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Let your toes breathe!

'Before you judge a man, walk a mile in his shoes. After that who cares? He's a mile away and you've got his shoes!' Billy Connelly

In the hot and humid months to come all you want to do is perhaps be barefoot if that could be possible. The next best alternative to that is to wear shoes that give your feet as much air as can be allowed. So let's have a run through of the footwear trends that you should keep a lookout for this spring/summer.

Flip-flops: Whether they are bright coloured slip-ons or kitten heeled with soft earthy leather or this summer's hottest; jewelled toe thongs, flip-flops are definitely the footwear of the season.

No matter what you choose to wear: ethnic wear or western attires, you can find a flip-flop to match your ensemble. They are available almost everywhere around the city; one of our personal favourite destinations is Bata.

You should look here to get the jewelled ones in practical colours like black or beige to complement your shalwar hems. For your skirts and jeans get the easy slip-on ones in red, pink, blue, green and all the other bright summer colours. A minimalistic splash of bright is what you need to spruce up your casual jeans and t-shirt look.

Gladiators: They have been around for the last few years and they are very much back this summer. However, instead of black or dark brown, try out tan brown or light brown, ivory white and beige. Earthy tones are all the rage this season, so are crafty embellishments like wooden beads or shells. Just make sure they are smart and not cluttered. Aarong has on its shelves a very nice collection of gladiators this year too; have a look there before you get your pair.

Wedges: They are a classic favourite that are being seen everywhere on the catwalk with the whole 70's revival this year. Try them on with your trousers, or cropped leggings and you are all set.

The favourite wedge of the season is the one with rattan and rope heel with cotton straps in mellow colours like lemon yellow or baby pink. The straps are also trendy in different shades of brown if you want to go for a complete 'down to earth' feel and faded denims. Shops like Urban Truth have stocked up on some wedge shoes that are worth a visit.

Ballerina Pumps: The black Perspex finish one is everyone's favourite, however I would suggest taking these out only in the evenings when the weather is slightly cooler. For daywear this season, opt for pastel coloured ballerinas in breathable fabric instead of other materials. Colours like lilac, baby blue are yours if you want to add a romantic, feminine feel to your look; on the other hand try different shades of denim or solids like red, blue or purple to complement a more bold and urbane ensemble.

In addition, give the printed ones a try as they are as trendy as the block coloured ones. The top print on the list is definitely the spring florals, which is followed by polka dots, navy stripes and checkered patterns.

That said, if you are one to throw caution to the wind (literally) and brave the heat with footwear less comfortable than the above, there are the timeless options that care not for seasons or climates.

Heels: If you are a shoe enthusiast, you are sure to have drooled over a Christian Louboutin pump at least once in your life. Pumps are open on the top, with a closed back and sides. The toes can be pointed, round or square.

There are sling-back pumps, which have a strap that goes around the heel, as opposed to a full back. Open-toe or peep-toe pumps can also come in high heels.

If you are an owner of a fabulous pair of pumps, try matching them with the appropriate attire and accessories. Closed front pumps usually go with western formal attires like shirts, suits or fitted skirts. But they can also be paired with jeans and t-shirts, depending on the design of the shoe. Peeping toes and sling backs are equally well suited for both formal and party wear.

Converse: All-Stars shoes are truly an American classic. There are many varieties of converse shoes. Available varieties include the converse low-tops and the high tops and they all come in numerous designs and vibrant colours. You can opt for the black converse to dribble on the court in style or you can wear gold converse shoes to be the glamorous player of the team.

This summer, before you walk the walk, make sure you know what you're stepping into!

Note: Star Lifestyle strongly recommends its readers to check out Urban Truth for their shoe collection

By Sheemtana Shameem and Afrida Mahbub
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Footwear courtesy: Urban Truth, Address: House 1 (First floor), Chandiwara Mansion, Road 11, Banani, Dhaka.


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