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Kamal Agro Farm

On June 14 a chemical-free mango fair started at Sheikh Jamal Dhanmondi Club. The two-month long fair was inaugurated by poet Asad Chowdhury. This is the eighth time that Kamal Agro Farm has organised this fair. Chief Executive Officer Md Golam Sarowar (Liton) and executive director engineer Md Kabir Hossain were present at the ocassion.

Fifty varieties of Rani Pasand, Golap Bhog, Him Sagar, Langra, Amropali, Haribhanga, Surma Fazli, Laxman Bhog, Fazli of Rajshahi, Chapainawabganj, Dinajpur, Natore, Kushtia and Meherpur are available, which have been collected by Kamal Agro Farm. The fair will run till 5 August, 2011 from 10 am to 10 pm. #01920994243

Arisa Beauty Care

To make your hair silky and smooth even in these rainy days Arisa Beauty Care has brought a special kind of hair treatment for you. Here, you can avail their eight-sitting hair treatment. The treatment will help you to reduce hair fall and will make you hair silky and dandruff free. This opportunity will be available only for the rainy season.

Arisa Beauty Care is located at House No-66/A, Road No-8/A. Dhanmondi. # 01672-735556.


Boutique Bibiana brings variety in men's and women's wear this summer. Comfortable and fashionable attires are made from cotton and khadi fabrics in white, off white, peach, light pink and sky blue. The range of these formal and casual outfits is from Tk 400 to Tk 1600.

Rang in Sylhet

On 19th June, Rang is going to open their twelve branches in Sylhet in Azgar Square, East Zindabazar. Badar Uddin Ahmed Kamran, Mayor of Sylhet city inaugurated the showroom. Photographers, artists, models, journalists, beauticians and singers were present at the inauguration. #01730068018


To be an Alpha Male

Every time he walks in the room, everyone sits up and takes notice. He makes you feel nervous and worthless and he always looks good. All the time.

He can sing the birds down from the trees as the saying goes and much more. He is the Alpha Male and the others are the Beta Boys. So what exactly is it that the Beta Boys are doing wrong? More than one thing, if experts are to be believed.

An Alpha Male oozes confidence. He is comfortable in his skin, so much so, that he doesn't need excuses or see the need for apologies. And that confidence makes him all the more appealing. A lack of confidence, hence, disqualifies anyone from being an Alpha Male and thus this helps separate the awesome from the obnoxious. An Alpha Male doesn't have his hands in his pockets, a slumped shoulder and an obvious display of discomfort. Wherever he is, the Alpha Male is always at ease.

He walks where you dread to tread
An Alpha Male is fearless and that's why he is such a great protector. He doesn't butter people and doesn't care about what others think. He does what he feels is right. An Alpha Male is helpful but only when he wants to be. He does not go through life trying to please people but he does compliment when a compliment is due.

An Alpha Male lives at his own pace and takes time to appreciate the wonders in his life, instead of wasting time complaining. An Alpha Male dares to dream and attempts to fulfil his dreams, whether they are big or small. An Alpha Male is a conqueror and vanquisher and the desire for greatness always beckons him. He always fails to settle for mediocrity and his desire and burning passion make him an enticing enigma.

An Alpha Male never lies. He just calls it like it is and doesn't mince his words. Though he may come off as a bit arrogant, the fact that he is reliable makes him a stand-out guy. He speaks his mind and is unashamed of his well-thought out opinions and ideas. If you lie, or feel prone to lying, then you cannot be an Alpha Male. Because, in conclusion, an Alpha Male doesn't need the help of a forked tongue and neither does he need to lie. Ever.

An Alpha Male does not ever shy away from responsibility. In fact, he thrives in situations where he is in charge and takes it upon himself to overcome all obstacles. An Alpha Male is a natural leader, yet he can also be a diligent worker.

An Alpha Male takes charge of the whole situation and here another characteristic comes to light; that of selflessness. Despite what you may have heard, an Alpha Male is not selfish and prioritises the need of taking full care of his pack. He isn't bothered only about himself but everyone else surrounding him.

As a leader, he feels responsible for his people and will go to great lengths to ensure their satisfaction. An Alpha Male doesn't need to take over the leadership by force, as it magnetically thrusts itself upon him. If you aren't a good leader and if your people don't feel secure in your presence, you cannot be an Alpha Male.

Body language
An Alpha Male lends total appreciation to the importance of body language. He doesn't shy away from letting his physical presence speak for itself. An Alpha Male breathes deep, looks you in the eye, doesn't divert his attention and takes up space comfortably. Others are mesmerised by his mere presence because of just how gracefully he carries off his raw demeanour, exuding power with every glance.

Body language is indeed one of the biggest give-aways of an Alpha Male. If you don't best check yourself on how you stand and non-verbally communicate, you remain a beta-boy.

But these are but a few of the most basic characteristics of an Alpha Male. An Alpha Male is always much more than that which meets the eye. He is courteous and respectful too and usually finds himself in his element.

In short, Alpha Males are what the Rambos, Rockys and Clint Eastwoods were aspiring to be. And that, dear readers, is what separates the Alpha Men from the Beta-boys.

By Osama Rahman


Precautions when using essential oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated liquids that can be harmful if not used carefully. Some oils can cause sensitisation or allergic reactions in some individuals. When using new oil for the first time, do a skin patch on a small area of skin.

