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Bangla Perfumes- of fresh endeavours and new charms!

Bangla Perfumes Distributors Limited has arranged the inauguration of its fifth exclusive showroom, Perfume World, in Chittagong at AFMI Plaza. Many renowned people from all walks of life are expected to attend the gala event, including the Chairperson of Bangla Perfumes Distributors Limited, Md. Faridul Hassan Chowdhury, CEO of Bangla Perfumes Distributors Limited, Khondokar Nazrul Islam and Managing Director of Persona, Kaniz Almas Khan, media personality Sharmin Lucky and singer Shahed.

Bangla Perfumes also introduced a new set of perfumes earlier this year. Celebrating the chemistry between a man and a woman, they introduced Azzaro Duo Women and Azzaro Duo Men. The first one boasts top notes of grapefruit, red apple and "passion flower"; whilst the men's perfume includes tones of galbanum, grapefruit and juniper berries.

Sale at Nikhut Bangladesh

Boutique Nikhut Bangladesh offers its annual sale throughout the month of June. A 40 percent discount is available on a selected range of attires -- shalwar kameez sets, fatuas, skirts and children wear. There is a wide assortment of colours and designs to choose from. #01712580946

Celebrate Father's Day with Aarong

Make this Father's Day a memorable one for your father by giving him an amazing gift from Aarong. On this special occasion, Aarong has developed a theme under the banner “Love Your Baba” using newspaper patterns as motif done on beige colour. The theme of Father's Day has been embellished in ceramic mugs along with a greetings cards. Not only the special edition mug but also one can pick up panjabis, shirts, fotuas, leather wallets, belts, sandals, key rings, mobile phone covers as gifts from any Aarong outlet. Get a wonderful gift for your father from Aarong and express your love for him.

Laser Treat

Laser Treat began its journey on 24 September, 2010 at Road #11, Banani. Recently they have attained ISO:9001:2004 certification. They specialise in body shaping, anti aging, botox, laser hair reduction and other cosmetic procedures. Led by the able hands of Dr Shorkar Mahbub Ahmed Shamim, the team at Laser Treat is dedicated towards bringing the best results. Contact: House #106, Road #11, Block C, Banani. #01750010020

Ena la Mode

For their valued clients, Ena la Mode brings a special offer. On any purchases accompanied by paper clipping of this advertisement, buyers can avail a discount of Tk300. The offer will continue till 30 June, 2011 at the Uttara and Gulshan Pink City outlets. The exclusive offer is meant to make your Father's Day gift options a little easier. Contact: Shop #9, Road 103, Pink City, Gulshan #2; House #4, Road #12, Sector #6, Uttara.


Nature lending a hand

When the bright, burning sky is finally dimmed, when the scorching sun is finally blanketed, when the bird songs are hushed by thunderous roars, you know its monsoon calling. We all love the opening acts of monsoon's performance but our gardens are the loyal fans who never get tired of an unending, drenching day.

The coming monsoon is a good time for garden planting and rehabilitating uncared-for garden corners. However, some special care is needed during the rainy season. Salina Khanam, a recreational yet dedicated gardener points out ten things you can do in the coming monsoon to revive that forgotten piece of fertile land around your home.

Rain equals water and if water stagnates it rots plants easily as well as creates the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. Thus drainage is the number one necessity in monsoon. Be sure not to leave water in pots or holes overnight or for more than 2 hours.

Frogs and toads are a gardener's best friends. They are voracious insect eaters and many pay frequent visits in the rainy seasons. If space allows, then encourage them with moving water or with a small stream or pool.

Earthworms too are a gardener's friend. They not only aerate the soil by tunneling down about five feet but also fertilise it. Monsoon encourages earthworms, so all you will need to do is ensure there are shady corners in the garden where the worms can build refuge from heat and birds.

In order to prevent the clumping of soil, you can mix a cup of manure into the top layer of soil. This also locks moisture in, giving your plants greater resources to grow from. Regularly loosen the soil at the base of the plants. This allows air to permeate the often water clogged soil.

Pruning and application of fertiliser are the two important tasks awaiting a gardener soon after summer. Removal of dead growth encourages the plants to throw fresh shoots, while manure helps in expediting the growth with ample nourishment.

The rainy season eliminates many of the traditional insects and so a change in the pesticide being used may be needed. Consult an expert in order to learn the pesticide needs of your garden specifically.

An easier and healthier way of eliminating insects in this season is having the insects attracted to lights, with a bowl of kerosene placed beneath.

