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They see each other for the first time and that unfamiliar feeling of utmost attraction tingles every electron in them; they rush toward each other like star crossed lovers to unite forever, only to be thwarted by that oxygen atom milling around. This is the vain love story of all those unfortunate pairs of hydrogen atoms, ending with them being stuck with a fat oxygen atom in the middle and thus, forming the indispensable requirement of life known as water.

With quenching thirst as its most basic purpose, water has numerous applications and yet newer uses of it are emerging every now and then. Here are a few trivia about this wonderful gift of nature.

Water therapy
A popular concept in Japan and India, water therapy is thought to cure numerous diseases starting from simple troubles like constipation and coughs to the most lethal one, cancer. Water therapy involves drinking around 1.5 liters (5 to 6 glasses) of water immediately after waking up in the morning and not having any sort of food or drinks for an hour before or after. This procedure helps in purifying the body by cleansing the blood of harmful toxins.

Healthier skin can also be achieved by flushing these toxins out of the system, which would have otherwise built up in skin pores causing outbreaks of acne. The human brain is 75 percent water, which is more reason to have a generous amount every day. Water therapy also benefits muscles by maintaining proper muscle tone and preventing cramping.

Even if one does not follow the above mentioned water therapy, drinking a considerable amount of water is a must for proper functioning of the human body and good health.

Drinking water is also said to help in weight reduction. Drinking water before meals leads to eating smaller portions, thus, helping in controlling the amount of food intake. Drinking at night before bed is often discouraged because; in order to function properly the kidneys need rest which is only possible during night time. ominous

Not only do showers help you in keeping clean but they also assist you in several ways. Hot showers are one of the best methods of getting rid of stress at a hectic day's end. If taken before a workout session a hot shower helps in preparing the muscles for the rigorous activity and if taken after the workout it helps in reducing soreness. Hot showers help in increasing blood circulation around the body and better cleanse the body by opening the pores. Last but not the least the steam from hot showers help clear sinuses during congestion.

Cold showers in the morning can revitalise the body and help get rid of drowsiness. Moreover, cold showers strengthen mucous membranes which help in resisting allergies. It also reduces blood pressure on internal organs, helps in contracting muscles for removing toxins.

And, not to forget the instant refreshing ability of a gentle water splash to the face whether it is to get rid of sleepiness or tiredness.

Water birth
A form of child-birth which is becoming increasingly popular in the Western world, Water birth is a process where the mother is immersed in a tub of warm water during the birthing process. Water minimises the pain considerably by blocking impulses from the pain fibers. It also helps the mother in conserving energy as immersion causes reduction in opposition to gravity thus, supporting the mother's weight. It also causes more efficient contractions than normal birth.

Swimming for infants
This phrase may seem to be quite an impossible feat to a lot of people, however, this is very possible. Children can be taught to swim from as young as 3 months of age and it is being done in various Western countries. This has multiple advantages. Swimming at these early ages has the potential to increase intelligence, concentration, coordination, strength, alertness and perceptual abilities. Taking swimming lessons along with other kids allows the children to develop better social skills and to add to that the most important issue that this addresses is that of safety. Many children around the globe drown by accidentally falling into water. Knowing how to swim from a very early age will ensure this does not happen. Swimming also helps strengthen the children's heart and lung capacity.

Life without water would be quite impossible. With countless people, the majority from underprivileged backgrounds, having no access to fresh water, a huge number of them die every year, especially kids, because of drinking dirty, disease bearing water. The world is already facing fresh water crisis, which will most likely worsen in the coming decades unless everybody makes an effort to reduce water wastage. So along with enjoying the many benefits of water make an effort to save as much as possible, because like they say 'every drop counts'.

By Karishma Ameen


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