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Fashion Today

Maheen Khan
Fashion designer,

Over the past 40 years the fashion industry of Bangladesh has transformed and developed into a bustling centre of activity. No longer is it in its nascent existence. It has surely graduated from a small niche stage and is successfully reaching out to a much larger market. We can therefore state with confidence that it has come of age and found its sense of direction.

Bongo western looks are widely popular. More women today are wearing casual ensembles as daywear.

Tops in traditional kurti styles are also current favourites. These are in short styles with a front opening that has evolved from the classic kameez. Embroidered front panels and yokes are ethnic variations with a modern twist. Crew neck with longer sleeves, comfortable yet cotemporary, kurtis are today's Bangladeshi women's staple urban wear.

This illustrates again a country casual representation that is popular the world over.

These can be in square necks with pleated sleeves or many other variations. With gathered waistlines, these loosely fitted tops work for most shapes.

Baby doll
This is a feminine flared piece of garment that is really timeless. With wide hemlines in graceful puffed or princess sleeves, this is very girlish and ideal for slimmer figures of all ages. The lengths are better short. May not be embroidered but can be smocked or embellished with lace for added character.

These tops work best for Bangladeshi average shapes, especially longer lengths in A-line cuts. Covers all imperfections and is very slimming. Usually best with front openings and straight tapered sleeves in cap or longer lengths.

Culottes in ankle length in wide or narrow styles are simply great or a slim cut fitted pair of jeans is versatile with most tops. Turkish with gathered low high pantaloons, patiala or dhoti pants are a rage these days. These can be worn as eclectic combinations and are distinct and unique in character.

Today we are looking back on crafty finishes. Crochet, lace, pleating and tufting to embellish the garments. Hand embroidery in more subtle arrangements is the in thing. They illustrate our passion for all things personified and manifest our indigenous flare for outfits.

It continues to be our favourite piece of ensemble. We are representing and are far more encouraged to wear our traditional weaves. The interest for designer saris has also taken off well. Endi, cottons, dhakais, tangails, muslins are all exemplified by our current fashion trends. Nakshi embroidery, block printed, screen-printed, batik and hand painted value additions are produced in extraordinary designs.

Men's wear
Body fit shirts. Modern with an ethnic twist with collars and sleeves carrying drama. Casual chic is high on the fashion barometer. Men are far more fashion conscious these days. There are three different looks that work well for men in Bangladesh. The executive look for work which is the corporate image including formal shirts, ties and suits. The fun look at parties where rocking, trend-setting pieces that are versatile are in. Slim fitted jeans, T-shirts or fancy shirt materials. Parka, hooded jackets, tailored jackets finishes the ensemble well and finally the Punjabi look in short or longer lengths.

Photo: Star Lifestyle Archive



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