Set your indoor plants outside during monsoon. They will like a bit of rainwater and love the humidity.

Watering of plants cannot be ignored. It however needs to be reduced since nature is lending a hand in that department. Water your plants either in the morning or in the evening, not in the afternoon.

The best plants to plant in this season are the non-flowering types. Pretty your garden with herbs and shrubs or try out the rainy veggie plants. It's time to taste your own creations.

Having equipped you with these monsoon magical tips for your garden, it's now necessary to enlighten you about the proper gear; the always handy shovel and hoe, a pick, a rake, a trimmer, a trowel and not to be forgotten, a raincoat!

By Raisaa Tashnova


The Glorious History of Bangladesh

For years, the Liberation War Museum at Shegun Bagicha has been one of the pillars standing firm on the principles the nation that we now proudly call Bangladesh was founded up on.

Recently, Honourable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina laid the foundation stone for the new premises of the Museum at Agargaon, on a 2.5 bigha land. An open appeal has been made to the masses to contribute to the fund for building the Museum. The response, till now, has been quite extraordinary.

To extend their hand in assistance to this noble effort, and also to celebrate 40 years of independence, Transcom Foods Ltd has launched a special publication titled "The Glorious History of Bangladesh."

Priced at Tk500, the publication -- a portfolio of numerous rare photographs collected from the archive of the War Museum -- makes an excellent gift for people who share an enthusiasm for history. It will also serve well as an interesting lesson in history for the young.

Neatly divided into "10 episodes", each focusing on a significant aspect of the glorious history beginning from the stand of Nawab Shiraj ud-Daulah against the colonial British, the resistance of the Sufis and Saints, flowing through the heroic Language Movement to the uprisings of the 60s, the turbulent days of March 1971 -- Operation Searchlight, the Government in Exile, the Genocide. Due homage is paid to our foreign friends who showed great support for the cause of Bangladesh at a time when we needed it most. The folio concludes with a section on the Freedom Fighters, who are, undoubtedly, the greatest sons of the soil.

The portfolio can also serve as excellent corporate gifts. The Liberation War Museum being declared a philanthropic organisation by the National Board of Revenue, one can avail tax exemption benefits.

The country that we now live in has been moulded over the ages by countless individuals who laid down their lives, or by those who lived on the edge. Patronising this noble effort is just one way of showing our gratitude.

The portfolio is available at all Pizza Hut and KFC outlets, and also the Liberation War Museum.

-- LS Desk


Hot chocolate on a dull day

It is no secret that the British love to talk about the weather. I find it very amusing to see the Dundonians (people of Dundee, Scotland) spark up conversations with absolute strangers with, “Hiya, the weather is horrible today” or “The patch of dark cloud over there could possibly bring rain in the afternoon”.

Even an informal conversation with friends is most likely to end on a comment about the weather forecast over the next week. They say that you can never go wrong with the weather. The obsession with the weather goes beyond conversations. I observe people sitting in the library computers, glued to the weather page.

Naturally, I grew a fondness for the weather too and it became a ritual to check the daily forecast on the BBC website every morning. A sunny forecast brightens up my mornings.

The sun-drenched afternoons are breathtakingly beautiful here and they remind me of my childhood days of growing up in 'pre-highrise' -- bright, brimming with sunshine -- Dhanmondi. But cloudy days are somewhat upsetting.

On weekdays, I manage to dodge a cloudy sky by keeping myself busy. Cold weekends with overcast skies and near zero temperatures leave me with no choice but to brood in my room all day. On one such weekend I stumbled upon the legendary food writer Nigel Slater's hot chocolate. It was a marvelous recipe in itself, but I made some subtle changes to it to give it my own touch. The result is wonderous!

Heavenly Hot Chocolate
(Serves one)
250ml milk
50g dark chocolate (preferably 80 percent cocoa)
Sugar to taste
2 marshmallows (optional)
¼ tsp freshly ground cinnamon
1 tsp shredded milk chocolate
Whipped cream (optional)
Heat milk in a saucepan. Throw in the shredded dark chocolate just before the milk comes to boil. Whisk in the dark chocolate. Stir occasionally to stop the milk from boiling. Remove from heat when the chocolate has dissolved well. Stir in sugar to taste. Pour in a cup and pop in the marshmallow. Garnish with stiff whipped cream. Sprinkle shredded milk chocolate and ground cinnamon from the top. Sip without further ado!

By Saquifa Seraj


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