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The Maldives
Paradise on Earth

The months of December, January and February in Bangladesh are usually better known as 'the wedding season'. For those of you who are wondering and fretting about which holiday destination to pick for your honeymoon, the best current recommendation is undoubtedly the Maldives. Highly romantic, picture perfect weather all year-round and fantastic sea-food make up only a few reasons why the Maldives is universally recognised as 'Paradise on Earth'.

Stay in beautiful overwater bungalows, built on wooden stilts in the middle of a beautiful lagoon. Enjoy the sound of softly lapping waves lulling you to sleep every night, swimming in the wide open ocean, and the simple joy of watching brilliantly coloured fish swimming under your feet while you stand on your bungalow balcony. It may cost you quite a bit, but it's completely worth it. After all, your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

You'll also experience utmost serenity in the most tranquil setting imaginable. Spend your days lazing on the beach, surfing, sailing, diving, and snorkelling in fact engaging in any water sport imaginable.

All the Maldives islands are surrounded by beautiful reefs which you'll never get tired of exploring. Enjoy a scrumptious meal at the famous and only underwater restaurant in the world the Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, a part of Conrad Maldives Hotels and Resorts. Set under five metres sea level, it's an unmatched and unique dining experience; dine while enjoying the amazing view of abundant sea-life surrounding you. Appreciate an exceptional cinema experience, with your very own blanket and cushions, on the beach under the starry night sky.

There's also no hassle about running around trying to get a visa; Maldives has one of the most relaxed visa policies in the world everyone gets a 30 days tourist visa pass on arrival, as long as you have in your possession a valid passport, a return ticket and enough funds to support yourself (for accommodation, food, transport, recreation, etc.). However you might want to rush through and get yourself there the rate at which sea levels are rising, it's been predicted that the Maldives aren't going to be around forever. So get yourself a taste of this Paradise on Earth, before it's completely lost!

By Jennifer Ashraf Kashmi


Stress busters

Apparently, stress causes heart diseases and early death. Coincidentally, information like this causes undue stress leading to eventual death and damnation. Unfortunately, thanks to technology and modern greed, we are constantly bombarded with statistical information. We can't seem to spend a second without taking in information. So what to do?

Take a break from it. They say statistics are true only 50 percent of the time. So avoid statistics for a while. Your life goes how you play it, not how 32.7 percent of the age bracket lives it.

Food is a punishing mistress: You are stressed when you can't have enough and you are stressed when you have too much. And then you are stressed because you don't know what's the right amount. And don't get me started on wanting the chocolate bar when there's only enough money left in the wallet to buy real food. Chocolate wins.

The trick is maintaining a balance. Certain foods and drinks act as powerful stimulants and can be direct causes of stress. Too much coffee before office meetings? Too much ice cream after a spat with the significant other? Too much salty French Fries because it's just there asking you to eat it? Eat in moderation or say no.


Inauguration of Bay Emporium's new branch in Sylhet

A new branch of Bay Emporium has been inaugurated in the region of Hazrat Shahjalal (RA), Amberkhana Sylhet on 17th February, 2011.

The Chief Executive Officer of Sylhet Zilla Parishad Md. Harun-ur-Rashid Mollah inaugurated this branch. Other officials and many renowned personalities of Sylhet were also present at that time.

Showcased in this new branch are genuine leather, modern and quality shoes for men, women and children, designer sandals, office bags and different designer items for girls.


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