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Pantaloons: now and how!

So you have your summer wardrobe all planned out -- your set of sleeveless kameezes, cotton kurtis and your open sandals are in place. There is, however, still one essential piece of clothing left -- the trousers, which we seem to put less effort into and just end up sticking to denim out of habit.

For all of you who thought you could pass yet another summer in your skinny jeans, think again! After a hot, humid day under the sultry sun your denims stick to your legs like wax paper. Which is why we are here to help you breeze through the searing season in these stylishly comfortable trouser options.

Pantaloons: now and how!

Skinny trousers are still in, however, the new skinnies are in cotton and other breathable fabrics. They come in beautiful soft feminine colours and are cropped or folded above the ankle for the summer especially to let those nicely waxed, smooth calves show. You can look to find them at Westecs, Ecstasy and other western wear shops around town.

Comfort leggings
Cotton leggings in white, red, pink, blue and all the other summer colours are proving to be the most useful investment this season. Instead of the full legged ones, buy cropped leggings that come down to your calves. You can pair them with A-line kurtis in ethnic prints and wear them with toe thongs and have the whole fusion look covered.

In India, all the major designer labels are now pairing kameezes with colourful leggings instead of the classic churidaars. These leggings are multi-purpose as they go really well with oversized t-shirts and shirt dresses as well.

Just one word of caution, do not choose Lycra or polyester ones or else the whole point of comfort is dissolved. Pay a visit to Cats Eye, as they have a wide selection of leggings in solid colours as well as stripes and prints.

Peg leg
They are called 'peg leg' trousers, and have to be the trendiest trouser shape of the time. Part harem pant, part tapered ankle grazer, these trousers are fitted at the waist, roomy on the hip then nip in just above the ankle to create a whole new silhouette.

To borrow from trendsetters like Victoria Beckham or Kate Hudson, tuck in a white, slightly fitted, tailored shirt into a beige or khaki coloured peg leg, put on a pair of aviator sunglasses, pair some neat black court heels and carry a statement bag on your arm.

These might be a little hard to find at the local shops, but you can get your friends or cousins to get them for you from their trips to Singapore and Thailand. Also, if you are not intimidated by the traffic, a visit to hawker's market opposite Dhaka College will prove to be surprisingly useful in this regard.

Wide-legged flare
70's flare hits the fashion scene this summer, however it's not the overdone bell-bottoms that you need to worry about pairing your summer tops with. What comes back with a bang is the wide legged flare that created quite a bold statement in the 70's and sometime during the early nineties too. They are also called 'dividers' in the local fashion scene and you can already see them in the boutiques around the city adorning the new Pakistani styled long kameezes.

What you need to do is get these made in materials like linen and cashmillon, from your local tailor. They already know how to make them, just tell them to add zips and buttons to the front and you are all set.

Try out frilly short tops, with lace trimmings and chiffon layers with these wide legged pants, and put on wedge heels to add some height. Wear wooden bangles, long-chained pendants and oversized sunnies to emerge as the new fashionista in town!

Harem pants
For ultimate summer comfort, get in touch with your Bohemian side and try out the harem pants (also called Aladdin pants, balloon pants or parachute pants).Those nomadic gypsies weren't always euphoric for nothing!

Harem pants shout out comfort and have at the same time become a unique style ensemble.

This year you have different versions of the regular harem, of which, the very roomy, low hanging 'drop crotch' harem seems to be top on the list. The solid coloured ones can be combined with almost anything, starting from your kameezes to your kurtis and your printed tops.

To add an edge, go for the printed harems in tie and dye, jacquard and psychedelic prints, as well as the ones with eastern motifs or paisley prints.

You should look to combine these with a simple white t-shirt. Remember to stay slim on top to counter-balance the fullness of the pants, so wear fitted tops, not baggy ones and have this air of soulful comfort around you. Add a pair of gladiators, a strappy cross-body pouch, rusty hoop earrings and tie your hair into a loose bun at the back of your head to complete this look.

Summer dressing is all about experimenting with new styles and trends, while at the same time staying comfortable in the scorching weather. So this year take on the summer with a completely refreshed wardrobe and brave the sun!

By Sheemtana Sharmeen
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Model: Umaila
Makeup: Farzana Shakil
Wardrobe: Personal collection, Sheemtana
Styling: Sheemtana


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