will attend from either side.

The prices that she charges depend largely on the size and materials used in the dala décor, but on average they range between Tk 850 Tk 1200. She usually uses wooden, bamboo or cane trays as bases and embellishes the dalas with dry flowers, artificial flowers, wrapping paper, zari, intricately worked borders, sequins and spray paint. Each family generally requires about 12-15 dalas/kulas for the entire range of offerings that will be sent to the in-laws' and for this a time frame of 4-5 days is usually necessary.

This wedding season, spare yourself some time and trouble, and seek help from creative individuals. For more details, call 01819970056.

By Subhi Shama



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