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Let Jamdanis be

Nothing is worse than a bouquet of red roses embroidered on an elegant, white jamdani. But what might beat that is your smug smile when someone comments on your fashion sense and you feel happy, not having the slightest clue that a fashion crime has been committed.

What is happening to our jamdani sari, can anyone tell me? Please, consider this an ardent request and fill in the gaps that I have, regarding the current status of our pride, the jamdani weave -- Dhakai sari to be precise.

The other day I heard a friend saying that her two nieces, who are by the way getting married this month, bought very expensive jamdanis and they are now contemplating the idea of embroidering them.

Instantly my head started buzzing and almost made a 360 degree turn. On the one hand the mere fact that jamdanis are part of their trousseaus -- that too ones as expensive as Tk60000 -- is praiseworthy (in fact a plain cotton Tk5000 one is also appreciated), but on the other hand they are all ready to choke the expensive weave to death. I don't understand this hypocrisy. A Tk60000 jamdani is in itself a story, a piece of art. It doesn't need any further accessorising to make it dazzle or stand out; just wearing the right kind of jewellery with it should suffice.

I don't know why these modern day fashionistas cannot leave jamdani as it is. Their overt attention and their keen business acumen is taking the jamdani off on all different tangents except the height it should have achieved. A Tk60000 jamdani that is sold by retailers unfortunately does not bring much profit to the artisans who put their skill and labour to weave that gorgeous sari. Thus his profession remains at stake and on the verge of extinction. Instead of helping and patronising the industry or trying to revive age-old designs, women today are trying to re-invent and re-design it. How sorry is the state of jamdani that people today fail to recognise the elegance of these saris and are all set to gag the prestigious weave?

I am dead sure not one of these women will ever think of re-designing their traditional Indian saris like kanchipurams, sambalpuris, narayanpets, benarasis or mangalgiris and pochampally, by taking them to the embroiderers and asking them to do machine or even hand embroidery with zardosi or zari and buttas on them. I am almost certain they will never, even in their wildest dreams, think of undertaking such a sacrilegious act.

Then please explain to me why are they doing that to their precious jamdanis? Why do they fail to appreciate the beauty of this special garb and why are they so eager to ruin it with their so-called designer's instincts?

Yes, I am being slightly in-your-face regarding this fashion crime. Jamdani should be what it is and was all through these decades. You can only ruin it if you are equally enthusiastic about ruining your Indian traditional saris. Just because it is your country's heirloom piece that doesn't give you the right to re-invent it.

Let traditions be, you have thousands of one colour silks, muslins and chiffons to do your embroidery on. Leave the jamdanis alone.

-- Raffat Binte Rashid

News flash

Khazana Mithai

The 19th century was a period of awakening for undivided Bengal. From fine arts to commerce, from culture to industry, from literature to science, there was a glorious flowering of exuberant excellence. The spirit of this era touched the world of confectionery too.

Khazana, the city's popular Indian restaurant, took inspiration from the period when opening their second sweetshop "Khazana Mithai" at the Gulshan 2 circle. Their first sweet store is located on Gulshan Avenue, and both outlets live up to the high standards the brand has established since the opening of its restaurant at Gulshan.

Khazana Mithai will specially cater to wedding ceremonies & corporate events with their specialty 'mishti'. The variety of delights on offer include sweets made from the very best Nolen Gur and the purest cow milk.

Assorted gift boxes: Motichur-ke-Laddu, Kaju Barfi, Son Papri, Rasmalai, Chamcham, Gulab Jamun, Kalakand, Motipak, Chanar Payesh, Rajbhog,Rosogolla, Suger-free Sponge Rasogolla and Misti & Plain Doi.

New outlet: Shop No 122, Plot 10, Taher Tower, Gulshan Circle 2, Gulshan Avenue Outlet: House # 12, Road No #55, Gulshan Avenue #01611000080 -LS desk

Check it out


Resses having poetry calligraphed on attires are like wearable art, and it has gathered quite an acceptance from the people. On the canvas -- yellow, orange or maroon saris, shalwar kameez sets, and dupattas have found new forms in the able hands of the Bibiana design studio. Calligraphy has been used for both their Valentine's Day and Falgun collections.

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Deshidosh aids Museum

Deshidosh, a 'conglomerate' of ten renowned boutiques of the country has extended their hand in assistance for the building of the Liberation War Museum at a new premesis. On 4 February, 2011 amidst a crowd that comprised of actors, designers, photographers and other members of the media, Deshidosh expressed their solidarity with the War Museum and their efforts.

The programme also featured a session of patriotic songs.

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New Handibazar outlet

Fashion house Handibazar has opened their new showroom at Bashundhara Shopping Complex, Second Floor, Block D. This outlet will primarily look into the fashion needs of the executive formal wear for men.

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Kay Kraft

Vanlentine's Day is a universal celebration of the bond that holds humanity together: love. To add to the celebration of this day, boutique Kay Kraft presents an ensemble for the fashionistas to choose from, for this day. Going through their large selection of saris, shalwar kameez sets, fatuas, panjabis and T-shirts, the fashion savvy will feel at ease as there is something for almost everyone.

Also available now is a brilliant assortment if designs on the usual line of attires for Pohela Falgun, the first day of Spring.

Be sure to check them out.

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Discount @ Sanjana

In celebration of the coming of Spring - Pohela Falgun - and Valentine's on the next day, 'Couture by Sanjana' offers a 15 percent discount on a range of products between 9-14 Fenruary, 2011. Available at Couture by Sanjana showroom at Banani Road #11. #8812257
-LS Desk

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Skin love from Kaya

Kaya Skin Clinic has gotten into the spirit of the month of love by introducing a package called 'Skin Love' that will be available through the month of February. The package is available at Tk1790 (instead of Tk2300) and is made up of the fo treatments listed below.

Skin Love Essentials for Her: A combination of products for women that includes a Soothing Cleansing Gel, Daily Use Sunscreen and the Foot Care Cream - everything a woman needs to get that glowing and radiant look. This package is available at Tk1790 .

Skin Love Essentials For Him: The men's grooming kit includes the 3 daily essentials - Revitalising Face Wash, Skin Relief After Shave Gel and Men's Whitening Cream. The perfect gift for the man you care for the most.

Skin Love Radiance: One can also gift their loved ones a package which is a combination of one of Kaya's most popular beauty services and products. Go for a single session of the Everyday Radiance Service and club it with the Foot Care Cream. This combination costs Tk3000, against the original price of Tk3500.

Skin Love Eternal Radiance: 3 sessions of Everyday Radiance along with the Daily Use Sunscreen, for BDT 7500 instead of BDT 8500.

So this February, grab your loved one, take a few hours off and get rejuvenated at Kaya Skin Clinic. To book an appointment- SMS KAYA to 6161. Clinic Contact Details:

Kaya @ Gulshan: 2nd Floor, Casablanca, Plot 114, Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka. Phone no: 008802- 8817239 /008801730326836

Kaya @ Dhanmondi: House No. 405/C (2nd floor), Road No. 27 (Old), 16 (New) P. S. Dhanmondi, Dhaka. Phone no: 9102129 / 008801713438889

For more information visit http://www.kayaclinic.com

- LS Desk


In the Star Lifestyle Volume 11, Issue 35 dated February 1, 2011, the headline was meant to be 'Urban Truth' instead of the inadvertently-printed 'Infant Truth'. We regret the error.

Urban Truth's outlet is located at House 1, First Floor, Banani, Road 11, Block G.





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