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Aarong's Ekushey collection - reflecting the inspiration

As the glorious month of February hits the calendar one more time, the spirit of Ekushey is once again in the air. Inspired by the rebellious, patriotic and mournful spirit, Aarong presents a line of outfits of symbolic colours and motifs for men and women.

Check out their sarees that draw inspiration from colours such as mournful black and white, somber grey and zealous red. Moreover, the calligraphy motifs give the perfect expression for Ekushey. You will also find inspiring embellishments of block prints, screen prints, machine embroideries and geometrics on the elegant silk, half-silk, muslin and cotton saris.

On the other hand, the Taaga collection offers a variety of chic attires. Comfortable and elegant, and synchronised with the passion of the occasion, the endi and cotton outfits have tribal and folklore motifs in blacks, whites and reds.

The shalwar kameezes in grave black and white with hints of fervent red are the catch of the collection. With smart cuts, pockets and flairs, the long length kameezes are decked with bold work of appliqué, sequins, erri, screen prints, cutworks, block prints and embroideries.

The men's collection is not lagging behind as well. Complete with symbolic colours, designs and nakshikantha and calligraphy motifs, the panjabis reflect the zeal of Ekushey- of grief, pride and reverence.

This month, make sure you wear the right clothes, reflecting the right spirit of the month, and show your pride. And Aarong can surely help you with that!


New outlet of Handibazar

Handibazar opened one more outlet on level two of Bashundhara City. The outlet is concentrates on providing male executive formal attire.

Falgun, World Cup cricket and Ekushey collection from Megh

Whether you are looking for a special dress for three upcoming occasions like Pohela Falgun, World Cup Cricket or 21st February, there is plenty to choose from in Megh's collections. There are designs of handworks and prints as well as local handlooms in cotton and khadi fabrics, whose colours and designs are specially created for these three occasions. Available at Megh's three outlets.

Moreover T-shirts which are made for the World Cup are designed to look like the jerseys of the Bangladesh national cricket team and feature the World Cup cricket logo.

Ekushey collection at Shadakalo

Ekushey February is not just an achievement for Bangladeshis but it is our pride since the day is recognised as International Mother Language Day.

Titled as "My Alphabet", Shadakalo arranged their Ekushey Collection, with various uses of alphabets. They have designed fatuas, saris, panjabis, T-shirts and mugs. For children who have grown up with the spirit of Ekushey, Shadakalo has designed products specifically for them.

Kumudini Handicrafts

Keeping 21st February in mind, Kumudini presents its customers with a collection of attires. The fabrics used include cotton, muslin, and half-silk which have been embellished with block prints. The exhaustive collection incorporates saris, shalwar kameez sets, fatuas and children's wear.

Contact: Kumudini Handicrafts, 74 Gulshan Avenue, Dhaka. #8824284;
Kumudini, House #135/1. Sonargaon Hotel #8111641; 72 Sirajuddowla Road Narayanganj #7633545.

Falgun and Valentine's Day Collection at Bibiana

Bibiana's spring collection this year blends a design of poetry and nature in yellow, orange and maroon colours. Shalwar-kameez sets, dupattas, saris, fatuas, punjabis, etc are available in their product line.

For Valentine's Day, Bibiana introduces dresses for couples featuring poems of love and other arrangements. Dresses are available couples of all ages. Along with the dresses, an assortment of gift items include special ethnic bags and jewellery.

Prices of saris range from Tk. 800 to Tk.1500, salwar-kameez sets start from Tk. 800 to Tk.1400, fatuas start from Tk. 300 to Tk. 800, panjabis start from Tk.300 to Tk.800. Pohela Falgun and Valentine's Day collections are available in every Bibiana outlet.

Kay Kraft remembers February 21

February 21, for Bangladeshis, represents a day of pride and also a day of mourning. It was on this day, in 1952, that Pakistani police brutally murdered the students who dared to protest the removal of Bangla as an official language. It is now recognised as the International Mother Language Day, and stands as a glowing example of what people can do for their language.

It is, therefore, a day for celebrating our language. To celebrate the momentous occasion, fashion boutique Kay Kraft has designed their outfits keeping the language movement in mind. The motif used in Kay Kraft's 'Ekushey' line is the Bangla alphabet, and also, to place emphasis on our history, the old Bengali alphabet has been used. The colours that dominate are the mourner's black, the sun's red, the desperate grey and the white of purity.

