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The disc
jockey vibe

“Hey Mr DJ put a record on I wanna dance with my baby
And when the music starts
I never wanna stop, it's gonna drive me crazy”

Have you ever seen a couple dance? Watch them sway to the groove, go wild with the music as the coloured lights reflect upon the disco ball hanging from the roof and scatter beams throughout the dance floor? Have you really watched the crowd go wild with the vibe of the music, as the DJ fuels that madness with his ideal selection of tracks?

In all certainty you have, and probably, you too, as a party animal, understand the key role played by the DJ in bringing life to a party. Without disc jockeys strutting their wares, evenings are dull, and incomplete. As DJ Ratul puts it, “there is nothing called 'A DJ party'. It's a misconception that if there's a DJ at a party, it's a DJ party. Well, it's not. A party is a party, and a DJ is just an essential component of it.”

Ratul is a familiar name in the city's party scene and well appreciated by night crawlers. Even though he looks at being a DJ as more of a passion than a profession, that doesn't stop him from being offered one of the proposed DJ spots for the upcoming ICC World Cup 2011. He has performed at parties in Westin and Radisson for New Year's 2010 and is in more of a rush this year. “I've already gotten more than 200 calls for parties this year. I haven't picked which one I'll perform in yet,” says Ratul.

Ratul also shares that he chooses the music on his playlist according to the crowd he plays for. “I usually check the crowd out before I play my music. Like for corporate parties, I'd rather play something a little more soft and classical. Whereas, for other parties such as a New Year's dance party, I'd rather play music that people would love to dance to,” Ratul tells us.

He started his DJ adventure when he was only in the 6th grade. “I played for my class party and I absolutely loved it. Since then I started in small events like family get-togethers. I, then, realised how much I loved making people dance!”

Ratul, along with DJ Rahat -- rising name of the Dhaka party scene -- derive inspiration from stalwart figures like DJs Duke, Tanim, Shahed and Opu.

Ratul however has a different twist to his music compared to others and all he hopes for is the crowd's appreciation. Some of his most famous tracks that get the crowd wild are Dynamite by Tiao Cruz and other songs by Pitbull. The genres that enjoy the most airtime include hip-hop, house, trance and other such party favourites. “I prefer keeping the crowd on their feet” and, as always, he succeeds.

Beside Ratul, another happening name in the party scene is that of DJ Rahat. Rahat has been in the business for quite a while now and takes being a DJ as his profession. He too is very busy this New Year as he prepares to rock the events of many party-goers this holiday season.

“All the DJs in the house we work at are booked already,” Rahat tells us. He plays more for corporate parties and private clubs around town. And as known, he is booked almost everyday of the year. He believes DJs are a vital part of every party. And now, since DJs are so highly in demand, it has become a viable career choice for many youngsters.

“Being a DJ has become a good profession for many hopeful young people in Bangladesh,” says Rahat. He also believes that apart from himself and Ratul, DJ Prince has risen to become an amazing performer.

Rahat usually plays for an age range of 20 to 50. This year, he will play at the clubs where he's the regular DJ. These clubs have become like family to him and he enjoys playing for them on any occasion he's called in for. Along with Rahat, everyone's in full throttle for New Year's. Rahat has made some brand new tracks for the year-end celebrations, which he hopes to launch on the occasion. Some of the most famous tracks by him that get the crowd crazy are Waka waka by Shakira and mostly Bollywood trakcs like Munni Badnaam, etc. He hopes this year's New Year celebration is just as popular as every other one of his parties.

So if you are rocking in a New Years party, or any party for that matter, get your feet to the dance floor and dance to the music, in ode to the DJ, if not anything else.

For details contact:
DJ Ratul; facebook.com/ zdjratulradiocircle.
DJ Rahat; 01711227724

By Naziba Basher
Photo courtesy: DJ Ratul and DJ Rahat






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