Place a small amount of the diluted essential oil (never use essential oils undiluted on the skin) on the inside of your elbow and apply a bandage. Wait 24 hours to see if there is any form of reaction. Even if a particular essential oil is not known to cause irritation, this step should not be ignored. Even if oil does not irritate you, it still can irritate someone else. It is important that you always keep that in mind.

Some essential oils should be avoided during pregnancy or by those with asthma, epilepsy, or with other health conditions. Essential oils are flammable. Keep them out of the way of fire hazards.


Images through a theodolite: The evening


This week Star Lifestyle introduces you to the life of a writer, who believes that he has failed himself more than anyone else. Over-burdened by self-inflicted expectations, a journey through his eyes exposes the many layers to every person, uncovering which reveals striking similarities to ourselves. This memoir of a self-declared failure is intriguing and will contain 12 instalments, appearing weekly.



21 June, 2003
The Present

“Pleasant evening don't you think?” she said, entering the veranda overlooking Park Street, Baridhara, sliding the glass partition behind her.

- Indeed.
I smiled.
“The wet wind feels cold against the skin. It must be raining close by.”

- I surely hope so. Hasn't rained in ages. I heard a storm is brewing at the bay. Razzak called from Chittagong; he complained of gutsy winds and incessant rain.

“Hmm. But no sign of it here except that band of overhung dark clouds. How is Razzak bhai by the way?”

- He is fine, I think. Busy with his studies.

A silence of words engulfed the balcony, only the guitar of the neighbourhood boys playing in the backdrop.

-What are you drinking?
“The same. Pina colada…want some?”

I took the glass from Binty, cold from the melting ice. The bangles in her wrist clung as she passed the drink.

I coughed as the sweetened drink passed down my gullet.

She laughed. Taking the glass with a look of ridicule in her eyes.

“You should stick to your sherbet. Your palate doesn't suit drinks.”
- True.

I smiled. Brief silence. Even from the neighbourhood musicians. The muffled noise of the party beyond the sliding glass penetrating deep into our conversation. The generator roared in defiance; the summer months bringing back power cuts.

“Enjoying the party?”
- Do I ever? Parties bore me.
“Why bother showing up if you don't like it?”
- I like the company.
I said teasingly.

“Yeah you do. Liar! We both know how much you hate the people you meet. Your social skills are legendary, didn't you know?”

I smiled and smoked my cigarette.
Binty looked nice. The black chiffon draped around her body, doing justice to her curves.

“That reminds me of something,” Pointing to the boys down the street, she said.

- Really! Of what?
- Come again.
“You know, the film…Zahir Raihan…first cinemascope…”
- Oh. That!
“…of Pakistan. Haven't you seen Anita's new posters?”
- Can't say I have. Are they any good?
“Well, I gave them to her…has to be good.”
She smiled the familiar, loving smile.

- Since when are you in the business of supplying cinema posters.
“Since last month.” She took a small sip from her glass.
“This is good…I wish you could have some.”
She said pointing to the drink and taking a last sip.
- No thanks…
“Wait. I will get a re-fill. Let's see if I can find Anita to get the keys to the art room.”
- Sure thing.
Binty slid the glass door and disappeared into the crowd.

I looked back at the sky. Grey clouds canopied the sparkling stars. I so hope it rains soon. Looking down, I could feel the streets longing for water. Their thirst has not been quenched for some time. As rain would fall, soaking the dryness, the ground gives up its heat succumbing to the lively touch of water.

I wish Nina could feel this. As I took a final drag of my cigarette, I sighed. Life has not done justice to me. But I guess that is what life is all about. It brings forth things that you never anticipate. All the good pass by with a mere touch of gratitude; the grim antecedents come as a curse for the ingratitude towards God.

Binty entered, interrupting my thoughts. I felt annoyed as if someone has intruded into my personal domain.

“I have the keys!”
She jangled the key attached to a silver ring.
- Good.
“Can I have a smoke?”
- Sure. Buts it's the same old brand.
“Yes I know. You and your luxury of puffing cheap cigarettes.”
- They are good for your thoughts.
I smirked.
“Sure they are. Tastes like rat's fart”.
I laughed. I was expecting her to throw the stick after the first drag, but she continued.
“I miss you.” She said unabashedly, staring at the drink. Her cheeks blushed.
- Hmm.
“You have stopped calling me”
- Nina is home.
“Of course. Your Nina,” She looked me straight in the eye.
- Can we not talk about this? I will call you, in my own time.
“Yes, your own time.” She did nothing to hide her sigh.
“Cholo let me show you the posters."
"Bint Sadiq," Anita introduced her, "Your biggest fan!" and broke into laughter.
- Well, that makes her my only fan. Hello!

Anita had told me about Binty but I expected her to look her age. Beloved daughter of an established architect and a great patron of Bangladeshi art, she grew up in an environment where Khalids and Hossains were familiar ground. And when she decided to make a career move in dealing art, her father gladly complied, gifting his daughter a neat gallery -- small and very unprofessional -- in Gulshan.

Binty, unlike her 'all-embracing' father, had stern views and she shied away from endorsing works that didn't catch her fancy. Business was dull but Binty enjoyed popularity in the art circle. A dusk beauty in her mid twenties, with dark kohl eyes and curly locks, she charmed young men and put the older ones on their knees. But she was as elusive as some of the art pieces that hung on her gallery walls.

"I am thoroughly enjoying your book" she said, "one of my favourites."
- So you like satire?
"Yes. Orwell to Simpsons to Shishir…I like them all."

And she smiled, sipping from her drink. That was the beginning of a relationship, one that bore no name.

To be continued…

By Mannan Mashhur Zarif


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