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Dhaka International book fair

Dhaka University launched their International Book Fair on December 1 2010. The fair will continue till December 16 2010 at the Dhaka University playground. This year's Book Fair's slogan is, 'Books for Achieving Vision 2021'.

The fair begins everyday at 2pm and ends at 9pm and will open at 11am on government holidays. Minister of Cultural Affairs, Abul Kalam Azad inaugurated the fair and the Ministry's acting secretary; Suraiya Begum was the chief guest at the event.

Every bookstall has a different collection of books to present. Some are Bangla literature, some are English and some are for children. Among other books are novels, religious history books, encyclopaedias, cookbooks and more.

Paragon Enterprises Ltd. is one of the stalls selling imported English novels and books along with a few Bangla ones. Shahadat Hossain, a representative of the stall, said that mostly encyclopaedias and Bangla translation of novels are more in demand than others. He also mentioned how there isn't much of a crowd like at other times. The venue for the book fair is perfect, but due to weather conditions not many people have had the chance to attend the fair. Also, Shahadat tells us about how there is hardly any advertisement for the fair and maybe that is one reason why many people have not been attending. He hopes to encourage students to buy more books by reducing some of the prices just so that they get that chance to read some of the amazing books that he had never gotten back in his day. Paragon Enterprises Ltd. is also the book supplier for the Central Library of Dhaka University.

A lot of other stalls seemed unhappy with the crowd considering the vast variety of books they had set in their stalls ready to be sold. Although, there aren't many new books but the collections they have are big enough for people to have a lot to chose from. Arif, from Friends Book Corner, said that most of the crowd has shown up only on Friday and not many of his books were sold. He, too, mentioned how most of the books sold are Bangla translations other than Bangla literature itself. Friends Book Corner has a wide variety of old English novels and other good books written by authors like Dan Brown and Agatha Christi. A lot of Rabindranath Tagore's books are also present in almost all the stalls.

Bishshobiddaloy Campus, another stall, has books on information technology and on computer literacy. They also sold other items such as DVDs and magazines on Yoga and Meditation.

The book fair and the people of the stalls are still hoping for a bigger crowd of readers to come in and buy these books that are worth reading. Go to the Campus Playground at Dhaka University and get your favourite book today!

By Naziba Basher

Pot plants at Agora

Agora, in Gulshan, has brought in their latest assortment of little potted plants. Be they in earthenware pots or decorated in shells, there are many options for you to choose your favourite from.

For potted plants, it's necessary to have a homely environment. To keep them beautiful and healthy, you'll need --

Water: Plants need water to survive, but too much water can be harmful. Water the potted plants every 3-4 days. However, spray water twice a day if need be. For Orchids and Thai hangings, it is advisable to keep the plants wet by spraying water on them frequently.

Light: Light is of highest importance to potted plants for proper growth. Keep the plants in a place that gets sufficient sunlight, like near a window or on the balcony.

Temperature: A certain temperature helps potted plants survive. Normally, a good temperature for potted plants is below 30 degrees centigrade.

Humidity: Potted plants need around 60-90 percent humidity. This kind of humidity is already present in our atmosphere.

Food and minerals: Plants are known to make their own food in the presence of sunlight and carbon dioxide. But apart from the food they make for themselves, they still require a lot of other minerals to survive properly. These minerals are already given in the soil mixtures that are enough for three months.

Other needs: Along with the leaves of the plants, spray water on other parts of the plants as well every 15-20 days to keep it clean. Cut off the leaves that have dried or worn out.

By Nazia Basher

Special discounts at Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut, where 'stories happen', brought yet another delightful twist in the tale! The world's favorite pizza place, never falling short of surprises, is now offering huge discounts on some large meals.

As part of a global initiative of Pizza Hut, Visa cardholders in Bangladesh will now be able to enjoy different discounts on six king size meals. You are eligible for the discounts up to 20 percent if you pay by using Visa debit or credit card.

“We treat all our customers like kings. This initiative of introducing a king size discount for them on all our king size meals is just another step towards that stand. We believe this joint initiative of Visa and Pizza Hut would steer a massive response from all the Pizza Hut fans”, said Akku Chowdhury, the Executive Director of Transcom Foods Ltd.

“Globally Visa is working with various merchant partners to design and develop promotions to encourage consumers to use their cards and enjoy the benefits of electronic payments such as convenience, security, reliability and so on. “In Bangladesh, Visa is glad to partner with Pizza Hut and introduce Visa King Size Meals, an exclusive menu for Visa cardholders coming to Pizza Hut and use their cards and enjoy their meals. We are confident that the promotion will be a huge success amongst Visa users in Bangladesh”, said Uttam Nayak, Group Country Manager of Visa for South Asia.

With 1, 975 daily walk-in customers, the brand is proud for being able to successfully manage to serve its 6 lakh satisfied customers with delicious food and exclusive dining experience through these six years. Pizza Hut, in Bangladesh, started its journey in December 6 2003 at Gulshan. It opened its second outlet in September 2005 at GEC Circle, Chittagong. Then the outlet in Dhanmondi was opened. The latest one, located in Natok Para, has been designed with the new concept of Enhanced Dine-in, to which the other Pizza Hut outlets will adopt gradually.

Other than pizza, the restaurant also offers an array of delightful appetizers, pastas and desserts. In Bangladesh, Pizza Hut is franchised by Transcom Foods Limited which also runs the world famous KFC in Bangladesh. Transcom Foods Ltd. is part of the one of the leading Bangladeshi conglomerates, Transcom.

