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You're not a doormat

It's easy to be the nice guy or girl and take on everyone's problems. Sometimes, being nice means to be nice to yourself and say no to others. People will be people and will want others to do their job. Don't let other people's problems become yours. Someone comes up to you with their problem hoping for a quick transference from their shoulder to yours, think of how much you love them. If the love is limited but the person is a boss, we can't help you here. In other cases, try limiting your contribution to advice when someone hands you their headache. Then slowly back away when they look the other way.

By E R Ronny


Coffee World is back

A with a new look that incorporates both a bistro and a lounge atmosphere, Coffee World is now placed just above the Dhanmondi 27 Meena Bazaar.

On March 21, 2011, Syeda Madiha Murshed inaugurated the new outlet and in her speech thanked Coffee World's loyal customer base, whose persistent request to reopen a Dhanmondi branch led to the success of this venture.

Coffee World is an international franchise originating from Thailand and has branches in India and UAE. It arrived in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2006 and introduced frappes, mochas and cappuccinos to the Bangladeshi youth.

The new menu introduces a wider range of breakfast dishes, a longer list of pastas and pizzas and a grander dessert base. On the drinks side, many more flavours of frappes and mochas have been introduced and seasonal milkshakes and fresh fruit concoctions have also been included.

Popular old services such as Privilege Membership Program, customised menus for specific groups of people and free delivery to corporate houses are still operating.

Coffee World is the pioneer of coffee and chocolate drinks in Bangladesh. Over its life it has experimented with its menu and has been successful so far. The bigger and better new outlet at Dhanmondi 27 is now set to please its loyal fans again.

By Raisaa Tashnova


Joyodhoni now available

The “Joyodhoni” album is now available all over the country including Dhaka, Sylhet and Chittagong. The album, containing ten songs meant to inspire the Bangladesh cricket team, has been compiled by Akkhor Production with the support of the main sponsor City Bank and co-sponsor SEL (Structural Engineers Ltd.). The album was released on February 20 under the label of G-Series-Agniveena.

The album songs and artists are: “Bisho Nache”- Mila, “Bijoy Shapath” - Shironamhin, “Pashe Tomar” - Shondhi featuring Elita and Shuvo, “Biswase Hobe Joi” - Shoyli, “Shabash Bangladesh” - Nirjhor, “Joyodhoni” - Outbreak, “Ei Shopno” - Munaf and Friends, “Hotath Chitkar” - Oblique, “Notun Bhorer Michile” - Carving Dreamz and “Joy Ullash” - Osiris.

Shafat, Tazvee and Munaf from Akkhor were behind the success of this album, which was also Akkhor Production's first foray on the Bangladesh music scene. At the radio launching of Joyodhoni on March 9, Shafat said, “The songs of the album are all composed in such a way that apart from being with the team during times of victory and celebration, the songs will also help to inspire the team, as well as the whole nation, when the going gets tough. The whole album is for every moment of the national cricket team and for the fans, i.e. each and every one of us.”

City Bank's Brand Executive, Nafiz Momen said, “The City Bank is a proud partner for the success of the first cricket world cup in Bangladesh in our country. We are always behind the national cricket team.”

Director of SEL, Mr. Saif Abdullah said, “We are proud to make our contributions to inspire the national cricket team.”

Akkhor Production's next project will be a folk album which will be released after the World Cup mania is over.


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