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Party on the beach

Every year when the calendar pages reach their very end, my husband and I fall into the perennial dilemma of deciding where exactly it is that we want to be standing when the clock strikes 12.

Over the years we have spent expensive holidays in foreign lands experiencing different cultures and their different ways of welcoming the New Year. These expensive holidays have resulted in long working hours, which have in turn refrained us from participating in a long choreographed holiday routine around the globe.

We have rather taken fancy to the flourishing 'inbound tourism' of the country and to my husband's great hope that the sector will thrive if we start playing our role too. This brings us to the last year's experience.

Last year during this confused time, we came to know that a friend was making a very healthy trip to Cox's Bazaar with his family for the New Years. He informed us about the Mermaid Eco Resort that had just opened in Pechar Dwip - 16 kms from Cox's Bazaar that had a wonderful surrounding providing a peaceful environment compared to the busy town. We were also told that the resort is also the sister concern of Mermaid Café, Cox's Bazaar who were hosting a New Years Eve party at their beach restaurant.

So when our friend offered us to tag along with his family to Cox's Bazaar, we took him up on the offer without a second thought. I must admit this was one of the greatest decisions we had taken in a while.

On the due date we made the long but fun journey and spent a wonderful few days at the Eco resort. 31 December, 2009 was a full moon and we were very excited to be going to a New Years Eve beach party in Cox's Bazaar, which sounded very promising.

We had a free shuttle from the Mermaid Eco Resort to the party venue Mermaid Café in Kolatoli. Upon arriving at the venue I couldn't believe that I as actually standing in Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh. The whole coconut garden was lit with candles, lanterns and lights creating a fairytale ambience.

The Dj was spilling all his talent playing wonderful trance tracks and making the crowd go wild. The crowd was unbelievable; I have never seen such well dressed people in a beach party and thank God I was dressed for the occasion!

The whole venue was also swimming with mouth-watering scents from the lobster and red snappers grilling on the BBQ. After a heartfelt dinner with the freshest and organic catches of the day and every now and then clapping to the fire dancers twirling away with their fire swords, we were ready to welcome the brand new year and see the final surprise the party had in store.

We were not disappointed and at exactly 12 the party was born again - two huge fire sculptures of 2010 were set into fire, the blazing flames, the fire dancers, the “fanushes” covering the night sky and the people dancing around the bonfires to the Djs tunes made it truly a night to remember. I don't recall how long we were dancing and yelling “Happy New Year” but eventually after the long workout, we made our way back with the shuttle to the resort and immediately crept under the warm blankets for one last time.

The next morning we left the beautiful resort and Cox's Bazaar but brought back with us a lot of crazy photos and an exciting story for everyone.

This year we are not taking any chances and have already 'Booked our Dance Spaces' as per the Mermaid Café requisites for the celebration of yet another epic New Years party.

By Samiha Alam Bristy


Thirty-first with
Mermaid Café

At the end of every year, young people flock to Cox's Bazar for the New Year celebrations. This New Year, Mermaid Cafe at Cox's Bazar is the place to be. The eco-friendly cafe is arranging a massive New Year's Eve beach party, which is going to be their biggest ever.

Tickets for the big event will cost Tk2500, but it will be worth it as the organisers have a special evening planned for their guests. In previous years, the number of guests amounted to around five hundred people. This time the organisers are hoping that they will attract a thousand people.

The fun starts in the evening, when gates open for a concert featuring the hugely popular Artcell, and other such stellar names. The festivities will also include unusual acts such as a fire spinner. The concert is scheduled to continue till 10pm, and after that, with only two hours left to welcome 2011, the revellers will be treated to Trance music by popular DJs Sonica and Bishal to dance away the time.

There will also be a hundred-feet high fire sculpture, with 'Happy 2011' written at the top. When the big moment comes, there will be a magnificent fireworks display that will last for up to ten minutes.

The party will go on through the night, and there will be delicious seafood for the guests to feast on. Appetisers are included in the ticket. Those who have stayed at Mermaid Eco Resort or feasted at their cafe will know that the food is a promising attraction.

There will also be a raffle draw with the first prize being two nights stay at the resort, and the second prize a couple's dinner at the resort.

Guests of the resort will be provided free shuttle services from the resort to the beach party and back again.

If it's a party you're looking for, there aren't many options better than a beach party, so head down to Cox's Bazar for the blast of a lifetime.

Grab your Ticket (Tk 2500 for single entry and Tk 4000 for the Couple) from the Mermaid Café in Cox's Bazar or from Mermaid Gallery Cafe, Baridhara, Road-9, House-9, Gulshan. Tickets will also be available at all Cooper’s outlets, as well as from Cofi 11 in Banani and Movenpick in Gulshan.

For more information visit their facebook page, “Mermaid Café presents 'The New Year's Eve Celebration'”.
Phone: 01841416468-9, 01730093624

Photo courtesy: Mermaid Cafe



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