By M H Haider

The 'chat' revolution

In the year 1988, Jarkko 'Wiz' Oikarinen, a Nigerian, wrote the first Internet Reliant Chat (IRC) client and server at the university of Oulu, Finland. At that time Jarkko probably had no idea that he was on the verge of starting the biggest craze of the century. Though, it was only developed for his university mates, people latched on the idea and within a year 40 more chat servers were set up in universities around Norway and its adjacent areas. It took a little over a year for the whole world to follow.

Letters and telephones had brought the world closer. But the lengthy process and high costs, respectively, ensured that many people still had a difficult time reaching their loved ones who were separated by great distances. Chatting revolutionised the whole idea of staying in touch. Distance became irrelevant as people could communicate with each other in real time, for almost absolutely free. This new craze continued to spread and showed no signs of stopping. The development of more chat clients serving a global user base only intensified the hype.

Currently, the most popular chat clients remain Yahoo, Google Talk, MSN, Ovi Chat, AOL and many others. Although usually reserved for use in computers and laptops, cell phone users could not resist urging for the ability to chat using phones and even this plea was met. Soon new models of cell phones came out, sacrificing the traditional key-pad for QWERTY keyboard inclusive key pads. Now each button has to be pressed once and thus this enabled people to type faster, leading to another increase in the volume of SMSes sent and of course assisting the users to chat leisurely.

Among the cell-phones that are 'chat-friendly', Nokia C3 is one that stands out. Having regular facilities such as SMS, MMS, email and audio/video support, it is indeed a smart phone, but one which isn't priced exorbitantly. While people rave about smart phones, the Nokia C3 makes it a priority to be affordable for the masses. Indeed their slogan 'messaging for the masses' makes a lot of sense when you consider the price and the features of this new phone.

With a brilliant 2.4 inch screen and 2 GB memory with a capability of handling 16 GB easily, Nokia C3 has a lot to write home about. It has built-in widgets for Facebook, Twitter and Ovi Chat, ensuring that people stay connected at all times. The ability of Ovi Chat of accommodating contacts from Yahoo, Google Talk, Facebook etc. all at once makes it easier for users to stay in touch with all of their contacts at the same time, without the hassle of signing in to different pages. Users can also just use MSN or Yahoo without having to download additional software.

This piece of beauty isn't only restricted to the elite, but can be availed by a large section of society. With a sleek metallic look, weighing 114g, despite the wealth of features and a metallic back cover, the C3 is rich and portable. The phone for the masses is certain to augment Nokia's already high brand and esteemed image. This phone thus guarantees that the Chat Revolution will not only continue but it will also reach even the most far flung corners of the world, where the Nokia C3 is sure to win many more hearts.

By Osama Rahman

@ Farzana Shakil's

Celebrating their founding anniversary, this renowned salon is offering a special discount package. Keeping the wedding season in mind, Farzana Shakil feels that brides deserve the best and hence this exclusive offer for them. Interested people can avail special discounts on a wide range of pre-wedding and bridal packages.

Beginning 10 December the package will be available till 31 January 2011. No matter what the budget, brides-to-be will find a package of their choice in this exclusive offer.

For details contact: Farzana Shakil's Makeover Salon Ltd. House# 3/A, Road#28(Old)

New#15, Dhanmondi, Dhaka, #9116057 and House#1/B (SWG), Road#5, Gulashan-1, Dhaka-1212 #8812215, 8812172.



Treating women as objects to stare at and harass is wrong. Why? At the heart of the issue is disrespect. For all the 'modernization' that today's youth think they have achieved, they are hopelessly outdated on their views of women. Being sexually active (predatory) doesn't mean that they are with the times. One can only be a citizen of the times by respecting the intellect of others, men and women alike. Sexual predators only hurt others, and reveal their own shortcomings.

-LS Desk

Storing and organising books

Whether reading for work or pleasure, it is important to keep book collections well organised to ensure that the right book can be found when it is needed. Public libraries provide access to books with low or minimal cost and no storage issues. It is nice to have a collection of favourite or useful books at home however, particularly those that are read or referred to frequently

Space is a major factor in deciding where and how many books can be kept. While it is possible to keep books stored in boxes under beds or in cupboards, these books are often forgotten or neglected. Ideally, there should be sufficient space to display books so that they can be used regularly.

Bookshelves are available in a range of sizes and strengths. If there are several large, heavy books in a collection or if the book collection is particularly large, it is best to make sure that shelves are sturdy and well-built. A full bookshelf has to support a surprisingly large weight and it is better to buy or build shelves that are strong enough to begin with rather than having the additional expense of replacing them.

Choose an area in the home that is suitable and consider how much space is available. Book collections may need to be culled and sorted to fit the available space. While it is best to not have books scattered throughout the house, some books such as cookbook collections and children's picture books can be kept in the appropriate rooms.

Plant a notion

"Going green" doesn't have to be a daunting task that means sweeping life changes. Simple things can make a difference. By turning off your computer instead of leaving it in sleep mode, you can save 40 watt-hours per day. If you don't want to wait for your computer to start up, set it to turn on automatically a few minutes before you get to work, or boot up while you're pouring your morning cup. Businesses throw away tons of paper every year for a quick and easy way to halve this, set your printer's default option to print double-sided (duplex printing). And when you're finished with your documents, don't forget to take them to the recycling bin.



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