Available at all Kay Kraft outlets.

-LS Desk


Orvis launched

Orvis fashion house recently opened a new branch at Banani, adding to eight existing stores across the city. Situated right on Kemal Ataturk Road, this outlet is not at all difficult to locate. Orvis started its journey in 2001 with an aim to establish itself as a trendy RMG brand. Currently offering western wear for men and women, it has outlets in places like Moghbazar and Mirpur, and one even in Barcelona, Spain.

The new outlet, on the first floor of the building, is quite a small one with red and silver interiors. Clothes for men include formal shirts with a price range of Tk. 1500-2500; t-shirts priced around Tk. 750-900 with exclusive ones costing a little more; jeans starting from Tk. 1550 and accessories like belts for Tk. 600. Women can find t-shirts and tops starting from Tk. 800; dresses cost around Tk. 2400-3000; hand-bags are also available for as low as Tk. 850.

Formal shirts for men are more or less well designed, and most of the t-shirts will suit the taste of men inclined towards fashionable clothes. The same can be said for the women's line. The t-shirts are not very different from what is already available in the market. Although the designs are not very remarkable, a few decently designed dresses can be seen.

Owner Shakhwat Hossain Chowdhury plans on expanding the store to other cities in the country. Also, kids' wear can be expected to be available at Orvis in the future.

By Karishma Ameen

Olitalia gives us a healthier Bangladesh

On 9th February, 2011 Fair Distribution Limited organised the launching of Olitalia at Westin, Dhaka. The company hosted the event for their new promotional campaign 'Buy Olitalia, Fly Italia' where their two distinguished Italian guests, Export Sales Director, Matteo Montoschi, and Export Manager, Roberto Carini, of Olitalia S.r.l respectively, inaugurated the launching ceremony. This campaign will select 11lucky couples who will win a trip to Italy.

The company's Managing Director, Md. Ruhul Alam Al-Mahabub shared his appreciation for the cooperation he received from his Olitalia overseas partners and from partners in Bangladesh. He went on to talk about the achievements of Olitalia through their campaign 'Healthier Bangladesh'. He added that the company will be bringing more of Olitalia products in the near future. The Italian guests shared their appreciation and said that they will lend their hands in developing marketing strategies for Olitalia in the Bangladeshi region. A speech was also given by the Head of Operation, Mr. D.Z.M. Mizanur Rahman, where he briefed the recent achievements of Olitalia after associating with Diabetic Association of Bangladesh and its journey tagged as 'Healthier Bangladesh'.

By Naziba Basher

T-Shirt festival

The Dhaka T-shirt festival started on the February 11 and continued till February 14, 2011 at Aziz Supermarket, Shahbagh.

Aziz Supermarket started the yearly festival in 2007. The occasion had started ever since youngsters seemed to show interest in their clothing stores during days like 'Pohela Boishakh' or our Independence Day or Victory Day, where they would don T-shirts with slogans, photos or colours representing the day. Since then, these printing ideas were put on to t-shirts to express our patriotism and are sold at low prices to ensure affordability for all.

The T-shirts were sold at a 15-20% discount. The crowd consisted mostly of school and university going students. Salesperson of store Sonnet Wear, Liton, said that the sales this year were good compared to previous occasions.

Rumon of Jugantor told us how a lot of the T-shirts had World Cup themes and most of the buyers were very enthusiastic to buy one or two. A lot of their products had faces of world class cricketers worthy of wearing to the games this World Cup. "T-shirts with Che Guevera quotes or pictures are another kind which are highly in demand", said Rumon.

Other stores like Megh, Totem, Zahid's Crafts, Seven and many more were a part of the festival and offered not just T-shirts but kurtas, fatuas, kameezes, all at affordable prices.
There was an outdoor exhibition of the T-shirts as well where some of the most sold products were displayed along with the name of the store where it's available so that any buyer, if interested, can go buy the T-shirt of choice.
This year's festival, according to many, was a little less crowded compared to last year due to the book fair being held at the same time. But the students, nonetheless, stopped by at some time or the other to buy these trendy outfits.

By Naziba Basher





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