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The diamond


The wedding trousseau, for the past few years, has shied away from familiar gold, embracing gemstones well beyond the engagement ring, deep into the heart of the wedding ensemble.

Gitanjali Lifestyle is a franchise from the original Gitanjali Group of India, who entered the local scene last August with the launch of their spacious store at Suvastu Imam Square on the bustling Gulshan avenue.

Their second outlet is due to be inaugurated at Rangs Anam Plaza in Dhanmondi this month.

What sets Gitanjali apart from other diamantaires of the city? Essentially it goes beyond brilliant designs with the reassurance of impeccable quality of an international franchise -- every piece of jewellery being accompanied by a certificate of authentication.

Jewellery certification is a concept the local stores have neglected for ages. Gitanjali is here to change that belief, giving the customers a more honest shopping experience ensuring that the diamonds bought have a global recognition in terms of quality and perfection.

"The response has been great so far and what is more intriguing is the client base, which is far and wide," says the owner, Sohana Rouf Chowdhury, showing their reach to a wider demographic.

Consumers are more brand-conscious these days; they not only take quality into account but also the brand name over pricing. Jewellery enthusiasts are now increasingly opting for something that is of a renowned brand than something that is simply not. When they buy that engagement ring, or an anniversary present, they want it to be special and that is where quality and brands come in.

Gitajali's signature collection -- Nakshatra -- has been advertised on air for years now. For years they mesmerised clients with their seven-diamond-constellation designs. Gitanjali Lifestyle brings them to Dhaka for the first time ever.

Nakshatra has unique floral designs with multiple diamonds encircling a single large piece to signify the constellation effect. They also have special packaging and its own authentication certificate promising the purity and sparkle of the stones. They are available in 18 kt BIS Hallmarked Gold, and in superior quality diamonds of five different grades.

Spirited, goal-oriented and with an inner fire, the "Asmi" woman stands apart from the crowd. It's a celebration of the independent success of each woman, celebrating her new found economic and social independence. The brand has its own sub-collections created specifically for children, tweens and teens, graduations, engagements/weddings and corporate events. They are designed to be affordable and practical, being targeted towards the upper middle class and middle class price range.

'Gili' is all about being free, and celebrates the different phases and faces of womanhood. Gili, the 18-carat diamond brand, has carved a niche for itself by offering high quality, fine finished, machine-made, branded, diamond-studded, designer jewellery for the masses. Through this, they convey the message that jewellery can be worn everyday, and not just on special occasions.

That wedding day is truly the moment you will cherish for the rest of your life and wedding jewellery has to be exquisite and unique. Parineeta provides that unparalleled wedding experience for the bride.

It is the perfect blend between traditional and modern jewellery. From intricate diamond sets to gorgeous bangles and fabulous engagement/wedding rings. The collection of Parineeta is one of a kind and unlike any other available in Dhaka. Set in 24 kt gold, some based on white gold, every piece is unique.

Inspired by the Mughal period, the Nizam Collection represents the tradition, and royalty of the Mughal and Rajput eras from some seven hundred years ago. They have intricate gold-based jewellery and uncut diamonds set in leaf shaped earrings and necklaces, heavy glittering collars and stunning dramatic neckpieces and sets fit for a queen from regal times.

The collection includes the Jadau Jewellery from Gujarat in 24/22 kt gold; the Victorian Jewellery (silver and 14 kt) created since the classical period and preferred by the royal families and British rulers; the coloured stone jewellery, which is handcrafted 22 kt gold jewellery with precious and semi-precious, coloured stones. Each product of Nizam has its distinctive design concept, which clearly sets them apart from other regular jewellery.

Apart from being the parent company for all the five brands that they have launched here, they have also showcased designs under the house brand -- Gitanjali.

The spacious and brightly lit store in Gulshan speaks of class and elegance. The displays, nicely segmented into the different brands, offer lots of room to move about, even if it gets too crowded. It is adequately staffed to deal with each customer.

A lot of emphasis is put on the security and safety issues; hence customers walk into the store through double doors with two sets of security guards on each of the doors. There are security cameras all through the store as well. Their idea is to provide customers with an atmosphere where they feel safe and comfortable to browse around.

Gitanjali Lifestyle has already gained a lot of popularity; they recently held a four-day jewellery exhibition in Chittagong -- two days at the Peninsula and two days at Chittagong Club. It was a huge success, and displayed their reach outside Dhaka. They are also planning to have a fashion show sometime in August to promote the brand.

By Sheemtana Shameem
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed

Model: Peya
Photo: Sazzad Ibne Sayed
Makeup and Styling: Farzana Shakil
Jewellery: Gitanjali Lifestyle


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